The Maddie Scout Tee

The Maddie Scout Tee

I made up another Scout Woven Tee with the fabric I bought while hanging out with Maddie!! I blogged about this day, but, like the idiot I can sometimes be, totally missed the chance to take a picture with this cutie.

I DID, however, help Maddie choose some really cute cotton prints for her undies dreams AND haggle with Kashi over the price of this fabric 😀

The Maddie Scout Tee

I did the same hi-lo hem on this one and attempted to draft longer sleeves. I initially made them longer than what you see here, but they were much too tight for comfort.  I hacked them off which saved it. But working with this slippery fabric was a bit challenging and some of the seams had to be serged again so the end result is slightly too tight across my upper back.

The Maddie Scout Tee

No worries, though. I gave it to my oldest and it fits her perfectly. The jury is out on whether she will actually wear it. If I see it hanging out in the shadows for too long, I’ll repossess it 😀
I’m wearing it with the Janice skirt here, but it also looked great with jeans. I have more of this print for try #2. With proper long sleeves. Wish me luck.

And, no,  I did not take these photos in a cave. Just on a very rainy, bleak day, lol