Sewing Indie Month

Let’s get ready to SEEEEEEEEEEEWW!

Cause it’s


A whole heap of super fantastic peeps are on tap for this!


Some are new to me. And one in particular is dear to my heart (My Heather!)! This month of indie sewing love requires a level of coordination I don’t possess. I’m always so impressed when these kinds of events pop up in the blogisphere. The kick ass buttons alone surpass my skill level.

What I am there for (and which requires much less effort from me) is showing talented entrepreneurs some love. The skill and time required to make these patterns available to the sewing masses is not lost on me. I know how long people like Mari and Heather plan and work on their efforts. It must have been months and months ago that Heather first mentioned a bodysuit pattern to me.

Anyway, enough of my lovin’. You’d want to know the rules. So you can win the prizes, of course 😉

sewing indie month sewalong rules

You can submit your entries forindieloveaffair_banner_SIM_2014here, at Sown Brooklyn.
For this category, you must combine patterns from 2 or more companies into one garment or outfit. Awesome! My wallet will feel it from all of the new companies this has introduced me to!

Visit these ladies to enter the other categories:

The winner of an Indie Love Affair category will win these great prizes:

1 year subscription to Sew News Magazine

1 year subscription to Sew News Magazine

2013 Threads Archive DVD from Threads Magazine

2013 Threads Archive DVD from Threads Magazine

1 class of your choice from Pattern Review

1 class of your choice from Pattern Review

Sassy Librarian Blouse Craftsy class by Sewing Indie Month designer Christine Haynes

Sassy Librarian Blouse Craftsy class by Sewing Indie Month designer Christine Haynes

Sewing Indie Month designer prize pack: PDF pattern of your choice from Stepalica Patterns; PDF Nettie Dress & Bodysuit by Closet Case Files; PDF Twisty Top Pattern by Soma Patterns; paper pattern of your choice from Tilly and the Buttons
Sewing Indie Month designer prize pack: PDF pattern of your choice from Stepalica Patterns; PDF Nettie Dress & Bodysuit by Closet Case Files; PDF Twisty Top Pattern by Soma Patterns; paper pattern of your choice from Tilly and the Buttons

Look at the prizes!! You all are lucky!! None  for me!! LOL I was lucky enough to receive a lovely pattern that I had just nearly purchased, some great fabric is on its way to me to make it up and I received the ultimate gift, the Nettie pattern, which you will see even more of during Sewing Indie Month.

Bonus Winner!

A Bonus Winner randomly drawn from all the sewalong participants will win the following prizes:


1 year subscription to Sew News Magazine


$75 gift certificate from Britex Fabrics


1 year Friends of PR membership from Pattern Review

Love at First Stitch signed book by Sewing Indie Month designer Tilly and the Buttons

Love at First Stitch signed book by Sewing Indie Month designer Tilly and the Buttons

Sewing Indie Month designer prize pack: PDF pattern of your choice from Waffle Patterns; PDF Wardrobe Builder Pack by Thready Theory; paper pattern of your choice from Kate & Rose, Sew Chic

Sewing Indie Month designer prize pack: PDF pattern of your choice from Waffle Patterns; PDF Wardrobe Builder Pack by Thready Theory; paper pattern of your choice from Kate & Rose, Sew Chic

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And check back on Monday RIGHT BELOW for the goods on linking your project!!

Good luck everyone!!



WINNER: Named Patterns Jamie Jeans

Dudes, I won Rachel’s giveaway!!
My prize: a pattern from new Indie Sewing Pattern company, Named.

namedIt was DAMN HARD to choose just one of these lovelies! In the end, I went with the greatest need: PANTS! Working this year has severally cut down on my walking time. As that is the only exercise I really participate in, I have (apparently, according to the way my pants fit) put on a bit of weight.

Enter the Jamie Jeans011-Jamie-koko_2_large-1I’m officially a skinny pants convert, so I love the fit. BUT (and this is a BIG butt) the instructions are all written! Egads! How can I make pants without pictures!

It will be a challenge, I think I can handle it!

I also got a bonus prize, the Alva Collar.

020-Alva-etu_largeEven though I have absolutely NO NEED for another pattern, I can’t help but fantasize about a wardrobe filled with garments made from this collection.

Some more faves:

012-Charley-koko_large 019-Avery-koko_large 007-Tyler-koko_large 002-Eliot-koko_large 014-Dakota-etu_large

Testing…Testing…Test Sewing, Dandelion!!

