on the SHELF: The Vogue Sewing Book

This was my grandma’s book. On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing BookIt’s seen better days.
In her defense, she had seven children and a husband with near legendary book destroying super powers.

It’s possible she absconded with it from NYPL….
On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing BookPerhaps she got it at library book sale. (#HopefulLibrarian)

Grandma left this super cute sketch between its pages.

On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing Book

I think….we have very similar handwriting (so close that I actually signed a couple of her credit cards).
I’m still not entirely sure I didn’t draw this.

It’s an acceptable mystery.

Onto book show-and-tell with:on the SHELF @ Sown Brooklyn
This first edition of The Vogue Sewing Book was published in 1970.
At the Butterick Plant.
If I ever have a my own business, my ultimate goal is to take it all the way to plant level.
On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing Book

It tells you right here in the preface…

On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing Bookthat it was made for you, the woman who sews.
On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing Book

The book considers you a creative rock star.
On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing Book

Clocking in at over 400 pages, you’d be hard pressed to identify one thing missing from this tome.

Imagine how indispensable it was to the YouTube-less sewers of the past??

On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing Book

Broken down into books within the book, we have

Vogue Sewing BookThere’s coverage on that pressing pattern matching issue.
On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing Book

Lopsided figure fitting.

On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing Book

There’s even a fashion vocabulary.

On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing Book

It is indeed your complete sewing handbook.
On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing Book

I love looking at the silhouettes and smiling about how many of them are back in vogue.
On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing Book
On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing Book

And taking comfort in the fact that the quest for the perfect sewing room is not a new fad.
On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing Book

On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing Book
On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing Book

The revised and updated edition of this book has it’s own brand of charm.

Vogue Sewing Book, Revised and UpdatedElegant illustrations, detailed instruction and information, all in a more convenient size and paperback format.

But nothing can top this old beat up beauty.

On the Shelf:  Grandma's Vogue Sewing Book

This bit of my gran. In book form.

Right on the SHELF.


Knitted & Read

My Green Thumb mitts are done!
I feel like I haven’t finished a knit (with the exception of Frida’s Heart) in forever!!

Feels fantastic!



The yarn is Shelridge Yarns Soft Touch DK. I have a whole skein in brown that I will never, ever, knit. If you want it, holla!




I’m working on Hetty in these photos. It’s coming along so well. Maybe there is something to swatching after all.


This is the upper back, nearly complete. After a couple false starts, last night and some ballet class knitting, today. It’s a miracle I got any done at all, as I am absolutely engrossed in a new book series:

The Monstrumologist.

I’m reading book #2 (The Curse of the Wendigo) which I walked clear across Brooklyn to borrow from the library. I couldn’t possibly wait for it to come in on hold, I was nearly done with the first one. There was a tense moment when I couldn’t find it on the shelf….luckily, I didn’t panic and asked the librarian to confirm its location. It was with the SciFi books (not YA, even though it’s a “kids” book).

Close call.

My feet still haven’t forgiven me for that walk, though.

Goals: Setting, Sticking to, Achieving


I’ve been reflecting on goals, as, I guess, one is apt to do at this time of year. I’m fairly certain of my career goals, though not the exact path to achieve them. I posed this question on Twitter and Facebook. I’d love feedback from you, too:

How do you all set, and work towards, goals?

I’m smack in the middle of struggling through some writing work for a goal that I previously set (get published in an academic journal/compilation). Getting these words out is such a MASSIVE struggle! Even though I have lots to say on both subjects.

Why do you think that is?

I wish to God I knew.

I’ll be back with a much more cheerful topic (gift giving), soon.

More Librarian Wardrobe

Have you all heard of Librarian Wardrobe?? Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 11.50.34 AM

I think it’s an awesome idea! If you search for librarian on sites like pinterest or in Google images, you get back a lot of crappy “sexy” librarian pics ;(

Librarian Wardrobe combats that stereotype and more. I’ve submitted photos before and planned to submit a proposal for their CFP. I was so burnt out from school, I couldn’t make myself get it done. I wish I had.

Anyway, here’s some more librarian wardrobe for you!

Let’s pretend that my collar is NOT effed up in the first three pics ;o)

More Librarian Wardrobe

More Librarian Wardrobe

More Librarian Wardrobe

Coat :: Steve Madden
Dress :: (Thrifted) Banana Republic
Cardigan :: H&M
Tights :: H&M
Shoes :: Old Navy

More Librarian Wardrobe

More Librarian Wardrobe

More Librarian Wardrobe

More Librarian Wardrobe

I, finally, removed the waist ties on this dress. They’re worn toward the front here and the back here. They were too thick, too short and awkward as hell, which is probably why this dress was donated in the first place. It’s much better now.

Spring break ends tomorrow. We had a lot of relaxation and a lot of fun. I’ll recap some of the cool things we did, soon!


Do Not Adjust Your Screens

This cardigan IS this bright.

Do Not Adjust Your Screens
Do Not Adjust Your Screens

  Jones of New York Cardigan :: Thrifted from Domsey’s
Due Per Due Silk Umbrella Lady Print Blouse :: Domsey’s
The Janice Skirt :: Handmade
Tights :: Forever21 (??)
Boots :: NEW Anne Klein
That little comb you sometimes see in my hair was my maternal great grandmother’s

Do Not Adjust Your Screens

Can I just say, real (actual GOOD) boots are heavy!! I think I’ve been wearing cheap shoes for too long, lol. It was soooooo hard to spend the money on one, nice (actually GOOD) pair, rather than three kinda shitty ones.

