Keep Calm & Take a Chill Pill


That is what I need to do.

I have gotten so (both legitimately and needlessly) worried about something or other or EVERYTHING this past week, going right on into this one, that I’m sure an anxiety attack can’t be too far behind.

My knitting is sucky. My sewing went alright, and then sucked (ALWAYS hand stitch when that’s your first instinct, unpicking SUCKS!!), and then sucked more since my camera is, apparently, fucked as ALL eleventy billion pics taken today are blurry as shit. (And, turns out I rushed myself for nothing, my deadline is one week later than I thought). I’m being pulled in a thousand different directions from commitments I made before I knew that I’d still have a job at this time of year. My birthday came and went and I was too sad (and too freaked out that something would go wrong, and it did) about what happened on my birthday last year to make an event of it. And then the anniversary of the day I lost one of the most important people in my life is nearly here…..and I’m spinning. And spinning and spinning, the closer I get to the date. I’ve been losing sleep over it for weeks, already.

And, for some fool-ass reason, I decided not to get it out, write it out, blog it out, share it with my online community because….well who the hell knows why. I ALWAYS feel better when I vent, here.

Hopefully, the same will be true, this time. And, hopefully, I will retake those pics and love them as much as I love the project I just finished. And, hopefully, the next thing I knit won’t completely suck. And, hopefully, I will be graciously excused from the focus pulling commitment I have decided to drop.

And, hopefully, I’ll make it through the day on the 31st without breaking down.

Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully….


Sweet Book Hangover

In a protest against boring textbook reading, I thrust all library science related texts to one side and did some REAL reading. During a library visit with the kiddies I spotted two books that I had previously placed on hold and never made it the branch to pick up:

Two powerful stories that could not possibly be more different from each other.

The Night Circus is very difficult to sum up. Calling it a love story seems ludicrous when the story contains so much more. But, saying that it is about magic without mentioning love seems dishonest and misleading. Little Bee is also a sort of love story. Though giving a potential reader that information alone would lead them to a great shock. Both stories are equally about loss, hopelessness and hope.

I read into the small hours with both books, which led to that hangover like feeling each morning. I couldn’t help it. I absolutely craved to know what would happen next. The writing in both stories, though very (very) different in each, is so very beautiful. Descriptive but not unnecessarily so. Musical while staying true to the story each one is striving to tell. Emotional. Clear. And unique, too.

I have to say that both began strong but seemed to lose me a bit towards the end. Maybe I was expecting too much after becoming so emotionally invested in (and damn curious about) the outcomes. I am planning to reread them both. Which is my favorite thing to do when a book challenges me or makes me fall in love with it. I prefer to know very little about a book before I read, so I will not give true summaries here in case any of you feel the same. I do heartily recommend them both.

The Night Circus to escape this world and Little Bee to wake up to it.

Have you read anything good lately? Have you read either of these beauties?