Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Sewing Dares

I was issued a dare, to make an outfit inspired by a drawing done by one of my children. I accepted the dare. And upped the ante, I would make a Super Heroine outfit!


And now it is DONE!

Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Banana Republic Belt :: Thrifted $3.59
Banana Republic Boots :: Freecycled

Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Engaging in dare based sewing taught me something, I like my creativity stipulation free, lol. I enjoyed making this (out of a mostly cotton/bit of poly bed sheet from Materials for the Arts) and decided to make it two pieces, rather than a dress. I opted out of a straight up split as I’d like to get some more wear out of the skirt portion of this look.

Stay tuned for its everyday styling!

Overall, it was a great experience. My daughter got a kick out of me wearing something so closely related to a drawing of hers. I’ve wanted a skirt like this for a while and now I have one. And, most importantly, though I do not like to have my creatively limited or my projects dictated, I DO LOVE to engage with the #Sewcialist community and will take as many chances to do so as I can!!


Kollaborative Knock Out

Knockout Fingerless Gloves

I picked the absolute PERFECT DAY to photograph my new mitts!!
When I came up from the subway, it was snowing!

Knockout Fingerless Gloves

Knockout Fingerless Gloves

Snow and new mitts go hand-in-hand like….tea and new mitts, lol!
It was nice to wear them to stay warm outdoors and get cozy indoors.
In other words, perfection!

Knockout Fingerless Gloves

I have my friends at Kollabora to thank for the yarn and the kick in the ass to knit ;P They get my vote as most awesome online maker community. Not because they send me things, but because they reached out to me personally during hard times last year. And sent me virtual hugs, along with you all, when I really needed them.

They’ve also featured me in their Meet the Maker series! It’s always so hard to talk about yourself….until you get going and realize you’ve written almost a 1000 words in your sleep deprived mania. LOL I’d be embarrassed if I didn’t how awesome everyone on their team is. What can I say, they ask great questions ;p

Knockout Fingerless Gloves

Mitts :: Kollabora Knockout Fingerless Gloves
Scarf :: Claudia’s Scarf Pattern (a gift)
Hat :: All Day Beret
Coat :: Banana Republic
Jeans :: Old Navy
Boots :: Target

Knockout Fingerless Gloves

I finished a new knit dress.
And I still have two skirts I haven’t shown you all yet.
And I have awards to thank people for.

I’ll be around a lot, it seems.

Stay warm!


I had an interview today. I was so worked up about figuring out what to wear (my old go-to interview outfits no longer fit)  that I didn’t get enough sleep. The campus was pretty far away (speaking as a person who considers anything above 34th St a no man’s land) and long train rides and transferring from one line to another make me ridiculously anxious. Even for a neurotic New Yorker. I say all of that to say, I wasn’t feeling my best.

In the end, I wore handmade (thankyouverymuch) and my warmest special occasion/feeling fancy/you’ve looked like a slob for several weeks now coat. The interview went really well, but, in an ironic twist, I might not qualify for the position as I am no longer a student. What can you do?

Anyway. My little daughter requested my presence for a photo on the way home from school.



The jump was my idea 😀


Thankfully, I did NOT have this variation of Alfafa’s hair-do earlier, lol. This was a hastily thrown up bun to go grab the kids.

Also. Wow, my lips just blend right in with my face without lipstick lol!

Coat :: Banana Republic
(so old, I only had one kid when I bought it)
Shoes :: H&M
Tights :: Duane Reade
(Surprisingly great quality!)

Sweet Saturday

What I Wore :: 10.6.12

I had such an unexpectedly good day!! The weather was beautiful! It was the first day of Saturday class for my oldest two. My son is always so anxious when he starts anything and my daughter can be equally as nervous. I dropped them off, after a pretty painless commute, and occupied the twins while we waited.

They frolicked and collected leaves and twigs. We sat and snacked. They climbed all over this monument while I knit. Perfect diversion.

What I Wore :: 10.6.12

Dress :: Banana Republic via Domsey’s
Tights :: Forever21
Shoes :: H&M
Bangles & Earrings :: From my sister
Bracelet & Rings :: From my hubby
Purse :: Express

We picked up the other two kiddies, who were BOTH wearing HUGE smiles when we arrived, and went to visit my grandma (who was back home from two days in the hospital). My sister gave me a bag of, mostly tangled, booty. These gems were tucked away in this small bag.

