Graffiti & Puffs & Scallops

6.11.13 :: Puffs & Scallops

6.11.13 :: Puffs & Scallops

Graffiti :: Talented Artist
Giant Puff :: Genetics (see it unbound, here!)
Top :: Scallopized Grainline Tiny Pocket Tee
Jeans :: F21
Sandals :: Target

6.11.13 :: Puffs & Scallops

I went on a swimsuit fabric run to Mood with my Sissy, today!! I LOVE sister dates!! I also squished in lunch with my hubby. He was nice enough to snap these pics for me ;o)

It was funny, while at Mood (in the knits aisle getting my copy-cat on with the fabric Jen used for her knit Scout. ps- I couldn’t find it) I saw Jodi! What are the odds?! I love New York!! Anyway, I hightailed it to the swimwear aisle, with directions given via tweets from Sonja and Charlotte, so that I can join in on the Bombshell Swimsuit sew-along.

Bombshell Sewalong
I have a swimwear necessary event, next week. But, it’s looking like the weather is going to suck. So, I will be waiting for the sewalong to start. Check out my fabric here.
I also had to pump my brakes on tearing into my Hummingbird pattern as it benefits my House to sew within the specified time. I’ll be sewing along with Mikhaela! This is as close as I’ll get to being sorted at Hogwarts and I plan to relish it!

Today was a super busy day of doing exactly what I wanted to do! Can’t complain about that. Well, much. My sister and I also hit three stores in addition to Mood. F21 yielded one pair of ill fitting pants and HM another. And the Basquiat tees I wanted from another chain totally sucked in person.

That’s what I get for shopping when I can SEW MY OWN.


Scout Woven Tee Sew-A-Long :: Size & Fabric!!

Scout Sew-A-Long @Kollabora!!

Hiya!! Thanks for all the lurve for my sleeveless Archer!! It’s so damn cold here today, I think sleeved and ruffled Archer might get some wear. Hmph!


About the Sew-A-Long, I’ve posted some tips on choosing the perfect size and fabric for your Scout Woven Tee over on Kollabora.

So, grab a measuring tool, or four ;)….

Choosing The Right Pattern Size

Measure a top you like the fit of…  IMG_7598

Measure your pattern piece…


And make a Scout to fit!


It’s time to go stash diving…

Choosing the Right Fabric for your Pattern

And meet me at


Red! Hot! Archer!

Red! Hot! Archer!

I made another Archer!!
This time, sans sleeves!
And bum ruffle 😉

Top :: Grainline Archer Button Up
Jeans :: Old Navy

Red! Hot! Archer!

I followed Jen’s mods for her sleeveless Archer and made it one size smaller. I think I could have shaved a bit more off at the shoulders. And I definitely should have given myself more room to groove in the hips.

No matter! Red! Hot! Archer! is a great addition to my wardrobe!! It has COLOR and (if I may say so myself) looks fab tied up, just so. Watch out for it worn over a maxi dress in the future.

Red! Hot! Archer!

This top is extra special. My oldest son helped me attach the buttons!! He had so much fun he asked what he could help with, today. I might just suggest that tracing patterns would be awesome 😉

This also has BSSC love on it as I got this fabric in a swap at the last meeting! Which means I haven’t a clue what the fabric content is. It was a breeze to sew up. Look at those pockets! Super neat and matching!

Another Grainline winner!

Red! Hot! Archer!

Roxanne Scout Rides With Hipsters

The "Roxanne Scout" Tee

Hipster Mobile!

The "Roxanne Scout" Tee
This week’s sewing was, in a word, sucky. I started this blouse and completed it all the way up to the point of it lacking one more sleeve cuff and buttons to be done, when I tried it on…and the second sleeve was BACKWARDS!!! Of course, I had already serged and finished the inside. I didn’t have the heart or the energy to go on after I’d unpicked it all.

The next day, I started something else instead. A mash up of two recent makes, The Scout Woven Tee and Roxanne.

Meet Ms. Roxanne Scout.

