If This is The End

I’ll take it!! Because I had a GREAT day!

My grades are in. Two Bs, which killed my 4.o, but ended up being better than I anticipated given how I felt the semester was going. I never thought I’d say this, but thank God for finals! I got a 98 on my archival management one, which gave my overall grade a boost. And a hard won 82 (which FEELS like 100% given how difficult the subject is) for cataloging. Just one question (out of 8, total) on that exam was worth 60 points. Yikes!

Final Tally :: 10 As and 2 Bs. 3.83 GPA.
Not too shabby.

Also…I had another job interview today. I felt a bit more confident and ready this time, despite a near late arrival disaster. The bus I needed to take apparently only arrives once a decade. And I had just missed it. I grabbed a cab (thank goodness I remembered to take the cash from my jeans pocket last night) and made it in plenty of time.

Interview Ensemble Numero Dos

Blazer :: Forever21
Dress :: Thrifted from Domsey’s
($7.39, no tags)
Tights :: Duane Reade
Shoes :: Naturalizer
(free from a Freecycler)

Interview Ensemble Numero Dos

No jump shot, today. Just me in my hallway.


Interview Ensemble Numero Dos

Before I even made it on the bus headed back towards home, I missed a call. I checked my voice mail and I had been offered the internship! One that pays, too!

And this time is not like the last one when I got my hopes up and had to miss out on an opportunity. This time, I start much sooner (in about 2 weeks), I know a lot more about the expected schedule and my children are well settled in their new schools.

I’m so excited! It’s a great opportunity to get library experience and I don’t even have to do it for free. On top of that, I feel really passionate about the work I’ll be doing and it’s in Brooklyn which will make managing around the rest of my life much easier.

All that’s left to do is some celebratory sewing to supplement my work wardrobe!!



I had an interview today. I was so worked up about figuring out what to wear (my old go-to interview outfits no longer fit)  that I didn’t get enough sleep. The campus was pretty far away (speaking as a person who considers anything above 34th St a no man’s land) and long train rides and transferring from one line to another make me ridiculously anxious. Even for a neurotic New Yorker. I say all of that to say, I wasn’t feeling my best.

In the end, I wore handmade (thankyouverymuch) and my warmest special occasion/feeling fancy/you’ve looked like a slob for several weeks now coat. The interview went really well, but, in an ironic twist, I might not qualify for the position as I am no longer a student. What can you do?

Anyway. My little daughter requested my presence for a photo on the way home from school.



The jump was my idea 😀


Thankfully, I did NOT have this variation of Alfafa’s hair-do earlier, lol. This was a hastily thrown up bun to go grab the kids.

Also. Wow, my lips just blend right in with my face without lipstick lol!

Coat :: Banana Republic
(so old, I only had one kid when I bought it)
Shoes :: H&M
Tights :: Duane Reade
(Surprisingly great quality!)

Today is my birthday….

and as of 1:53am, it’s pretty sucky.

AND of my own making, so I have no one but myself to blame. I managed not to totally fuck up on my cataloging midterm.  But, instead worked to the last second on my archiving class assignment (when I had a totally amazing time while completing my observation, more about that later when I stop being mad at myself) and didn’t get it in on time. This was the fault of Cablevision’s shitty service. But, mostly the fault is mine. I’m fresh out of school related get-up-and-go.

I might make myself some cupcakes, like these, tomorrow so I can cheer the hell up.

Maybe I’ll eat 33. One for each year.

Gaining Ground

Friends, it has been quite the back to school EXTRAVAGANZA over at mine.

Supply mountain

My dining room table covered in labeled and sorted school supplies.

The most difficult bit being the breaking of the umbilical cord between myself and my first born child. She’s been GASP traveling alone!!! This is a huge, Huge, HUGE deal to me and mine. I am a bit of a clingy mama. With the exception of time spent in the NICU (all three of my youngest), school and extra curricular activities (where I am hovering about waiting for them to end)  my children are always with me or a blood relative. And select relatives, at that.

Despite the loss of sleep, paralyzed urge to sew, do school work or anything besides basic functioning (cook, eat, bathe) and the ulcer I’ve surely given myself, she is thriving with the new responsibility. And my heart is breaking. This is just the first step towards her independence and my lack of relevance in her life. If I sound overly dramatic it’s because I AM and IT’S TRUE! Her new school is amazing and she loves it there.

Message from the K Teachers

Sweet teacher’s note to the twins.

I love their new school!! They’re in different classes this year and I see the good it’s done the boy already. His sister has a dominant, overly helpful personality that left him following her a lot.

Homework with the twins
Twin homework time.

My oldest son was on the couch behind me doing his on his own. He has the most difficult time with change, but he seems to adjusting to the new situation. He and the twins have steady gym classes which he’s really enjoying and they’re also taking piano lessons. For free. We went from a school that left MUCH to be desired to two that I couldn’t possibly ask more from.

I’m slowly forcing myself to focus on school, as well. The dismal outcome of my last assignment has some to do with finding the motivation in that area. I’d hate to continue my tradition of flaming out on my last semester (see-undergrad transcripts for proof). My lack of interest in sewing was only going to be overcome by forcing the issue. I managed a Sew Weekly project that I am quite proud of. More on the reasons for this sudden urge to take-my-damn-time in that post.

Before I go, check out mah BLUE HAIR!!



My sis also did the lower back section. I love it!! It’s fading a bit, so it’s time to re-up. I see blue hands in my future!




Writing for Others


As I’m approaching the end of my grad school career (TWO MORE CLASSES), I’ve been trying to plan things to do with the free time (YAY!!) I’ll gain when assigned reading is OVER. One of my goals, aside from sewing and creating because, after all

I wanted to find some opportunities to have my work published by someone other than me ;o)

A chance to do just that tweeted it self right into my lap! I follow The Indie Chicks on twitter and they tweeted a call for submissions. Before I could talk myself out of it, I replied with a pitch and they were interested!

I wrote and photographed a simple tutorial on how to take an old pair of pants from this:

To this!

Check it out over on The Indie Chicks!





Sweet Book Hangover

In a protest against boring textbook reading, I thrust all library science related texts to one side and did some REAL reading. During a library visit with the kiddies I spotted two books that I had previously placed on hold and never made it the branch to pick up:

Two powerful stories that could not possibly be more different from each other.

The Night Circus is very difficult to sum up. Calling it a love story seems ludicrous when the story contains so much more. But, saying that it is about magic without mentioning love seems dishonest and misleading. Little Bee is also a sort of love story. Though giving a potential reader that information alone would lead them to a great shock. Both stories are equally about loss, hopelessness and hope.

I read into the small hours with both books, which led to that hangover like feeling each morning. I couldn’t help it. I absolutely craved to know what would happen next. The writing in both stories, though very (very) different in each, is so very beautiful. Descriptive but not unnecessarily so. Musical while staying true to the story each one is striving to tell. Emotional. Clear. And unique, too.

I have to say that both began strong but seemed to lose me a bit towards the end. Maybe I was expecting too much after becoming so emotionally invested in (and damn curious about) the outcomes. I am planning to reread them both. Which is my favorite thing to do when a book challenges me or makes me fall in love with it. I prefer to know very little about a book before I read, so I will not give true summaries here in case any of you feel the same. I do heartily recommend them both.

The Night Circus to escape this world and Little Bee to wake up to it.

Have you read anything good lately? Have you read either of these beauties?