I was deeelighted to be asked to test sew Mari of Disparate Disciplines newest pattern, Dandelion!!!

Testing...Testing...Test Sewing, Dandelion!!

The fit on this is seriously fantastic! I sometimes have a bit of room at the upper back and usually need a sway back adjustment, but this one lies flatter than anything I’ve made in both spots with no adjusting. I’m certain this is due to the design features that Mari built in. The back is slightly smaller than the front which results in the back hugging nicely, while the front skims. Perfect! Especially in light of a certain button popping incident with a recent make, lol

Though, I have to admit, that belt came off after lunch 😛

Testing...Testing...Test Sewing, Dandelion!!

 I have to say, I’m totally proud of this top!! I usually shy away from anything that looks difficult to fit or to choose a size for. I’m easily scared, lol. BUT, agreeing to test sew meant that I had to plow ahead and hope for the best. I decided to go all-in and use the good fabric, right out of the gate. Life’s too short! I nearly cut a size 6, but lessons learned from past makes helped me decide to go with size 4, instead.

Great choice!

Testing...Testing...Test Sewing, Dandelion!!

Size four, with the length of the largest size, is perfect!! If you’ve visited here before, I’m sure you recall that I cut things long all the time. Other than that, there was no fudging the side seams afterward, or anything. I used the specified seam allowance, but I installed my zipper differently than the pattern stated. My only regret is that you can’t see the great design lines in this fabric!!

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 2.52.50 PMSchematics from the pattern!
 Though, the choice was wise as I serged a hole in the left side piece when I was almost done!! I’ve never done that before!! I only had to finish the inside seams! The busy fabric hides the repair, so I got over it pretty quickly. I’m already dreaming of a color blocked version! And a raglan sleeved dress….and a tank dress. This pattern gives you LOTS of options!
Testing...Testing...Test Sewing, Dandelion!!
It’s such a great addition to my wardrobe. Mari made sewing it up so easy with her clever printing guide, too. The ability to get just the pages you need relieves some of that pdf taping together anxiety. And the boost of confidence I felt when I zipped this baby up and it fit like a dream pushed me to move onto other projects in my stash.
But its biggest accomplishment? It just might be the pattern that makes me switch from knit to woven tank-style tops!! And I looooooove a tank top!

Mari, you’ve got a winner!

Testing...Testing...Test Sewing, Dandelion!!

Check out more Dandelion’s in the wild!

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

This is Cake Patterns, Hummingbird. Part Duex. And it still ain’t perfect. I love the smaller size (though I washed and dried the first one and now it’s perfect!!) but I’m still struggling to get my seam line at the perfect height.


The Facts

Fabric: Orange Koi 100% cotton knit from Brooklyn General in Brooklyn, NYC (obviously)

Notions: None, unless we’re counting thread

Pantone Challenge colors: Koi

Pattern: Cake Patterns, Hummingbird (I LOVE that smiling brown lady on the cover and that my friend Mikhaela helped to design her!!)


Year: 2012

Time to complete: A few (very rushed) hours

First worn: Today, to snap last minute pics

Wear again? Fo’ Sho’!!

Total Cost: $7-8, I guess. Brooklyn General had a sale on and I can’t remember the price per yard.

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

I couldn’t find my instructions, which makes it impossible to confirm if I attached the peplum properly. That rogue pleat makes me think, not.

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

The problem is, this wasn’t my first, second or even third choice for my Sew Weekly Reunion project (this fabric turned out to be an AWFUL one for pinning and stitching darts) and the difficult time I had with it tells me that the top knew it, too. It’s still full of little pulls and wrinkles and tugs that I’d get fussy about if this top wasn’t still an awesomely orange addition to my black and white filled wardrobe 😉

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

I like that it looks good belted.

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

And not.

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

And it’s great with pants or skirts.

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire
But the BEST part was reconnecting, if only briefly, with the Sew Weekly gang!!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

Ahem….DUDES!! I made a JACKET!!!


And I love it sooo much I took pics TWICE and still didn’t get them nice and crisp.

So, I LOMO’ed out 😉

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

This is By Hand London’s Victoria Blazer, of course!! I’m finally making something when everyone else is! Lol I used a really prettily printed stretch cotton sateen from Which is puuuurfect for it!I I only lined the bodice with cotton (with minimal stretch) because the sleeves were a little snug (I used a smaller seam allowance to make them more comfy) on the size 4.

