After reading, writing (or aspiring to) is my second love. I have been hesitant to post my writing online. I think the reasons are two-fold. One, I am incredibly uncomfortable with my writing being read. I know that this is contrary to wanting to be a published author, but ask any writer you know and I’m sure they’d say the same. Writing is so personal, and the reading of it is sharing a part of yourself with another. That’s enough in itself, but then you add the criticism part and well it becomes more than a bit nerve racking.

The other, so far only people that know me personally and believe that I’m good at this thing have read my work. People like my husband, my sister, my professors and my friends from film school. The first kind (family) love me and will be only so negative. The second kind are used to reading films and watching them critically so their opinion is easier to take. Maybe. But, you all will owe me no such kindness. Be gentle with me ;o)


My first offering is Reunion.


Beneath the Water, added 3.20.11


Part I :: Part II added 6.11.12


Writer’s Digest Prompt I :: Those Old, Twin Bitches

All work posted here is my property and is for personal reading only. It is not to be copied, shared or re-posted without my express permission. By dowloading/clicking links you are agreeing to those terms. Thanks!

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