2014 Hi&Hi: Sewing and Friends

High&High cuz with sewing and family and friends there can be no true lows.


 Gearing up for 2015 {oy!}.
Reading lots of best of posts.
Here are mine.

2015Maravilloso MalvarosaBlack White Houndstooth & Sexy : Double the Kimono : Malvarosa en Denim : Gabby in Ikat

And, an obvious highlight, the Nettie. Which was named for me.  14052346552_dfc61c51cb_hBut, that’s not why it’s a highlight. The deepening of my friendship with Heather, is. She’s just one of the many awesome women who have been instrumental in making one of my dearests wishes come true: having true friends to do shit with.

And to lean on.

They helped me get through some truly stressful parenting and spouse issues. The NYC high school application process has taken years off my life, and an untold number went with worrying for my boys who are hurtling towards teenage-hood. And then there was hubby’s health scare. They’ll never know how much they helped me stay sane. And how much they added to my family life, too. My children adore them and my hubby is happy to know that I have such special friends.

So many of my non-sewing highlights involved them. So many stories shared. So (SO MANY) laughs. No documentation is necessary, but you may have stumbled across an Instagram post or blog hint, or two. I DO wish I had taken a moment to snap a pic of my favorite handmade look of the year which was worn partying with them. But stay tuned! That black wool Nettie dress and my absolute fave Le Animal sweater coat deserve some pics! But until then….



Twist of Lime

Twist of LimeFirst, there are truly no words for your absolutely awesome and kind words on my last post!!! I am continually amazed by our online community and I am so happy to be surrounded by so many amazing, supportive, beautiful and talented people!

It’s funny, actually. How one responds to any kind of outpouring of good feeling…I struggled with feeling embarrassed by it rather than embracing it. Do any of you do that with compliments? I did my best to resist those feelings and instead allowed myself to feel good, really good about overcoming that hurdle, sharing it with you all and accepting your compliments.

All kinds of growth and progress.

I’m also a more-than-usually proud Mama, today. My oldest cleared a hurdle this week, too!! She kicked ASS at school today. They have two read-aloud share with parents/teachers/community type events and she really struggled with it the first time. Today, kicking ass and taking names! She was also awarded this Confidence bracelet at their morning meeting. This is so HUGE! So many teachers, and even some of her fellow students, complimented her and marveled at the changes in her.

Kill them with CONFIDENCE

I’m patting myself on the back for another reason, too. Do any of you have an iMac? Where the geniuses at Apple decided to put the SD card slot RIGHT UNDER THE EFFING DISC DRIVE?!?!?

Yeah, got mine stuck in there. And used my Google-fu to find a solution and got the sonofabitch OUT! Never underestimate my resourcefulness when it comes to avoiding paying to repair a stupid mistake I’ve made 😉

Twist of LimeTop :: Archer
(Obnoxiously bright Lime) Tank :: Tarjay
Jeans :: Old Navy
Kicks :: MIA

Darling In EFFECT


I made a dress!! With BUTTONS!! Lol
I told you, be prepared for ALL the buttons on this here blog 😉

Dress :: Megan Nielsen’s Darling Ranges
Belt :: F21
Tights :: H&M (??)
Shoes :: Mel by Melissa

Darling In EFFECT

These pics are in full (Picmonkey Orton & Cross Process) effect because my bravery in taking these in such a crowded, public place (the Brooklyn waterfront!!) resulted in slightly out of focus pics ;(

Darling In EFFECT

I was in the area having lunch with David!! Such a nice time catching up and touring his amazing workspace!!

Darling In EFFECT

I had a bit of time afterward and wondered on down to this amazing waterfront spot! I must say, I’ve lived in Brooklyn for my entire life and I’m still amazed by how beautiful it is!! I love my city! I can’t wait to come back and explore this area with my children.