The "Roxanne Scout" Tee

The Facts
Fabric | 100% Nani Iro Double Gauze $33 for 1 1/2 yards making this the most expensive fabric I’ve ever purchased. And then let sit in the closet for over 2 years.
Patterns | Victory Patterns, Roxanne and Grainline’s Scout Woven Tee
Year | Current
Notions | Thread only, I skipped interfacing the collar
Time to complete | It was fairly quick. Though, I did need to take a minute to redraw the collar on Scout to the same dimensions as Roxanne. But even that was super fast.
First worn | On a lunch date with my hubby and a dinner date with a friend.
Wear again? | Yes. I love how light it is and I’ve always loved this fabric. I’m happy that it’s finally out of the closet!
Total price | $33 for the fabric. I’m wearing it with $10 jeans from Forever21.

The "Roxanne Scout" Tee

I love the look of this collar with the shorter tee length. Though I made the same mod (intentionally this time) to the front I think the original closed neckline would work better due to the collar weight. I don’t want to use a closure, but I’m thinking of adding one so that the left side stops drooping. I added a bit more width to the Scout body and repeated the curved hem detail from last time. I have so many more ideas for this little tee. You might even see one for next week’s challenge.

Hubby snapped my pics before our date. These were taken with my iPhone because the freaking camera batteries were dead when I took it out of my purse. Grrrr. I couldn’t stay mad in this pretty top, though. This Nani Iro fabric is magical! It’s asymmetrical so it has a different print on the front, back, each sleeve and collar section. I LOVE that!

The "Roxanne Scout" Tee

The "Roxanne Scout" Tee

The "Roxanne Scout" Tee

The centering of this motif was a total accident! I wish you could see the thread I used a bit better. It’s variegated. And it is awesome! Overall, not a bad little top to transition into fall. Hopefully, its pretty floral print will help me hang on to enough of summer to get me through the early fall chill. If I get too cold, maybe the hipster who owns this ride will give me a lift!

The "Roxanne Scout" Tee

Only in Brooklyn! I LOVE my city!!

As always, there are a few more pics here.

The “Scout’s Honor” Woven Tee

The "Scout's Honor" Woven Tee

My shirt looks rather off white in some of these photos. I promise you, it IS yellow!

Scout’s honor!

The "Scout's Honor" Woven Tee

The Facts
Fabric | A basic, lightweight woven cotton. 1.5 yards for $5.97. called the print “retro trees” but my oldest son The "Scout's Honor" Woven Teethinks that they like dandelions ;o)
Patterns | Grainline’s Scout Woven Tee (Jen is offering 15% off patterns right now)
Year | Current.
Notions | Thread.
Time to complete | About an hour, including cutting.
First worn | To pick up a stack of free French books with the kiddies.
Wear again? | Yes! I’m not crazy about this fabric, but it was the only yellow I had. I was also skeptical that it would look good on once I finished it, but I really like it.
Total price | I used a yard of the fabric and the pattern cost me $6.50 (less 15%), so about $10. I expect to use this pattern a lot, woven tees have incredible fall wear potential, so the cost of the pattern is negligible. I refashioned the shorts last summer. They’re much more wearable at this length.

The "Scout's Honor" Woven Tee

The "Scout's Honor" Woven Tee

My Scout has a shaped hem (and NO bias binding on the neckline, it’s the devil ;p). This was necessary for two reasons. One, my front and back hems didn’t match up. I think this was due to my printer running out of paper partway through printing. After I added paper, I ran off the missing pages. I may have forgotten to deselect auto rotate when I restarted it. I also went against my gut and didn’t taper the side seams as much as I normally would so that the shirt wouldn’t sit on top of my hips.

IThe "Scout's Honor" Woven Tee

The size 0 was more than large enough for my small upper body, but I was worried about it looking too boxy with the extra fabric, so I was conservative in my tapering. It worked out because I love the hem feature, it makes room for my hips and the fit is pretty awesome!

I have my oldest daughter to thank for today’s pics. My children have become my go-to photographers!They are always so jazzed about helping me show off what I make! This area was PACKED with people lunching, smoking and lounging. I had no fear or awkwardness stopping to take these flicks! Hell, I even spoke on camera this weekend and did not have an attack of nerves. Don’t let anyone tell you that sewing doesn’t boost confidence!

