Doe, a Deer, a Little Mood Deer

First, let me tell you a story…

This post comes after a day of consoling my oldest son about the, rather abrupt and shocking, death of a pet. Don’t be alarmed. It was not a well loved dog or cat, but Herman, the hermit crab who’d just come home with us on Sunday. Not only did he climb OUT of his shell, he also (because he was really small) climbed OUT between the bars of the cage and somehow got over to the middle of the hallway were he was….squished.

I shit you not.

My husband and I exchanged a lot of incredulous looks about the odds of something like this happening and worried looks about our kids’ reactions to this really bizarre event. But with a promise to replace him (and an additional promise to let my son keep his empty shell AWWWW) they were OK. So, we took a rainy walk to the pet store after school and brought home a new crabby friend.

Story over.

NOW, you wanna know about that Mood (MOOOOOOOD) fabric, amirite??!?

In the MOOD for Fabric

Silk/Cotton!! With deer!! Are you dying?! Lie to me if you aren’t.

The print is super sheer, look how my hand shows up below it.

In the MOOD for Fabric

This next one shows it layered with the striped one, which is how I plan to use them. It’s also silk/cotton, which will make whatever project they become the most expensive one I’ve ever made.

In the MOOD for Fabric

Let’s talk about this Cotton/Lycra blend, shall we. Isn’t it fucking awesome!! I can’t decide which side I like best.

In the MOOD for Fabric

It absolutely BEGS to be made into something that utilizes both sides. Something with a princess seamed bodice, yes? It needs to be fabulous so I’ll stop feeling bad about the beautiful Mood employee who nearly threw her back out wrestling the bolt off of the rack.

In the MOOD for Fabric

In the MOOD for Fabric

I didn’t do nearly, not even CLOSE to, the damage that some other meet-up members did. But for my first time shopping with the big dogs, I think I did OK, lol


New York, The Sewing City that Never Sleeps

Ok. So by now most of you have probably read the posts on the blogs of the other (more popular) meetup members. But, it was too great a time to NOT post about it here! To show just how much this group of peeps has to come mean to me, I will steal use their pictures for this post. Isn’t that a lovely tribute?? I thought you’d agree.

First up, this snap Peter took of Oona, Sonja, Suzanne and I just before the feeding frenzy started. Well right as it was starting anyway.

Oona’s pic shows just how punchy we became before Peter dashed off.

These two from Suzanne’s blog show the madness that ensued after he left and ultimately led to those big appetites. Let me tell you, climbing stairs, roaming isles and tossing around those heavy bolts (while using all your brain power to resist Oona’s Jedi-Fabric-Mind-Tricks) takes it out of you! Mood is HUGE! They could do cardio and weight training in the place! You could lie down and nap and no one would stumble across you for hours, lol.

You get a tiny glimpse of Kendrell,  just one of the fearless Mood employees brave enough to come to our aide. I believe some of the customers expected a camera crew to be filming us what with all the racket and mess we made.

I am still amazed at how much fun it is to get together and pet fabric, and gab (about EVERY topic under the sun) and grub with the sewing masses! I hope it’s always this awesome!

It’s 10pm so, of course, I’m just now getting the urge to sew, lol. I’m going to put on Lebowksi and get stuck into the fabric I got from 21st Century Fabric’s the place with the best bargain bin in the district.

Be sure to read Oona’s, Peter’s, Sonja’s and Suzanne’s posts if you haven’t already. And comment on the Beau Baby’s couture!

Pinterest Inspo :: Pink Button Up

Start with a kinda hard to wear 80s throwback blouse.

What I Wore :: 1.18.13

Add a pullover.

What I Wore :: 1.18.13

What I Wore :: 1.18.13

And then a blazer.

What I Wore :: 1.18.13

unwearable shirt to kick ass accent.

What I Wore :: 1.18.13

Blazer :: F21
Pullover :: F21
Pink Silk Blouse :: Thrifted from Domsey’s
Jeans :: Old Navy
Shoes :: H&M

I bought that pink silk top from Domsey’s for $3.49 (probably, this is the normal price for their tops) quite a while ago. I was drawn in by the color and thought I could refashion it.
Like others in my “to refashion pile”, it sat there waiting for those pleats to be dealt with. And it sat there and sat there.

Until I found my style inspiration!

Fashion Bananas

Lagelle’s Daily Dose

This translation is a little more literal than my last Inspired by Pinterest style post. But you can’t go wrong with layering. It turns out, I needed that extra warmth. It was FREEZING yesterday!!

But today was wonderful!
The weather and the company. I spent several lovely hours browsing and chatting with some sewing blogger celebs.

Can you guess where I was and who I was with? IMG_2581