Off-Duty Threads

These pictures are a more accurate representation of what I look like on a daily basis. This is what I look like “off duty”, when I’m not going to work, that is. Though, this is sometimes a work look, too ;o)
The girl twin asked to snap these on the way home from school.

Off Duty Threads

Handmade Hat :: Felicity
Scarf :: Thrifted
Nine West Jacket :: Thrifted ($10!!)
Jeans :: Old Navy (Sweetheart fit)
Sneakers :: MIA via Marshalls ($40)

I’m wearing a Brooklyn College Film Department t-shirt (with the neck cut off) and my Sean John cardigan, underneath. It’s soooo warm! It’s also a perfect replacement for a million year-old Old Navy zip-up that is faded and thread bare in places. It always makes me laugh to see how my lips completely disappear without lipstick, lol

Off Duty Threads

I really love these sneakers! I’m so glad I got them for me and my daughter. The jacket was a pretty great find, too. I also picked up a leather Benetton blazer that day for $10. These jeans are the Sweetheart fit from Old Navy. I must have lost a few lbs because these were practically squeezing the life out of me a couple weeks ago. That orange dress from the last post was also on the too small list.

Bodies can be so weird!

I only have to throw some steak in the oven for dinner tonight (I made a TON of chicken yesterday for my fried bird loving children) so that frees up some Archer sewing time. I hope to post about that, and some really cool podcasts/sites/people I’ve found recently, soon!


Pride & Prejudice & New Kicks

Pride & Prejudice & New Kicks

P&P Tee :: Brookish on Etsy
Jeans :: Old Navy
Belt :: Gap
Sneakers :: Mia via Marshalls ($30!!)

Pride & Prejudice & New Kicks

Wearing one of my fave tees!! And the first new sneakers I’ve had in a long time. I really like them!! Best part, I’m footwear twins with my big girl! I’m so pleased that she still likes to match with me ;o)

#mother #daughter #sneaker day. She still likes to match with me. How long will that last??

She wore the shirt she made with it, too. It was the same outfit I choose in my mind when I saw these! My GOD, she has grown up SO much since that picture!

I’m wearing a new lippy, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in “Smitten”, in the pics above. I took these after we’d come home from dinner at my MIL’s house, it’s usually a bit darker than it looks here. I brought it home in a nice small-ish haul from Target the other day. I was looking for a winter coat (my Fu*#$ng zipper is BROKEN) in February. You know, when they start putting out spring stuff. It was such a harrowing experience, I needed a pick me up, lol

#makeup #shopping at the #drugstore cause I'm fancy like that :0) @maybelline @askelf @revlon

Apparently, I need a class in gel liner application. I had very comical raccoon eyes after my first attempt with that little ass brush. I’ll have plenty of time to practice if the coming storm shuts the city down….I’d better go grocery shopping in the morning.

It’s still Sew Grateful Week, so I’d like to say, again, how awesome you all are! You’ve been leaving me such lovely comments on my posts! I love to read what you write and I love all of the quotes and book suggestions coming in! I’m going to put them in a post after the contest is over. Speaking of which…

Don’t forget, you have until


Pinterest Inspo :: Unexpected Brown

Today’s work look is quite unexpected and can be wholly credited to pinning things on Pinterest. I never thought I’d pair a black dress with black (opaque) tights. I NEVER thought I’d wear brown shoes again! And I CERTAINLY never thought I wear brown shoes with so much black!!

Furthermore, I never thought I’d like it so much!

What I Wore :: 1.15.13 Dress :: Old Navy Tights :: Duane Reade
Belt :: Gap
Shoes ::

What I Wore :: 1.15.13

I bought this dress on sale at Old Navy. I’ve had approximately forever and this is the first time I’ve worn it.
It always felt a bit short. With these super opaque tights, I felt really comfy in it.

What I Wore :: 1.15.13

I think I bought this belt, along with 4 or 5 others, over 15 years ago. This brown matches almost nothing in my wardrobe because I’m not a huge fan of the color.

These boots might be changing that.

What I Wore :: 1.15.13

This look is not a literal translation of any one thing that I’ve pinned. But I can say, with certainty, that I would not have looked twice at footwear this color if not for the stylish ladies on my Me Style This Look board!

Pinterest Inspo :: Unexpected Brown

What I Wore :: 5.26.12

What I Wore :: 5.26.12

Top :: Thrifted Banana Republic Button-up
Jeans :: Old Navy Skinnies
Shoes :: Target
Accessories :: Earrings from my sis. Vintage necklace and bangles from my grandma. Purse from F21.

What I Wore :: 5.26.12

What I Wore :: 5.26.12

You might be wondering why I’m all covered up on a rare hot day in NYC. Well, thanks to some manner of insect (likely spiders, I had a bad time with them when I was pregnant with my oldest but this is worse) I have many (itchy, painful) red splotches on my right forearm and the lower ankle area of BOTH legs. I am PISSED! I feel vain even being so worried about the potential scars that they will leave, but the truth is that’s what bothering me the most. Well, aside from my fear that they will keep attacking me. I’m literally losing sleep over it. Last night was okay. Wish me luck going forward.

What I Wore :: 5.26.12

ps- these shoes hurt the back of my feet like a son of a B.

Wardrobe Essential :: The LBD

Here is the other project I worked on during my insane all night sewing marathon.

A Wardrobe Essential

:: The Little Black Dress ::

The Facts
Fabric | Mystery stretch fabric gifted to me by my sister. She got it in her last haul from Materials for the Arts. I wish I knew the makeup of it. It is PERFECT for this kind of dress!!
Patterns | BurdaStyle’s Lydia for the bodice and my go-to skirt Simplicity 9823 . I put on a previously made Lydia and tucked it into the denim version of this skirt and marked where they met with a pin. I cut the bodice to that length and attached the two.
Year | Current.
Notions | Only thread.
Time to complete | Not sure. I made this the same night as my Mix it Up look.
First worn | To Rima’s house for a fun knitters meet-up! And then today to go pick up the kids from my MIL’s.
Wear again? | Yes! Absolutely!!
Total price | FREE!!! Lydia is only $1. I’ve used it so much that I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth. The skirt pattern probably was only a buck when I bought it years ago.
| I’ve had that necklace and those earrings for years. I probably bought them from a street fair or street vendor. The silver bangles were mostly my granny’s, a few of them and the wooden ones are from my sis. They were from MFTA, too, and they were covered in some hideous twine that I took off to discover these wooden beauties. She gave me the wide ring on my right hand, too. The sandals are from Forever21 circa 2010, I think. I love a good flat sandal.

Wardrobe Essential :: The LBD

This definitely fills a void in my wardrobe. I thought it was a rather casual look, but my husband asked me why was I all dressed up when I donned it again today. I guess it does have a bit of a dress up, dress down quality. Anyway, when your regular wardrobe consists of jeans and tees, this must look a tad fancy.

Wardrobe Essential :: The LBD

It’s definitely leggy, lol. I took a wedge out at the center back, but I could probably remove a bit more. I wanted it fitted, but not tight. I think I accomplished that. I’m pretty proud of it!

Wardrobe Essential :: The LBD

This is near my MIL’s building. She told me I looked like a young girl today, not a mama, lol. All of the photos are courtesy of my Missy, my oldest baby. They all thought watching me jump up on this bench was pretty hysterical. The lipstick destroyer was the only one to brave the rock climbing wall when we stopped by the park on the way home!