Sewing Conundrum…..

So. When I read this post by Liz, I admit, I thought she might be over reacting just a little bit.

Well, now I find myself in quite the same sitch…and I’m feeling some kinda way. You see, at the BurdaStyle Sewing Club meetup, Lee donated the remainder of the fabric she used for this super awesome Pavot.

Which, trust me, is EVEN MORE awesome in person. So you see my dilemma, right? I want to make the exact same thing. And I feel so conflicted about it! That’s what I get for thinking Liz was making a mountain out of a fabric hill! I’m actually worse than Liz. I live in the same city as Lee so we have a massive chance of showing up the same place looking like I Single White Female’d her….

To avoid that, I’ve come up with these alternatives. All of which I already own. Unlike, Pavot.

What do you think?

Gertie made a really cool version of this.

Sewaholic Minoru

I could choose any one from the roughly 800 Minoru jackets online and find a great example.

Colette Anise

I’m more iffy about this one. I’ve already traced a size that I know is too big. I’m not keen to retrace.

By Hand London VictoriaOr this lovely lady. Which the fabric might be too heavy for.

So whaddya think?


Tania in Lomo

MMM.D26 :: Tania in Lomo

MMM.D26 :: Tania in Lomo

MMM.D26 :: Tania in Lomo

Coat :: Steve Madden
Sweater :: H&M
Tank :: Old Navy
Culottes :: Me Made Megan Nielsen’s Tania
Shoes :: Madden Girl

These pictures are courtesy of my girls. The oldest took the ones down below and the little one took the ones up top šŸ˜‰

MMM.D26 :: Tania in Lomo

We were on our way home from this month’s BurdaStyle Sewing club meet up. Which was so much fun! I always have a great time when I get together with other sewcialists. It’s a special bonus when the kids can all come along.

And was nice to have a reason to wear this brand, spankin’ new make: Megan Nielsen’s Tania Culottes! They sooo super work! My kids kept questioning me about why they shouldn’t call it a skirt, lol

MMM.D26 :: Tania in Lomo

I cut the size medium, with the length of the largest size, and made the waistband pieces a bit larger. I usually have trouble sticking to the recommended seam allowance, but I must have done a good job because the larger pieces were too long. I was able to cut them down, no problem. BUT, I did have a bear of a time with the hems.

I’m sure I was making this face the whole time, lol

MMM.D26 :: Tania in Lomo

This challis loved to slip around, so my back pieces ended up longer on the outer edges. Which made it obvious that I wasn’t wearing a skirt which is NOT the point of this cleverly designed pattern. Though it hurt to do, I unpicked both (double) hems, trimmed them even with the front, serged, pressed, and added the new hem. It was a real pain in the ass, but so worth it because I love these!! I need to buy a ton more challis to make a culotte collection šŸ˜‰

In short, buy this pattern. Make. And wear!