Urban Stroll Cape

After I stopped squealing and jumping around when the good peeps at Britex asked me to join their team, I zoned in on the project I wanted to start with. Almost immediately the word


(yes, all caps with !!!!) came to mind.110Because cape wearing, to my way of thinking, is for women with a certain flair. A certain sense of style. A certain je ne sais quoi! Therefore, I did not feel like cape wearing was for me. But, through sewing for myself, and blogging all about it, I became a part of a super supportive community: The Sewing Blogisphere. With the help of these virtual (and real-life) friends my feelings about beauty and talent and style began to change. As those feelings changed, so did the way I viewed myself. I slowly came into my own style. Accepted, and appreciated, my own looks and figure. Got much better at choosing and making things the flatter me. And made the kind of friends that tell you, without hesitation, how great they think you are.


Also amazing, this *Liesl + Co. pattern!!


It appealed to me for many reasons. One: it looks amazing on Liesl!! Two: the equation {simple to make = fabulous result} is not always a given. With this pattern I thought I’d have the best of both worlds. Three: thing one + thing two = perfect intro into outerwear. Four: It’s perfect with both dressy and casual outfits. That’s a major one for this tee, jeans and sneakers lover.

IMG_9019You might have noticed that my version is a little different than the pattern image. I didn’t think those curved hems would work well with the curvy area of my body they’d line up with. I also left off the buttons. During one of my (many) try-on-and-twirl-in-the-mirror sessions I began to realize that I loved the look, as is. Simple. So, I swapped out buttons and buttonholes for covered, sew on snaps. I also went with the largest size. I wanted draaaaape!

This wool is PERFECT for drapey-ness.

And it is, easily, the most beautiful wool I’ve ever held in my hot little hands!!


I had to leave the male side of the snap plain. Covering both sides made them sit too high.


Isn’t the lining perfect! I loooove the color!


And my new Chelsea Crew shoes!IMG_8962

Ahem, back to the cape….I also left off the side buttons, opting instead to add about one inch of stitches, straight through both layers, to hold the sides together.


Now the front is as sleek as the back.


Overall, this project was a JOY to work on!! It’s SO easy that I’ve promised my sister one. And I never sew for others. It’s so easy to wear and make but still makes a statement!! Even for novice cape wearers. Seriously, I’ve worn it everyday since I completed it. I SO need a plain black one. And a boldly colored one. And one for my little girl. And maybe the big girl, too



*Amanda guessed that I was making a cape and Lizzy guessed which pattern!! Maybe we’ll be a little mini army of cape wearers, soon!! Get a feel for how fierce they’ll look in this post.

HOT posing, ladies!


Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

This is Cake Patterns, Hummingbird. Part Duex. And it still ain’t perfect. I love the smaller size (though I washed and dried the first one and now it’s perfect!!) but I’m still struggling to get my seam line at the perfect height.


The Facts

Fabric: Orange Koi 100% cotton knit from Brooklyn General in Brooklyn, NYC (obviously)

Notions: None, unless we’re counting thread

Pantone Challenge colors: Koi

Pattern: Cake Patterns, Hummingbird (I LOVE that smiling brown lady on the cover and that my friend Mikhaela helped to design her!!)


Year: 2012

Time to complete: A few (very rushed) hours

First worn: Today, to snap last minute pics

Wear again? Fo’ Sho’!!

Total Cost: $7-8, I guess. Brooklyn General had a sale on and I can’t remember the price per yard.

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

I couldn’t find my instructions, which makes it impossible to confirm if I attached the peplum properly. That rogue pleat makes me think, not.

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

The problem is, this wasn’t my first, second or even third choice for my Sew Weekly Reunion project (this fabric turned out to be an AWFUL one for pinning and stitching darts) and the difficult time I had with it tells me that the top knew it, too. It’s still full of little pulls and wrinkles and tugs that I’d get fussy about if this top wasn’t still an awesomely orange addition to my black and white filled wardrobe 😉

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

I like that it looks good belted.

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

And not.

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

And it’s great with pants or skirts.

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire
But the BEST part was reconnecting, if only briefly, with the Sew Weekly gang!!

Pantone Time

With the Sew Weekly deadline fast approaching, and a headache from hell that refuses to go away, I’ve got to do something to light a fire under my ass. One thing that pushed me a bit, realizing that the fabric I planned to use for the Fall For Cotton sew-along has more than one Pantone color!


Pantone Fall 2013

Sew Weekly & Fall For Cotton

I see some Mykonos Blue, some Linden and Deep Lichen Green, a little Samba. Yes?

Now, for the motivation to SEW! I’ve got four days to make the Sew Weekly deadline. Can I do it?

Newest Britex Guest Blogger? ME!

Britex Guest Blogger

You read that right?? I’ll be joining one of my fave ladies, Jen from Grainline, and other super talented sewcialists over on the Britex blog!! I am so stupid excited about it!!

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.48.02 PM

I also spent time with beautiful and talented sewcialists (and some of their family members) at the Male Pattern Boldness Day Extravagaaaaanza.

AND, thanks to the easy to decision to sew with Victory patterns, I had my picture in Flare, a Canadian fashion magazine!!

From Kristiann @ Victory PatternsThis week has been awesome for sewing news!!

What’s (sew) awesome with you?

Scout Woven Tee Sew-A-Long :: Size & Fabric!!

Scout Sew-A-Long @Kollabora!!

Hiya!! Thanks for all the lurve for my sleeveless Archer!! It’s so damn cold here today, I think sleeved and ruffled Archer might get some wear. Hmph!


About the Sew-A-Long, I’ve posted some tips on choosing the perfect size and fabric for your Scout Woven Tee over on Kollabora.

So, grab a measuring tool, or four ;)….

Choosing The Right Pattern Size

Measure a top you like the fit of…  IMG_7598

Measure your pattern piece…


And make a Scout to fit!


It’s time to go stash diving…

Choosing the Right Fabric for your Pattern

And meet me at


Red! Hot! Archer!

Red! Hot! Archer!

I made another Archer!!
This time, sans sleeves!
And bum ruffle 😉

Top :: Grainline Archer Button Up
Jeans :: Old Navy

Red! Hot! Archer!

I followed Jen’s mods for her sleeveless Archer and made it one size smaller. I think I could have shaved a bit more off at the shoulders. And I definitely should have given myself more room to groove in the hips.

No matter! Red! Hot! Archer! is a great addition to my wardrobe!! It has COLOR and (if I may say so myself) looks fab tied up, just so. Watch out for it worn over a maxi dress in the future.

Red! Hot! Archer!

This top is extra special. My oldest son helped me attach the buttons!! He had so much fun he asked what he could help with, today. I might just suggest that tracing patterns would be awesome 😉

This also has BSSC love on it as I got this fabric in a swap at the last meeting! Which means I haven’t a clue what the fabric content is. It was a breeze to sew up. Look at those pockets! Super neat and matching!

Another Grainline winner!

Red! Hot! Archer!

MMM.D22 :: All Black Everything

MMM.D22 :: All Black Everything

Today, the weather was not well suited for so much black. BUT, I must say, this rayon challis is a beast at concealing sweat stains! HA!

MMM.D22 :: All Black Everything

Dress :: Darling Ranges
Belt :: Me made with thick elastic
Sandals :: F21

I’m giving you my best Esme and the Laneway here! I must work on my sophisticated posture and hand gestures 😉

MMM.D22 :: All Black Everything

I have a dress I cannot WAIT to show you! Hope the weather cooperates! I’ve been having a lot of fun sewing! Which is pretty awesome.