Grandma’s Presence

My grandma was with me at the start of the year.
In spirit.
I used her dishes to prepare of New Years Day breakfast of pancakes and tea.
And I talked about her with my children.

Grandma's Presence

Grandma's Presence

I was still awake, sewing or contemplating sewing, when they woke up on January 1st. Bleary eyed from having stayed up so late the night before. Even during school breaks, they have a bedtime. It’s just a little bit later than usual. They’re kids that need a lot of sleep or they go all loopy and then droopy.

And, also,

I like the quiet at night.

Too much to let them run amok.
Even when there is no school.


Let in the LIGHT

Let the light in for 2012!

Opening up the curtains made such a difference in how bright the dining/living room and kitchen is! I hope I remember to do this more often, it cheered me up so much. This guy sums up how I am feeling today, perfectly:

                                      Source: via palindromeda on Pinterest

I spent the first day of the year making these to share with my family!
Silver Dollars

We finished the day off by working on our list of goals and making art. Great day!