Style Icon: Eartha Kitt


This post wants to be about the lack of recognition and due respect paid to black style icons throughout history. It wants to be about that struggle being the least of their worries in their own time. It wants to be about a great many things: feminism and how it’s different when you’re black, beauty and how it’s viewed differently when you’re black, style and how often it’s copied without credit when you’re black.


That shit brings me down! Sometimes, even in my own heart and mind, I just want it to be simple! A simple post, conversation, thought, feeling about this person of color and how looking at them


Let’s look at Eartha.


She is fucking stunning!

Even though Eartha Kitt was a singer rather than a movie star - she sure had the glamour!

And she knows it.

A STUNNING photo of Eartha Kitt! Thanks @Dee

The fabulous, Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt

Look at that rare, girlish smile!!

Eartha Kitt

And look, LOOOOOOK at her MOOOOOVE!!

Eartha Kitt, 1951 (Russell Westwood)

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Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt dances during Dizzy Gillespie’s set at the Newport Jazz Festival, 1954.

Look at the POWER!!

Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt And Patrice Munsel  Date taken:	1955  Photographer:	George Silk

Eartha Kitt, 1955. Photo by George Silk

There are millions of images like these from old Hollywood, but not so many of its African American stars.

Being fitted.

Valentino Vamp. Eartha Kitt

Getting pretty.

Eartha Kitt in her dressing room in 1952.

Embracing style and motherhood, with equal aplomb.

Eartha Kitt having fun with daughter Kitt. looking like fiyah!!! get it Eartha!!

She appeared to be so unapologetic about being her full self! So proud and regal (which some might feel she shouldn’t have because of her very humble beginnings, and that is a massive understatement, but this post is not about that)!! So, SO talented and passionate!

And beautiful!!

Especially as she aged.

Eartha Kitt

I hope to see her name and likeness in more vintage style reports around the blogisphere.

She was there.

And she looked fucking awesome.


34 thoughts on “Style Icon: Eartha Kitt

  1. Sometimes I don’t want to live in that poc/other space either and that’s why I love your Black & Vintage board. Ms. Kitt gives me life! Her grace, sensuality and power are evident in every picture or movie I’ve ever seen w/ her in it. And let’s not forget about that voice!

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful lady – and thank you for creating a section like this in your blog, full of elsewhere unrepresentative beautiful stylish black women that I can show my little girl and make her feel proud. Nnen x

  3. I love when you write these posts because these were my icons growing up…Eartha Kitt, Sarah Vaughn, Diahann Carroll, Dorothy Dandrige, Lena Horne, Della Reese, Ella Fitzgerald…these were the people who looked like me and were beautiful! Thank goodness for Ebony and Jet magazine because that’s how those images entered my home as a young girl. Keep writing these posts because it’s wonderful celebrating the glorious past of our people!

  4. Thank you for the uplifting positivity!!! Eartha Kitt has always be a favourite style icon of mine. Keep posting these beautiful and inspiring images. They are so needed.

  5. This is a great post. I completely understand, it can also be exhausting too. I think that is why I never really got into the vintage looks myself. The lack of what looks close to me.

    Eartha Kitt is mad stunning, even getting older she stunning. Amazing.

  6. I love when you do these posts, Nette! Eartha Kitt was definitely a total babe. I love those images of her caught in motion – so much incredibly raw beauty and power that very few icons from today possess!

  7. Wow, she’s truly beautiful. And how very very sad that she should have been disregarded because of her skin colour. Having grown up in Europe I really know nothing about the black struggle (I wonder if that is even a word – see, I did say I know nothing about it), but it strikes me as very odd.

  8. gorgeous…those eyebrows…those legs! love it. just found your blog this is the first post i’ve read! you’re on my list now…

  9. Pingback: Eartha Kitt suffered a life of rejection for being black … and white, says her daughter

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