MMM.D14 :: Wool in May

It’s May, and I wore a wool dress, today. Comfortably.

MMM.D14 :: Wool in May

Dress :: Simplicity 8498
Tee :: Lydia Tee
Cardigan :: Target
Tights :: H&M
Shoes :: H&M

MMM.D14 :: Wool in May

I’m glad I wore this today. I nearly cut out another one last night. Wearing it today reminded me that the neckline is too high. I’m pleased with everything else, except the facings which will be replaced with bias tape. I’m a convert.

Apropos of nothing, I had angel hair pasta with meat sauce for lunch 😮

I kid. This pic shows the dress well.

MMM.D14 :: Wool in May

 Dotty tights! LOVE! Just be glad I shaved my legs before donning them. Sasquatch ain’t got nothing on me, lol

MMM.D14 :: Wool in May

Also, looking at these pics, I wonder if this dress is too short?? It doesn’t feel like it while wearing it…


MMM.D2 :: More BW&D + Knitting

OK. Day two found me in a much better mood, though not much more rested, than day one. I go through rough sleeping periods and apparently I’m in one. I can’t complain. So many other areas are super awesome right now. I’ll sleep in late Saturday. If I don’t get up to sew, instead.

Today, I ended up in another black, white and denim combo.
MMM.D2 :: Different Black, White & Denim

Maybe I need to make some more colorful tops and skirts.
The two blue skirt I’m getting ready to cut out won’t help, lol.
MMM.D2 :: Different Black, White & Denim

MMM.D2 :: Different Black, White & Denim

MMM.D2 :: Different Black, White & Denim

The amount of black, white and navy blue in my stash isn’t too promising, either.
I did get this awesome penguin fabric in a recent order.

With more white, black and blue fabric. Ahem….I did have on a yellow cardigan for part of the day. That should count!

Speaking of knits, even though I made a promise (to myself) to forgo buying knitting patterns (I have tons of books and mags and not much knitting time), I just bought one.


This is Dimbala. I love the look of vintage sweaters of this style, but I am not in the mood to decipher and reconfigure a vintage knitting pattern. I don’t have the time, either. I just want to knit. I have a couple of yarn choices, but the perfect one is wool. Not happening in May, so a cotton blend will have to do.

I’m hope joining this knit along will have the same magic affect as the one for Archer.

Till next time, peeps.

Top :: Black & White at The Night Circus Refashioned Lydia
Skirt :: Mini By Hand London Charlotte
Tights :: F21
Shoes :: H&M

Charlotte Ginger Archer

Hey, all!

I was home with a sick kiddie today, he might be home again tomorrow by the look of him :(. I wanted to sew. Really, I did. I’ve been wanting to. But it just ain’t happening! So, I picked up a few indie patterns instead.

Ginger :: Ohhh Lulu
I’ve wanted this pattern for so long. But I convinced myself that I wanted, no, needed a super-duper for real bra pattern. Well, I haven’t cracked it open yet. And I probably won’t. Look for a giveaway on it at some point.

This one is so versatile. I think I’ll start with the actual body suit version as I have quite a few tops that need something cami-esque to wear underneath and I only have tank tops…this version from Ms. Ohh Lulu herself is what tipped me over the Buy Now edge.

Archer :: Grainline Studios
Obviously, Jen from Grainline is a sweetheart and super talented to boot. So, of course I wanted this pattern!! I have Colette’s Negroni pattern, and totally plan to make myself a version, but the sweet ruffle on this one was too much to resist.

There are so many elegant versions of this pattern out there! And who wouldn’t want to see that sweet packaging in person! I’m really looking forward to making this skirt. Even though I’ve been having some body issues lately…I think I waver between embracing my pear shape and feeling self conscious about it. This past week was a self conscious one. I have definitely gained a bit of weight and there are a few things that don’t quite fit the same. I think a few new, well fitted items are needed to get me over the hump.

I still want that SIMPLE jacket. And I need to get to work on an anniversary present (8 years coming up!!) for my hubby. I think I need to put on Lebowski and just DO IT!

Have you done any pattern stash enhancing, lately? Gut punched your sewing mojo to kick-start it?

Please share!

Good Mail Day


Thanks for the love on my last post!! The sweater is actually not super difficult to make. The yoke is mostly stockinette stitch with the smocking detail every ten rows or so. It was my first bottom up sweater, though. I had misplaced my notes with the yoke only partly done and I found it hard to judge its size before it was completely finished. It’s much easier to fit top down knits, imho.


My mailbox held a nice surprise yesterday! The first portion of my internship stipend!

This is the first thing I treated myself to!

First check spoils!

I LOOOOOOVE candy and periodicals ;o)

I also bought my copy of Nikki’s book and this one, too

And, because I was still in a sewing type of mood, I finally bought this pattern.

Salme Cropped Blazer

I fell in love with this little blazer when I saw it on Tidy Tipsy’s blog. I hope to make it into a rather casual suit when paired with my TNT skirt pattern.

Something like this Victoria Beckham look:

Or a variation of this, depending on the fabric I choose:

If I’m feeling especially ambitious, and have enough fabric, I could add pants to the mix a la Blake Lively.

Or this gorgeous lady:

I haven’t forgotten about my sewing dare. Don’t worry! I think I’ve been hesitant to start because I know it’s not going to be something I can wear out anytime soon. If ever. But, a dare is a dare! And I accepted! My girls can play in it when I’m done, lol.

There is so much to sew, and sew little time! I’ll be back soon with a peek at my first time….making a muslin!

It wasn’t so bad, but it damn sure wasn’t fun!

Limping, Crawling, Dragging Over the Line

I am limping, crawling, dragging myself over the blog-every-damn-day-in-November finish line, people. Since I’ve got NOTHING I will talk a bit about back in the saddle sewing. Care to join me?

I have a deadline to meet before they boot me off of the Refashion Coop site. I think it’s time to make some sweater hats since the weather here in NYC decided to be seasonally appropriate (read – COLD). My children are losing hats and scarves at an alarming rate. I need to get some supplies in reserve. STAT!

I want to sew. Really, I do. But, this weather won’t allow for any of the fun things I have in mind or outdoor photos. I’d like to use the cool heart print fabric I got when Maddie was in town to give this pattern a whirl.

Simplicity 4676

But, I’m thinking making darts in challis might not be the best idea for light and carefree sewing…

Thanks to Sonja what I really, REALLY want to make is this top!

But, I’m on a pattern diet. That I’m having a hard enough time sticking to. Between freecycle, craigslist and ebay I am in serious trouble. Serious. This week alone, I’m picking up a Super 8 projector and screen (for an after school program idea at Missy’s school. I have cameras from my film school days) from a LinkedIn contact, of all places and am trying to set up a time to view an estate sale that might have good vintage clothes and linens up for grabs.

I can sniff out free or cheap stuff anywhere. Just call me the bargain bloodhound! Lol. That reference should give you some idea of how tired I am. I become increasingly ridiculous when I’m sleepy ;D

Nite, nite!