Excuse me while I reach around to pat myself on the back for this absolutely kick-ass blind stitching job!!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

I initially cut a different shell fabric (see it here on Instagram) but fell out of love with the thought of a white blazer when the summer’s ending, soon. I can see now that the sleeves would have been really awkward in that fabric (a thick-ish, cotton twill) so the change was for the best. I also, based on the informal poll taken on Instagram and By Hand London’s own Elisalex, decided to shorten it a little. The 4 fits in the upper bodice, but it was snug at the hips, which pulled the side seams back, making the pockets awkward. I’d love to make the next size up, in a fabric with more drape, to get the desired slouchy look.

Though, this one ain’t bad!!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

I took a little collection of pins out to try on the cool lapels, but the wind killed my mood. I painted the lady, bought myself the owls on Ebay and the other three are vintage from my granny.

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

Some Victoria details?! Shall we?

Yes, of course!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

Love! This little thing will see so much wear!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

Sewing Conundrum…..

So. When I read this post by Liz, I admit, I thought she might be over reacting just a little bit.

Well, now I find myself in quite the same sitch…and I’m feeling some kinda way. You see, at the BurdaStyle Sewing Club meetup, Lee donated the remainder of the fabric she used for this super awesome Pavot.

Which, trust me, is EVEN MORE awesome in person. So you see my dilemma, right? I want to make the exact same thing. And I feel so conflicted about it! That’s what I get for thinking Liz was making a mountain out of a fabric hill! I’m actually worse than Liz. I live in the same city as Lee so we have a massive chance of showing up the same place looking like I Single White Female’d her….

To avoid that, I’ve come up with these alternatives. All of which I already own. Unlike, Pavot.

What do you think?

Gertie made a really cool version of this.

Sewaholic Minoru

I could choose any one from the roughly 800 Minoru jackets online and find a great example.

Colette Anise

I’m more iffy about this one. I’ve already traced a size that I know is too big. I’m not keen to retrace.

By Hand London VictoriaOr this lovely lady. Which the fabric might be too heavy for.

So whaddya think?

Darling In EFFECT


I made a dress!! With BUTTONS!! Lol
I told you, be prepared for ALL the buttons on this here blog 😉

Dress :: Megan Nielsen’s Darling Ranges
Belt :: F21
Tights :: H&M (??)
Shoes :: Mel by Melissa

Darling In EFFECT

These pics are in full (Picmonkey Orton & Cross Process) effect because my bravery in taking these in such a crowded, public place (the Brooklyn waterfront!!) resulted in slightly out of focus pics ;(

Darling In EFFECT

I was in the area having lunch with David!! Such a nice time catching up and touring his amazing workspace!!

Darling In EFFECT

I had a bit of time afterward and wondered on down to this amazing waterfront spot! I must say, I’ve lived in Brooklyn for my entire life and I’m still amazed by how beautiful it is!! I love my city! I can’t wait to come back and explore this area with my children.

Darling In EFFECT

Darling In EFFECT

This bias tape finish is GENIUS!! And this is coming from someone who HATES bias tape!! The finishing on this was sooooo easy. I complicated things a bit by using a very lightweight challis. But, this was an experiment before cutting into my Mood silk/cotton fabric. Which I don’t think it right for the pattern, now.
Darling Ranges Dress :: The Guts

MODS: I left the elastic off of the sleeves. I hate to have my arms squeezed!! I used a dart from a totally different pattern after an Instagram friend reminded me of the trouble people had with the existing ones. Good move, they are nice and flat. I also lined the skirt section. This challis is super, super thin. The two layers together makes it more opaque but still so lightweight that I kept looking to down to make sure it was there, lol!

SIZE: Mostly a small. I shaved some of the back side seams off because there are no back darts and I knew it’d be too big otherwise. I threw off the bodice length with my slapdash dart change, so I had to even them up afterward.

Darling Ranges Dress :: The Guts

Special touch on this dress? That lace on the hem was given to me by my paternal grandma!

Darling Ranges Dress :: The Guts

Don’t be too impressed with the enclosed lining. It was a happy accident! I added more weight to the buttonhole and button bands by layering in narrow sections of challis. I think it was worth it, though it made the buttonholes a bit inconsistent.

Overall, it was a great experience with very wearable results!!