Work was great today. Again. I really, really like my fellow interns! We had so many diverse things to talk about.

We had local (and some not-so-local) librarians/library professionals visit the space we’ll be working in. I ran into two women who interviewed me previously. One from the internship I was hired for last fall, but ultimately couldn’t take and the woman from this one I told you guys about. What are the odds?!?! The latter is actually friends with my supervisor. It’s a small, librarianship, world! Imagine how awkward it would have been if I’d had BAD interviews with them, lol.

I’m headed to bed. I’ve been nursing a background throbbing type of headache (really migraine) for a couple of days now. Nothing I’ve taken has worked.

I hope to wake up pain free tomorrow.

If This is The End

I’ll take it!! Because I had a GREAT day!

My grades are in. Two Bs, which killed my 4.o, but ended up being better than I anticipated given how I felt the semester was going. I never thought I’d say this, but thank God for finals! I got a 98 on my archival management one, which gave my overall grade a boost. And a hard won 82 (which FEELS like 100% given how difficult the subject is) for cataloging. Just one question (out of 8, total) on that exam was worth 60 points. Yikes!

Final Tally :: 10 As and 2 Bs. 3.83 GPA.
Not too shabby.

Also…I had another job interview today. I felt a bit more confident and ready this time, despite a near late arrival disaster. The bus I needed to take apparently only arrives once a decade. And I had just missed it. I grabbed a cab (thank goodness I remembered to take the cash from my jeans pocket last night) and made it in plenty of time.

Interview Ensemble Numero Dos

Blazer :: Forever21
Dress :: Thrifted from Domsey’s
($7.39, no tags)
Tights :: Duane Reade
Shoes :: Naturalizer
(free from a Freecycler)

Interview Ensemble Numero Dos

No jump shot, today. Just me in my hallway.


Interview Ensemble Numero Dos

Before I even made it on the bus headed back towards home, I missed a call. I checked my voice mail and I had been offered the internship! One that pays, too!

And this time is not like the last one when I got my hopes up and had to miss out on an opportunity. This time, I start much sooner (in about 2 weeks), I know a lot more about the expected schedule and my children are well settled in their new schools.

I’m so excited! It’s a great opportunity to get library experience and I don’t even have to do it for free. On top of that, I feel really passionate about the work I’ll be doing and it’s in Brooklyn which will make managing around the rest of my life much easier.

All that’s left to do is some celebratory sewing to supplement my work wardrobe!!

Archivist for a Day

BHS :: Richetta Randolph Wallace Papers

Earlier in the term, I had an assignment that took me to the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. The archivist there was nice enough to answer my questions (with no prior notice) and chat with me about my career goals. When it was time for me to go, I thanked him and spent the train ride to Brooklyn thinking about how nice that face to face interaction was after nearly two years in an online school.

When a second assignment was set to take me away from my computer and out into the world I hoped to go back to the Schomburg Center. Alas, that didn’t work out and I had to scramble for another location that would have me on relatively short notice.

Enter the Brooklyn Historical Society

BHS is housed in perhaps the most beautiful building ever to start as a place to hang out and talk history. I mean, the people who created this place didn’t just throw up a structure and fill it with books. This building is a work of art with a rich history. The wordwork alone would make you drool.
Brooklyn Historic Society Othmer Library

Brooklyn Historic Society Othmer Library

After recovering my composure at its beauty I was immediately overwhelmed by the incredible staff. I don’t know if archivists are just naturally generous and lovely, but I was half in love with them by the time I left lol. My first day there, literally, changed the course of my career goals. As I lamented the lack of personal interaction (and therefore connections) that you deal with when attending an online school, Julie popped open a browser and gave me a crash course on NYC archivist associations, listserv and message boards chock full of job, grant and volunteer opportunities. Priceless. Seriously. Along with that info she imparted knowledge about work history and how joining and then networking at these professional orgs can lead to so much. When Liz, who actually cleared my observation hours at BHS, arrived she shared a cover letter site that has already been invaluable.

On day two, I was lucky enough to spend time with the director of the library who was the very definition of generosity with his efforts to make sure that I got a true taste of what it’s like to work in a library archive setting. Along with shadowing him as he assisted patrons and arranging a visit with the page to their storage area, he set me to task with a group of documents that I have not been able to forget since.

They were the papers of this woman

Ms. Richetta Randolph Wallace

“Ms. Randolph was private secretary to the social activist Mary White Ovington in the first decade of the twentieth century, leading to a position as the first member of the administrative staff for the new National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Ms. Randolph later became the NAACP’s office manager and was private secretary to NAACP officers James Weldon Johnson and Walter White, among other important positions until her retirement in 1946.”-BHS Blog

To read about her request for a raise and the praise for her work and how her retirement was stalled when the NAACP declared that they couldn’t go on without her was fascinating. Issues of equal/fair pay, the important part that women play in the workplace and more are still relevant now.

BHS :: Richetta Randolph Wallace Papers

BHS :: Richetta Randolph Wallace Papers

I mean, when this woman wrote to congratulate the mayor on his win he wrote her back! Promptly! The entire experience was amazing. Reading letters written in the 1800s and holding a bride’s wedding invite from 1894 were really moving experiences. There are more photos in this set.

This all led me to my new job, as the Social Media Manager for Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York! So far, I am enjoying the additional (albeit small) responsibility. Along with the holiday fair planning, school (please be over soon) and LIFE (all caps are NECESSARY) I am quite, happily, busy. ;o)

Voting today was very cool, too. My oldest asked me if President Obama won as soon as I walked in the door. Like my vote was the final deciding factor, lol

Go vote, if you haven’t!