The Brazilian Connection

I have something finished to show you!! Something that is not a Scout Tee, woven or otherwise 😉
The Brazillian Connection

This dress is super special because the lovely Rachel sent me this gorgeous fabric from Brazil!! We got to spend some quality time together on her last trip to New York and have kept in touch since then. I so wish I could nip off to the UK for some more Rachel time!
The Brazillian Connection

This fabric (which has something of a Basquiat flavor going on, imho) was practically screaming MAXI DRESS, so I had to have Jamie Cristina’s Mission Maxi, of course. Both fabric and pattern have been waiting for their day in the sun and they better be satisfied because it was worn on perhaps the hottest day of my entire life! Jeez was it hot out, yesterday!

The Brazillian Connection

Rachel got to see a teeny bit of Brooklyn while here, but next time, we HAVE to visit DUMBO!! All of the photos in this post were snapped there. I took the kiddies for their first stroll around and ride on the carousel.

IMG_8281Hiya, moody photo of the kiddies!

Jane's CarouselWe threw rocks in the water, played in the park and one of us (me) felt VERY grateful for the not-so-gross public bathroom.

The Brazillian Connection

The Brazillian Connection

This photo gives you a glimpse of the ONLY thing I didn’t like about this pattern, the width of the straps. I wish I’d thought to widen them, the armhole/neckband application was NOT a fun time. I’m not completely happy with that area, but after wearing (and feeling awesome in) this dress all day, it’s a non-issue.

The Brazillian Connection

I also walk really fast and take long strides. I could have used a little more room to groove around the bottom, even though this is a combo of sizes already. Four at the upper/bust area, around 8 at the lower waistline (about where lowrise jeans would sit) and 10 for the rest. This was mostly in an effort to fit the pattern pieces onto the width I had and still have room for my hips, but other than the tummy area being a bit snug, I think it works!

Now I really want to make View C!


Darling In EFFECT


I made a dress!! With BUTTONS!! Lol
I told you, be prepared for ALL the buttons on this here blog 😉

Dress :: Megan Nielsen’s Darling Ranges
Belt :: F21
Tights :: H&M (??)
Shoes :: Mel by Melissa

Darling In EFFECT

These pics are in full (Picmonkey Orton & Cross Process) effect because my bravery in taking these in such a crowded, public place (the Brooklyn waterfront!!) resulted in slightly out of focus pics ;(

Darling In EFFECT

I was in the area having lunch with David!! Such a nice time catching up and touring his amazing workspace!!

Darling In EFFECT

I had a bit of time afterward and wondered on down to this amazing waterfront spot! I must say, I’ve lived in Brooklyn for my entire life and I’m still amazed by how beautiful it is!! I love my city! I can’t wait to come back and explore this area with my children.

Darling In EFFECT

Darling In EFFECT

This bias tape finish is GENIUS!! And this is coming from someone who HATES bias tape!! The finishing on this was sooooo easy. I complicated things a bit by using a very lightweight challis. But, this was an experiment before cutting into my Mood silk/cotton fabric. Which I don’t think it right for the pattern, now.
Darling Ranges Dress :: The Guts

MODS: I left the elastic off of the sleeves. I hate to have my arms squeezed!! I used a dart from a totally different pattern after an Instagram friend reminded me of the trouble people had with the existing ones. Good move, they are nice and flat. I also lined the skirt section. This challis is super, super thin. The two layers together makes it more opaque but still so lightweight that I kept looking to down to make sure it was there, lol!

SIZE: Mostly a small. I shaved some of the back side seams off because there are no back darts and I knew it’d be too big otherwise. I threw off the bodice length with my slapdash dart change, so I had to even them up afterward.

Darling Ranges Dress :: The Guts

Special touch on this dress? That lace on the hem was given to me by my paternal grandma!

Darling Ranges Dress :: The Guts

Don’t be too impressed with the enclosed lining. It was a happy accident! I added more weight to the buttonhole and button bands by layering in narrow sections of challis. I think it was worth it, though it made the buttonholes a bit inconsistent.

Overall, it was a great experience with very wearable results!!

Brooklyn Bridges

Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan Bridge as seen from the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Stroll

The kiddies and I took a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday.

Aren’t the views gorgeous?!?!

The last pic was taken with my iPhone. Look at the difference in the pics.

I think it might be time to save for a better camera.

If I shifted around I could capture a partial view of the building where I grew up.

I’ve spent all of my life living here, but I still get excited about walking on this bridge and sharing other places I love with my children.

I love my city!