{Machine} Knit All The Things

Friends!! I (along with the help of my hubby who spoils me, I’m SO lucky) made a dream come true!!

I am the proud, infatuated, new owner of a


(seller’s image)

Not only did I get the machine locally from a Craig’s List seller (so no $100 shipping charge) she accepted $75 less than she initially offered it for AND the machine came along with a crap load of extras! Lace, intarsia and ribber attachments along with a slew of hand tools, cones of yarn to practice on (more than enough to make an actual test garment!) and the seller’s notes and materials from a machine knitting class she took at FIT.

This deal was an absolute SCORE!! I feel even better about it because I missed out on another, not nearly as good (or even in the same universe), local CL offer just last week. Best thing that could have happened!! I was able to get what appears to be a lifetime of collected materials with only two (related: aunt and niece) previous owners who held onto everything and took great care of it all. I could have spent double (and nearly triple if you think of the shipping charges) collecting the same over time. I feel so lucky!!

Even more so because LOOK at what I made after only one week of intense machine knitting related pinning and research & one day of struggling and YouTube-ing and Google-ing (this post in particular was a God send) like a maniac!

A totally excellent swatch!!


This is 70 rows wide x 100 high and measures 10×7 inches. Shall we ponder how long it would have taken me to hand knit the same at this gauge? lol

And I only have one not-s0-serious-injury to show for it! Though, my back might not be so happy with me in the morning. I need to make some space for my new toy, so my much loved, though little used, vanity table will make its way to Craig’s List and into the life of some one new.

Check out my Pinterest board if you’re in the market for a machine and want to read up!

Knitting Machine

And expect more, MUCH more, knitting content in the future!

Machine deets for the curious:

– Singer Knitting Machine & Carriage Model 360K
– Singer Ribbing Attachment SRP 60N
– YC6 Single & Double Bed Yarn Changer
– Model LC-2 Lace Carriage
– Model AG-20 Intarsia Carriage
– Model SC-3 Automatic Linker


24 thoughts on “{Machine} Knit All The Things

  1. This is excellent! I am so excited for you-I’ve always wanted one of these but they don’t sell (or get serviced) here anymore. So I’ll be living the knitting machine life-vicariously, through your blog posts 😉

    • Yes, this IS the issue – no sales or service for them. I have a Bond ‘sweater machine’ that I bought years ago and I recently took it out again (had all the parts, whew!) to make quick sweaters for the grandchildren, but I would LOVE a real knitting machine.

  2. Oh lucky you! I’ve always wanted a knitting machine too, to make up for my slow hand knitting!
    There are quite a few for sale around where I am so must research a bit more. Look forward to seeing your makes!

  3. How exciting! I’ve never really thought about a knitting machine before. Pardon my ignorance, but can you knit different shapes on it or do you essentially knit square swatches to be sewn into something later? Can’t wait to see what you make!

  4. Wow, what a cool toy! That’s so thoughtful of the seller to include her course notes with the machine. I hope you have lots of fun with it. My mum used to be a pattern designer for Knitmaster back in the seventies. I posted some of her original illustrations here if you’re seeking some very… err… seventies inspiration!!

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