Darling In EFFECT

Darling In EFFECT

This bias tape finish is GENIUS!! And this is coming from someone who HATES bias tape!! The finishing on this was sooooo easy. I complicated things a bit by using a very lightweight challis. But, this was an experiment before cutting into my Mood silk/cotton fabric. Which I don’t think it right for the pattern, now.
Darling Ranges Dress :: The Guts

MODS: I left the elastic off of the sleeves. I hate to have my arms squeezed!! I used a dart from a totally different pattern after an Instagram friend reminded me of the trouble people had with the existing ones. Good move, they are nice and flat. I also lined the skirt section. This challis is super, super thin. The two layers together makes it more opaque but still so lightweight that I kept looking to down to make sure it was there, lol!

SIZE: Mostly a small. I shaved some of the back side seams off because there are no back darts and I knew it’d be too big otherwise. I threw off the bodice length with my slapdash dart change, so I had to even them up afterward.

Darling Ranges Dress :: The Guts

Special touch on this dress? That lace on the hem was given to me by my paternal grandma!

Darling Ranges Dress :: The Guts

Don’t be too impressed with the enclosed lining. It was a happy accident! I added more weight to the buttonhole and button bands by layering in narrow sections of challis. I think it was worth it, though it made the buttonholes a bit inconsistent.

Overall, it was a great experience with very wearable results!!

Sewing Buddy

So, Twitter Sewists strike again. There I was, minding my own tweets when I stumbled across a series, featuring some of my favorite ladies, discussing sewing buddies. Specifically, coat sewing buddies. Well, as this seems to be the year of joining in, I joined in. LOL

Sewing Buddies

Seriously, I think this smaller, more intimate sew-along might be better for me. Especially with a garment that I haven’t sewn and feel really intimidated by. This tweet fest also happened to occur at a time when I was expecting a really BOSS pattern from Ms. What Would Nancy Drew Wear. She practically paid me to take it off her hands, that’s how generous her price was. It’s all I can do to keep myself from going back for more.

Here’s the pattern
Simplicity 4110

Nice, right!

This one is also a contender
Simplicty 4799

Also, pretty awesome.

Both have the desired feature, for a first timer coat maker anyway, of being rather shapeless, by design. I don’t own a wool coat in this car coat style and Simplicity 4110 is perfect for the diagonal rib type wool coating I have, in that I won’t have to match up pieces as the front and back are cut in one.

Wool Coating! Marled/Heathered Blue

Wool Coating! Marled/Heathered Blue

This is the true color.

Wool Coating! Marled/Heathered Blue

I also have a ton of this flannel to underline the wool with, if I want to get fancy.
Cotton Flannel~ Black

I have a few yards of black crepe de chine that would be a killer lining, especially since I can longer see making a dress out of it.

Crepe de Chine

Simplicity 4110 also has the added benefit of buttonhole-less closures!! No bound buttonholes! Which don’t scare me quite as much as making the matching windows in the facings. View 1 closes with self loops and the view 2, the awesome hooded version, has that sweet toggle detail. AND no collar.

Now the second choice, Simplicity 4799 has only one button for view 1. I could handle one bound buttonhole and window. I have two really awesome black buttons from my grandma that would be perfect used here. I doubt I’m going to find a pattern that calls for only two buttons, so this is as good a use as any.

Cool Ass Buttons!

I feel like I should make an attempt at a muslin. The back of 4799 looks massive and the back of 4110 looks like it might have trouble fitting over my hips. But, I feel like that step is what kept me from jumping in with Anise. I just want to sew, you know?

What do you guys think?

