{Sew} Treat Yo’ Self

treat-yo-selfLesley Jean is my ambassador of Treat Yo’ Self! Not only did she send me, unsolicited, lovely vintage sewing patterns, she recently posted about the masterpiece that is Treat Yo’ Self from Parks and Recreation.

Being a sucker for a good skit, and an even bigger one for a catch phrase, I was immediately hooked!! Making the discovery of this concept even more serendipitous: the arrival of some sewing peeps, my fave NYC gals and a planned day of basking in each others ambiance.

{Sew} Treat Yo' Self 2013

Sallie (!!), Oona (!!), Ginger (!!), Latrice (!!), Kelli (!!)

{Sew} Treat Yo' Self 2013

Puu (!!), Heather (!!), and the days’ official photog, Jennifer (!!)

{Sew} Treat Yo' Self 2013

It was fun!

It was lovely!

It was life giving (I LOVE talking to smart women)!!

We basked, you guys. We BASKED!

It was {sew} a fucking treat!!

I further ramped up the day’s Treat Yo’ Self theme by adding some of the most beautiful fabric I’ve ever purchased to my collection. Shopping with ladies with great taste is tough on your budget, but fantastic for your sewing! Just look!

Jamie Jeans Denim

Stretch Denim

Emerald (trust me) Silk Crepe de Chine

Silk Crepe de Chine

Gold & Navy Silk

Navy& Gold Silk

Black Wool Jersey

Black Wool Jersey

Anna Sui Silk Crepe de Chine

Anna Sui Silk Crepe de Chine

Navy Cotton Jersey

Navy Cotton Knit

I am overwhelmed with good feelings. The positive influence blogging has had on my life continues to grow!

We are all so lucky!

Treat Yo’ Self!


Sewcialist Weekend OVERLOAD

Dudes!! So many bloggers! So much fabric! So Much FUN!!! After the week I had (two sick kiddies, four missed days of school, vomit cleanup, so little sleep) I really, really needed the boost that this weekend gave me.

Let’s tell the tale in stolen pictures, shall we?

First, there was the brunch/meet-n-greet-Laruen gathering at Puu’s Palace of Awesome (this is how I will continue to think of her apartment) that included drinks, swapping, story-telling and SO much laughter. I even gave cat belly rubs and let me tell you friends, I ain’t not cat person. Indiana Jones is the freakin’ cat MAN.

Lauren, Oona and the gorgeous pregnant lady, Christine.

Indiana Jones, offering his unsolicted opinion of the fabric choices.

My swap goodies.


Two-toned double knit, laminated cotton and mint cotton twill.


Super awesome yarn! I’ve really been wanting to try Quince and Co. so I’m glad I have the chance to do so for free ;o)

Then we, sans Peter who cannot abide group fabric shopping, headed over to Mood where this vast crowd was waiting to meet the Lladybird of the hour!


I had only met Janice, Lee and Ms. Nancy Drew before. It was so nice to see them again! I was so overcome with good cheer, I actually…..wait for it…..BOUGHT FABRIC AT MOOD! And what fucking awesome fabric it is!  I’ll show you tomorrow!

Then, on Sunday, when by all common sense I should have slept in late (My entire fam trekked it to a baby shower Sat night, after all of that sewcialist fun, and I was wiped), I was instead up and about headed to meet Peter, Puu and Lauren to Flea shop.


Where we ran into a sewing LEGEND in colorful, handmade AWESOMENESS! Kenneth D. King! Dudes, if you can take a class with him, or even just stand and listen to him chat for a bit, DO IT. You won’t regret it. Get a taste of his gift of gab on episode 10 Daughter Fish’s podcast, Thread Cult.


I was totally overwhelmed with the selection at the Flea, and actually really tired now that I think about it ;o), but I did find these gorgeous doilies.



And, of course, I enjoyed more awesome times with sewing peeps! In fact, I had so much enjoyment, I overslept this morning! Whoops!

It was TOTALLY worth it!

New York, The Sewing City that Never Sleeps

Ok. So by now most of you have probably read the posts on the blogs of the other (more popular) meetup members. But, it was too great a time to NOT post about it here! To show just how much this group of peeps has to come mean to me, I will steal use their pictures for this post. Isn’t that a lovely tribute?? I thought you’d agree.

First up, this snap Peter took of Oona, Sonja, Suzanne and I just before the feeding frenzy started. Well right as it was starting anyway.

Oona’s pic shows just how punchy we became before Peter dashed off.

These two from Suzanne’s blog show the madness that ensued after he left and ultimately led to those big appetites. Let me tell you, climbing stairs, roaming isles and tossing around those heavy bolts (while using all your brain power to resist Oona’s Jedi-Fabric-Mind-Tricks) takes it out of you! Mood is HUGE! They could do cardio and weight training in the place! You could lie down and nap and no one would stumble across you for hours, lol.

You get a tiny glimpse of Kendrell,  just one of the fearless Mood employees brave enough to come to our aide. I believe some of the customers expected a camera crew to be filming us what with all the racket and mess we made.

I am still amazed at how much fun it is to get together and pet fabric, and gab (about EVERY topic under the sun) and grub with the sewing masses! I hope it’s always this awesome!

It’s 10pm so, of course, I’m just now getting the urge to sew, lol. I’m going to put on Lebowksi and get stuck into the fabric I got from 21st Century Fabric’s the place with the best bargain bin in the district.

Be sure to read Oona’s, Peter’s, Sonja’s and Suzanne’s posts if you haven’t already. And comment on the Beau Baby’s couture!