Misters Obama & King

Ms. Carolyn said it well enough that I need not repeat it.
I hope you enjoyed this Inauguration day with your children, family and friends.


The Future

Obama 2008


My view of the future has changed. I feel full of possibilities, for myself and my children. What we can do has expanded. What I feel capable of doing seems endless.

I was not raised to be ambitious or confident or competitive or even hopeful. What might I have been if I had been raised to believe? With this historic event I can stop asking myself that question. I feel like a blank slate, ready for a new story to be written. 


‘Yes we can’ has taken on a whole new meaning. I can no longer allow myself to give in. I can no longer allow my children to say ‘I can’t’, because they can.


I can. We can. And we did. 


The black family in the US has fallen apart. I can’t help but smile at the knowledge that such a fabulous example of what we can be at our best, will be living in the White House. As fantastic as Barack Obama is, Michelle Obama cannot be overlooked. Michelle Obama is a revelation! I am excited to see what she makes of her time at the White House as well. 


I can only hope that we all, black people especially, make an effort to be our best. An effort to follow in the gracious footsteps of our next President and his First Lady. I know I am changed. I know that the change is for the better. I know that the change is permanent. There is no going back. Only forward.