The "Scout's Honor" Woven Tee

I’m glad to be back over on the Sew Weekly!! My machine drama completely threw off my groove! I had 1000+ unread posts in my Google reader and I watched way more TV than I had in a long while. I’ve missed my weekly sewing routine, which apparently affects the groove of the rest of my life!

I used up all of my mojo last week sewing up Promaballoona frocks. But that effort, and my great Saturday afternoon craft date with David and Goodwill, reset my inner creativity clock. I’m back in the saddle again and looking forward to next week’s challenge!




Put a {Pink} Cute Bot Bow On It

It’s {PINK} Week at The Sew Weekly

Put a {Pink} Cute Bot Bow On It

Stumped, you are, young seamstress.

That’s what Yoda would have said to me last week. It’s not that I don’t like pink. I do. But more in the fuschia, magenta range, rather than the baby pink range I had in my stash. I ordered this

which arrived in time (!!) but was not what I was expecting it to be ;( I did already have the cute bot fabric that I used for the  girls’ dresses. I thought, “WAIT! I could totally post those!” But, then I would miss the reveal for KCWC projects. Could I make myself something with it, too? That fabric is too, precious (and too, expensive) to try making myself a top or something and end up hating it….what to do?

Continue to avoid sewing anything for myself for the rest of the week? Sure! Make the boys’ shorts? Check! Start on the kids’ Dr. Seuss pajamas? Check! Get back to me, but cut out something completely the opposite of pink? Check!

Cut to me, yesterday morning, at my wits end? CHECK!

I decide to make a pink shell, even if it’s not really my style. It’s too big…I say EFF it and make my completely-the-opposite-of-pink-project: a denim tiny pocket tank dress.
Put a {Pink} Cute Bot Bow On It

I even gave it a pale pink facing to try and qualify it.

Put a {Pink} Cute Bot Bow On It

But, I feel guilty. Like a cheater, mc cheater.

Then I remembered Lee saying (at the awesome BurdaStyle sewing club meet-up we were invited to) that she was going to make a tie this week. BINGO!

Put a {Pink} Cute Bot Bow On It

Thanks, Lee!

The Facts | Tickled Pink Challenge
Fabric | Super lightweight denim (4.8 oz) and linen-cotton blend Cute Bots.
Pattern | Grainline’s Tiny Pocket Tank (AGAIN!) and freestyle on the bow/school uniform tie combo. I used the instructions for making an all in one facing from this pattern, to line the tank so as to avoid applying bias binding, which I think it the devil.
Year | Current.
Notions | Thread and a safety pin.
Time to complete | A couple hours of speed sewing.
First worn | At home. Pretending to be a cool, shade wearing, New Yorker type.
Wear again? | Yes, on the dress. I probably won’t wear the bow around my neck. I really, really, really dislike buttoning my shirts to the top. I will probably wear the bow in my hair, or let the girls take turns with it.
Total price | About $12-$15. The denim was $7.98 a yard. I used maybe 1.5. It was too light for what I bought it for and I pretty much wasted the rest of it. The cute bots fabric was $10.98 a yard. I count this project as free since, I barely used any and I made the most of the rest of fabric. The white button-up is from BR, thrifted (new with tags) for something like $7.

And there you have it. School uniform chic for the grad student. If you like it, then you better

Put a {Pink} Cute Bot Bow On It!

Put a {Pink} Cute Bot Bow On It

Put a {Pink} Cute Bot Bow On It

Click-y for more pics

Stripey Pocket-less Tank

Stripey Pocket-less Tank

Stripey Pocket-less Tank

Stripey Pocket-less Tank

Grainline’s Tiny Pocket Tank, sans pocket.
Done up in stretch cotton sateen, I believe.
It’s perfect for those days when you want something loose around the tummy.

I want to make a tunic version of out of this olive colored wool I have in the stash. The possibilities are endless with this pattern. I omitted the bias binding by serging the neckline and armholes, folding over and stitching them down before seaming the whole thing up. SUPER easy. I may make the next one smaller. I wanted loose, but this is a little bigger than I would like for version two. I want to give Jen’s Scout Tee a try. I think she might be my clothes twin, I love everything she’s been making lately.

Oh, I flat ironed my hair the other night. Everything but the ends got nice and smooth. Hence the braids. My hair will not be tamed! :o)