Shero of the Week: Grace Jones


As with Carmen last week, do I even need to explain why???

The ORIGINAL weird, DGAF black woman!!

Rihanna, Gaga and all others can bow down to Ms. Grace.

 If you really need proof of her enduring bad-assery, check out the video below and tell me if you could perform that feat.


Skirt Week & Other Happenings

What a week I’m having!

I managed to keep my head, mostly, while my oldest son faced his first real bullying incident at school. I don’t like people bothering my kids! It was really hard to see him go through that, but he’s okay. I’ll be happy when this school year is over, though.

I visited BOTH sets of grandparental units today. Whew! What a marathon that was with all of the kiddies. My grandma was back in the hospital, so it was good to see her at home. And they were all happy to see the kids. Seeing how tall and grown-up my oldest is always shocks them, lol. Her graduation is next Friday. She needs a black skirt and a white top. Boring, I know. She can wear whatever she wants to her party, so she’s not bothered.

In other skirt related news, it’s skirt week over on Crafterhours.

I have projects in two categories, straight skirts and full skirts. I entered these lovelies.

1. Print Mixing Challenge Skirt, 2. Mad Men Challenge Skirt

3. Button-Up Challenge, 4. Circle Skirt Challenge

The deadline to enter is June 8th, so you’ve still got time to add yours!

In other news:

I’ve joined twitter.

Grace Jones kicked Diamond Jubilee ASS at a smokin’ hot 64!!

And Little Miss Sunshine is still one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.