Au Revoir 2012

This year I

Sewed along with the Sew Weekly

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 3.43.38 PM

 With a touch more sewing and refashions

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 3.51.43 PM


Tried Shibori (courtesy of Course Horse)
while hanging with some great dames

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 3.53.46 PM

Had a career changing experience at
Brooklyn Historical Society

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 3.55.15 PMPromaballoona with Oona and the Gang


Spent time with my favorite people
and meet some fantastic new ones


1. Headed Home, 2. Gorgeous Rachel!, 3. Ginger and Oona Pet Patterns, 4. Brooklyn Bridge Stroll

Took pictures of, and in front of,  A LOT of very cool graffiti

1. The “Barbie Pink” Prom Dress, 2. The “Grayscale” Ensemble, 3. The “Three, Three, Three Trends in One!” Ensemble, 4. The “Grayscale” Ensemble


1. IMG_2345, 2. IMG_2347, 3. Tree Woman :: Brooklyn Grafitti, 4. Ignorant People Steal Street Art

I did lots of other great things in 2012. Like taking care of my family and basking in their love, co-chairing my daughter’s school craft fair, finishing graduate school (!!!!!!), landing an internship and tons of other BIG and small things.

Without a doubt, the thing that has most rocked my life this year is the loss of these two very important people.

My Grandparents D&I

Their absence is felt every day, in so many ways. I will never get used to them being gone. Losing them has taught me so much. And I’m still learning. I don’t know what 2013 will bring. But I know that it will contain some good and some bad. And that I will meet whatever comes to the best of my abilities.

I have felt the arms of the sewing community wrap around me in congratulations, support and hardship. I appreciate you all so much!


New York, I Love You

Living in this city has many, many perks. One that I’m only now coming to appreciate is that it’s visited by people from all over the world. I think NY’ers have this innate dislike for tourists. I think it comes from dodging them as they stare in wonder at things we take for granted. But, now that so many cool people that I “know” live elsewhere in the world I’m so glad that they choose to come here and stare!

A current visitor to my fair city, the gorgeous, leggy Rachel of House of Pinheiro, contacted me to see if I wanted to meetup while she was here. Uhm….YEAH!! I’m so lucky that she was free during the day! I miss so many things due to timing. Anyway, I had bragged posted about my pattern haul on Instagram and the comments quickly became a logistics discussion when I revealed that there were more to be had. Working around the seller’s availability and that of two super cool (and busy) career girls, Ginger and Oona, a plan was hatched.

I would meet Rachel after I dropped of the kiddies and we would swan around the Garment District until it was lunch/meet G&O/pattern shopping time in Brooklyn. We met in Metro Textiles but left Kashi’s house empty handed and headed to Mood where we were mesmerized by the double faced wool and other expensive beauties.

Gorgeous Rachel!

Ikat @ Mood

We spotted these on a truck’s flatbed on the way to grab some hot chocolate to thaw out.
Funky Machines on the Street

Rachel snaps me, snapping the machines

We stopped at a place whose name I ALWAYS forget. Rachel and I split a length of never ending stretch plaid that took team effort to yank out of the bin. Look for two continent twin garments in the future ;p From there we stopped at SIL Thread and were astonished by the largest scissor I’ve ever seen close up.

We also realized that this place was stocked with horse hair braid in mind blogging widths! One package was easily about 5 or 6 inches wide. We bought a couple yards in with more reasonable dimensions and dashed off to B&J Fabrics. These cuties that great you when you step off the elevator are lovely, but the prices inside were not. Yikes!

Teeny Drapred Dress @ B&J Fabrics

We left there and hot footed it over to the train station to head to BK. After great luck in the train arriving quickly, having empty seats, no smelly passengers and only one short term singing session, we made it there in record time. When we stopped in front of Peaches, Ginger was walking out of the door of the restaurant while Oona waved to us from down the street.

Perfect timing.

I only have this blurry photo as witness of our dining. I was famished! And had already taken a bite of what was an extremely tasty turkey meatloaf sandwich. You all are lucky this is not a pic of an empty plate!
Lunch @ Peaches in Brooklyn

I regretfully left the ladies as I had to pick up my children. But, they had the directions to pattern mecca. They were not disappointed!

Ginger and Oona Pet Patterns

All in all, a fantastic time was had by all!!

And no cameras were harmed in the making of this meetup ;p