Pink, Black, Bangs, Braids

Don’t you hate when your hair looks great and you have nowhere to go??

This was the night before work, when I untwisted my hair to braid it for the next day.

Twists Out

Of course, if I had untwisted it in the morning it never would have looked this good, lol

It ended up like this for the day. Not bad!

Bang & Braids

I was super comfy for work as I planned to go to Pacific Trimming beforehand and knew that would involve a bit of walking. I went to buy shoulder pads for my coat.

But I nearly had a commuter rage breakdown while on the Q train. Some clueless idiot in front of me thought he should have a backpack AND a HUGE shopping bag in the sardine can the train becomes at rush hour and an asshole behind me was still wearing her backpack.

I was sandwiched by fools.

And then the train stopped in the tunnel for 5 mins (which feels like 5 million) on a tilt, so I felt like I was going to fall over.


I’m smiling here because this was taken at the end of the workday. I arrived home to kids doing homework and I had cooked so much food this weekend that there was no need to make dinner.

Basically, a perfect evening.

Pink, Black, Bangs, Braids

Sweater :: Calvin Klein
Tunic :: Old Navy
Leggings :: Old Navy
Socks :: F21
Boots :: Target

Pink, Black, Bangs, Braids

And to make it sweeter look what my big girl wore to school today!! She likes it! She really likes it!

I’m participating in Debi’s Sew Grateful week.
Look for a giveaway later!


My Own Domain

I made the leap and purchased my domain yesterday. I don’t know yet how that will affect the content or intention of my blog, or if it will have any impact at all. It just sounds cool at this point.

Here’s what I’m wearing today.
What I wore :: 10.5.11


What I wore :: 10.5.11

Frida Adorned

Sweater and Pants from H&M
Booties from Old Navy
Earrings from F21
Large ring from H&M
Necklace and leather bracelets (gifts from hubby)
Blue bangle…had it forever

I originally bought this sweater in a beautiful teal color. The kind of thing I had none of in my closet. But I somehow picked up an extra small. This viscose knit is VERY clingy. I had that unflattering you-can-see-my-navel look. So back it went. But, of course, they had no larger sizes left in teal. I nearly went with black instead, but I think this soft color works really well.
The skinny pants thing is new for me. I’m slowly getting used to them. They work best with these boots anyway. I have three pair that I’m rotating because I lost a few lbs so most of my jeans are too big.
I’ve been walking a lot more lately, about 2 miles a day. I walk home after I drop off the kids and I walk back to pick them up.  I also find that I eat a lot less when they’re not home. For me, these small changes result in a weight flux. I usually stay between 140-ish and 150. I’m not sure what I weigh now. We don’t have a scale and the Wii balance board batteries are dead, lol.

I was thinking how this ruffle is reminiscent of a tutu here. It made me want to stand on tip toes ;p

What I wore :: 10.5.11

BIG hair is retired for the moment.

1. Twist and Pin, 2. Twist and Pin
I’m giving my hair a rest, the ends were starting to feel dry. I rubbed in about a teaspoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and moistened each section with cold water as I twisted. I will leave this style in a for the rest of the week probably and return to BIG-ness on Saturday.