Keep Calm & Knit

Right after I publicly swore off sweater knitting, this pattern appeared roughly EVERYWHERE in the DIY areas of the inter webs. In a moment of ‘I HAVE TO BUY SOMETHING RIGHT NOW’ I bought the pattern. Which is ridiculous because I hate knitting cables. And this pattern is lousy with them.
Heather, at her most be your best self enablist, has thrown down the gauntlet with a knitalong. So now I have someone I can bug, directly, when I want to burn the 3 inches of sweater back that’s not growing fast enough.
Closet Case Files
My second coming with knitting is quite recent. I’ve been fondling yarn more than sewing lately. I think something’s going around because I have a lady date with several members of my old knitting crew. I’ve been trying to think of way to grab my yarn of choice before I get with them so I can curse and gnash my teeth over the cable chart with in person company. I think I’m going to use Cascade Eco, perhaps Eco+, if I can find a color I like.
With Heather’s cheerleading, I think I could actually knit this sweater in 2016.