Designers of Color in Fashion History :: A Handmaker’s Factory Series

Hi, again! I’ve popped back in to direct you to a bit of fashion history reading over at The Handmaker’s Factory blog. I’ve contributed my first article (of many, hopefully) and I’d love to know what you think!
Handmaker's Factory

Designers of Color in Fashion History

FYI: Thanks for the sick baby well wishes. The kid (the boy twin, he of the always-gets-sick-first-weak-immune-system) did stay home again, today. Mostly sleeping. And taking advantage of more TV viewing than usual. He should be good to go for tomorrow, hopefully.

11 thoughts on “Designers of Color in Fashion History :: A Handmaker’s Factory Series

  1. Congrats on the article! It was a very good read. Although it upset me that I’ve never heard of him before, not even in the fashion history class I took in college. But I suppose that’s not surprising. It reminds me of the often absent history of minorities in architecture.

  2. Congrats on the article!! I have had your post bookmarked for days now to remind myself to go over and read it, but then my son got sick AGAIN, then I got sick AGAIN, and I don’t know where my time is going……anyway, all this to say, I am very much looking forward to reading your article when I have fifteen uninterrupted minutes (all together) without a little guy wiping snot on me or demanding to watch Elmo videos. šŸ™‚

  3. Great, great article – congratulations again. It’s really disturbing that Mr. Jaxon has been left out of fashion history — but I’m glad you were able to bring at least our attention to him! I love the idea of this young guy coming to Paris and shattering the ideas of what a couturier looked like. And I love the photo of him — that jacket is absolutely impeccable!

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