Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit

NETTIE-Closet Case Patterns

Alternative title: Nettie – A Love Story

This gorgeousness is my super awesome, babetastic, brilliant mate Heather Lou‘s newest labor of indie sewing pattern LOVE!!

Which she named after yours truly!

She has a post full of the sweetest things ever said about me (that my hubby and kids didn’t say, anyway) and I only have the tenderest of feelings about her. This part of her post resonates the most with me:

“I am so grateful to be a part of this inspiring, generous and creative community. Me? Wings. You? Wind.”

I’m continually amazed by how much my sewing friends mean to me. I will always choose their company over others because we can talk about anything PLUS sewing!! That’s indispensable! The gave and take, the honest discourse about serious issues and the laughs (OH, the laughs) are more than I ever expected to get out of blogging.

I’m still gobsmacked, honored and blushing that Heather was in any way inspired by me!!

Get ready for a whole HEAP of Netties!!

Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!
Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!

Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!

Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!These babies (shown in the order sewn) each deserve their own post!! I learned something new on each one and I can’t wait to make even more! There are so many combos included in the pattern.

bodysuit-technical drawings

And you can knock up one with the odd yard of knit in your stash.


I have SO many mods in mind (Bombshell+Nettie mash-up, cropped, a low back version, and on and on!) that I foresee a LOT of Nettie in my summer!

Stay tuned for the goods on the different fabrics I used, the (kick ASS) fit, tips and more loving on Heather!


33 thoughts on “Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit

  1. Your versions all look terrific! How wonderful that you have a pattern named after you that suits you so well. Since you mention variations, do you think it would work sleeveless?

    • Thank you!! I am so honored to share a name with Heather’s pattern!

      I think it would be AMAZING sleeveless. Heather and I already discussed it while I was in the middle of version 3 or 4. You might want to widen the armhole, though. It’s a pretty close fit.

  2. I love all of your Netties. But not as much as I love the real Nettie. I gotta make it up to NY this fall. I miss you guys baaaaaaad. I have no sewing buds here and it SUCKS.

    Totes gonna make a sleeveless Nettie in the sewalong. And a crop version is crazy smart!

    • I miss you so much!!! I can’t wait until you visit, again!

      And, as I’ve said before, if housing prices to improve I might start looking at library jobs in your hood 😉

  3. i teared up a little reading her description of you because i thought it was so sweet – and 100% true! i love how lucky we are, not only here in NYC, but in the community around the world – to have so many different kinds of people to learn from, and with.

    and i think my favorite ‘nettie’ is the elephants marching.

    • Wasn’t it the sweetest thing!! I feel just the same about you guys. You all make me so happy! I’m always bummed when I miss time with you!

    • I am SO honored!!

      And that scooped back is just the thing for summer!! I predict lots of scoop shaped tan lines around before the end of June, lol

  4. This pattern release just gives me the warm fuzzies! I’m so proud that I know both of you and I’m so touched by the friendships we’re able to form with people all over the world through our shared love! Can’t wait to see your parade ‘o’ Netties!!!

  5. I love ALL of these, Nettie. What a well-deserved honor, being the namesake/inspiration of such an amazing, versatile pattern. Just ordered mine, along with a crapload of stretchy goodness from Girl Charlee. You look so beautiful and happy in all of these versions.

  6. LOVE this pattern and I can’t wait to make a couple! The-low back look is so flattering and I love the idea of a bodysuit.

    Not to mention, how sweet of Heather to make a pattern inspired by you! It really shows what a wonderful close community sewing bloggers have created. Well done all around. 😀

    • Sew all the Netties!! I’m so excited to see everyone’s unique fabric and styling choices!!!

      And I totally agree that the community we’ve formed it strong and awesome!! I hope it never changes!

  7. Yay!!! This pattern just makes me so SO happy! This is such an awesome community, and I’m so happy to be a part of it with such awesome women like you and Heather! SO. MUCH. LOVE!!

    And this pattern was OBVIOUSLY inspired by you – it is MEANT for you! You look fan-freaking-tastic in all these versions!! Can’t wait to hear more!!

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