The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator

I took a tour of the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, yesterday. A truly amazing space!! Like a normal atelier…on steroids. In space lol. We (Jenny and I) saw soooooo many cools things. In addition a truly enviable space, the tools, designers and common spaces are to die for. I’m feeling so inspired.

These beauties great you when you walk in the door. Pieces from some of the design venture fellows.
 On the far right, you can see the entrance to their conference room. This space can be utilized to by venture fellows to  present collections and rented by locals. As soon as you turn left of this pciture, you’re met with this outstanding sight. Knitting machines roughly the size of a car, lol.

IMG_8764These are Shima Seiki knitting machines. This one is a normal, flat knitting machine. While the one behind it knits an entire garment. That’s not a clear enough description. An entire, finished sweater comes OUT OF THE MACHINE!! Madness.

They also have the Cadillac of 3D printers. I wish I had taken photos of the other samples. Totally unreal. Linked, complex pieces with the fluidity of fabric. But still rigid to the touch. I can’t wait until they give tours for kids. I’m totally bringing my kiddos and as many neighborhood kids as I can grab.
When I look at that space and those tools I see future careers.

The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator is just getting started. I can’t wait to see what they’re made of!

{Machine} Knit All The Things

Friends!! I (along with the help of my hubby who spoils me, I’m SO lucky) made a dream come true!!

I am the proud, infatuated, new owner of a


(seller’s image)

Not only did I get the machine locally from a Craig’s List seller (so no $100 shipping charge) she accepted $75 less than she initially offered it for AND the machine came along with a crap load of extras! Lace, intarsia and ribber attachments along with a slew of hand tools, cones of yarn to practice on (more than enough to make an actual test garment!) and the seller’s notes and materials from a machine knitting class she took at FIT.

This deal was an absolute SCORE!! I feel even better about it because I missed out on another, not nearly as good (or even in the same universe), local CL offer just last week. Best thing that could have happened!! I was able to get what appears to be a lifetime of collected materials with only two (related: aunt and niece) previous owners who held onto everything and took great care of it all. I could have spent double (and nearly triple if you think of the shipping charges) collecting the same over time. I feel so lucky!!

Even more so because LOOK at what I made after only one week of intense machine knitting related pinning and research & one day of struggling and YouTube-ing and Google-ing (this post in particular was a God send) like a maniac!

A totally excellent swatch!!


This is 70 rows wide x 100 high and measures 10×7 inches. Shall we ponder how long it would have taken me to hand knit the same at this gauge? lol

And I only have one not-s0-serious-injury to show for it! Though, my back might not be so happy with me in the morning. I need to make some space for my new toy, so my much loved, though little used, vanity table will make its way to Craig’s List and into the life of some one new.

Check out my Pinterest board if you’re in the market for a machine and want to read up!

Knitting Machine

And expect more, MUCH more, knitting content in the future!

Machine deets for the curious:

– Singer Knitting Machine & Carriage Model 360K
– Singer Ribbing Attachment SRP 60N
– YC6 Single & Double Bed Yarn Changer
– Model LC-2 Lace Carriage
– Model AG-20 Intarsia Carriage
– Model SC-3 Automatic Linker

That’s the Queen?

1.10.11 Princess in the making
I am determined to show my daughters (well the boys too) that all women (and dolls) do NOT have long hair. If you judge by most dolls in the store this is a foreign concept. Maybe it’s because my hair is short now that I’m noticing more. The whole princess with long flowing hair thing is starting to irk me….

I showed my oldest daughter what Queen Elizabeth looked like. It was quite a shock to her, lol. That should prove once and for all that princesses and queens do not always look like they do in story books.

I’m happy with this experiment in making this style of hair, which could essentially be used as a wig cap in the future to make my afro hair come to life. I have two more styles to try, but first I need to finish this doll!


My creation

1. 1.8.11 Mr. Boozenwax, 2. Mr. Boozenwax, 3. Mr. Boozenwax

He’s balding and gray, but still dead sexy!

This is a practice run. These tiny things are more difficult to work with than you’d think….
I am not daunted.
I will likely start a new version tonight.

Wooden Brooch


I also ordered a bag of these wooden ovals when I bought the little people. I have plans for cameo like pins and a few other things.

Miss Pom says Happy New Year!

I bid you goodbye 2010 with the last finished object of the year (unless I am really bored and manage to finish something else tonight…but I doubt it)

Miss Pom

Miss Pom1. Miss Pom, 2. Miss Pom’s feet, 3. Miss Pom’s hand, 4. Miss Pom in repose

Knit doll, about 10 inches tall, with I-cord arms and legs. Her feet, hands and nose were shaped with strands of yarn
Body: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes
Hair: TLC Cotton
Dress and hat: Moda Dea Bamboo Wool                                                                                         Needles: size 3   More pics here.

I wanted to make a much smaller version of the doll that I wrote the pattern for.  I’ve tried before and it never worked out for some reason. In fact I had two failed versions just last week. I think I was trying to re-invent the wheel too much. A doll is a doll, right?

I think I prefer this size of doll. From the kid point of view, it’s easier to grip with one hand. And from the parent one, it’s easier to shove in a purse when they’re tired of lugging it around.

Miss Pom and I plan to oversee the making of some noisemakers to shake into 2011. Let’s see how many of the kids actually make it to midnight. They have new toys to open and play with so that should help some. Though, I myself feel like I need a nap, so I’m thinking someone is going to crash before then either way ;o)

Happy New Year Everyone!!

A veritable feast of photos!


I made patterns for everything you see here so that I could use them if they were successful. I am happy to say they were!

Ashima is named for a character from Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake. She was intended to BE Jhumpa Lahiri, but she asserted her own personality while being made ;0)

Her hair has an under layer of wool felt, with cotton yarn attached to the perimeter. It was trimmed and styled in a french twist (which is hard to photograph). I hand stitched her little undies from a cotton blend jersey, the leg openings are blanket stitched with white sewing thread. Her dress is made out of the same material. It’s a variation of the T shaped shirts I make for myself, except REALLY TINY. The overskirt is actually from a black skirt of mine that I previously used to make this hat. I didn’t get much use out of it as a skirt but I’ve used it plenty now. Her little obi is made from some poly jersey and strip of denim. The jacket is also from the T shaped pattern, but altered. The boots were a happy accident. I only cut one leg and had to do some improvising. I thought the little leather embellishment was a nice touch. I completely winged the knitwear, but obviously used the Felicity hat pattern as a model ;o)

I am SO happy with her!! I have another cut out. She will be a princess. I am having fun planning her outfit!