Those bracelets are unbelievable in person!! I love my sister ;p

After visiting with my maternal fam, we walked over to see my paternal grands. I know, I’m lucky that everyone is so close together. We only spent a little while there before my dad dropped us home. I always appreciate a ride home. Getting sleepy people, myself included, home on public transport is the hardest part of going out with all of the kids alone. The twins would have been asleep before the bus pulled off.

Once inside, they started a leaf rubbing project (everything is called a project in my house) after eating some snacks. They’ve been playing quietly since then. After dinner, I expect a deep sleep to fall over the entire place.

Sweet Saturday




The “Grayscale” Ensemble

The "Grayscale" Ensemble

That life line TOTALLY WINS with my heart tights*!!
The Facts
Fabric | Kenneth Cole Poly/Rayon blend men’s slacks, $5.00. They’re size 34/32. Banana Republic tissue thin 100% Cotton top, $5.00 (I think). The belt was inspired by this Burberry one.
Patterns | None
Year | Current
Notions | Thread, elastic and a hook and bar for the belt.
Time to complete | Almost no time. I spent more time futzing around on the internet, waiting to be inspired by a refashion for a top to wear with the shorts I knew I wanted to make.
First worn | To take these photos, initially. We, my daughter and I, ended up walking to the thrift store together and taking more on the way. We scored some great deals on things we both wanted. YAY for mother/daughter time!! Funny aside, there were two college students filming in the spot we often go to take pics (the super colorful ones are taken across the street from each other). They were working on a lighting assignment and switched their focus to shooting us when we arrived. They were so sweet. I gave them a card and asked that they send me some footage ;o) EDITED TO ADD: They sent it! It was very weird to see how frowny I must look to other people, lol! Here’s a smiling still from the footage.

Wear Again? | Yes, definitely! I can’t believe how much more wearable this sweater is now and I’m a huge fan of making shorts from men’s pants. The time I’ve saved on making all the details that are staple features in menswear trousers is not lost on me. I need to re-work the bow portion of the belt. I’m not ashamed to admit that it did not immediately occur to me to INTERFACE the bows for stability. DUH! I’m wearing lace heart tights from Forever 21 (I have a gray and black hounds tooth pair that I planned to wear, but they were SUPER tight!) and my H&M oxfords.

The "Grayscale" Ensemble

I like this pair of man shorts more than my last. This time. I narrowed the legs and raised the crotch by taking them in at the inseam. Genius, the person who first posted that to the interwebs. This had the effect of making the waist fit better and the overall fit being more like that of a lady who does not need room in the crotch area for man parts. There, I’ve filled the blog’s crotch talk quotient for the next little while ;o)

The "Grayscale" Ensemble

The "Grayscale" Ensemble

This top was once about mid thigh length. It’s also meant to be worn the opposite way. See, here. I hated looking for this one black tank (that I wear under everything) whenever I wanted to wear it. And I always ended up bunching it up after about 2 seconds of wearing it full length. I lopped off about a foot, cut the ribbing off and reattached it to the new, shorter, sweater. Then, to solve the the need for a bottom layer, I wore it backwards! I think it works. Even my husband, who would not hesitate to (nicely) discourage this plan if it didn’t, agreed.

The "Grayscale" Ensemble

I put it together with lace heart tights and my much loved oxfords and away we went! The belt idea, the part that took the longest, came about when I hated the way my existing belts looked with the outfit. I have always had it in the back of my mind to knock off the Burberry belt and now was the time. Using one of the pant legs, I made a long casing (about 50 inches), turned it right side out, feed the elastic through and caught it in the ends when I tucked and stitched them closed. In hindsight, I should have made the casing with one seam, so it would be easier to hide it at the back. As I stated above, I also should have used super heavy weight interfacing to give the bows some dimension. I think I’ll replace this bow (which is just pinned on, I have tons of broken costume jewelry pieces to swap it out with once I figure out how to attach them, lol) and use the remaining pant leg (or, you know, any of the metric ton of fabric I have on hand) for another go. I have tons of thick elastic for more. I will be belted in the future, people! You can see more pics here!

That’s all folks!

The "Grayscale" Ensemble

*I thought that this line kind of looked like a life line when we stopped to snap this pic. I hadn’t even noticed the actual one in the other pictures that were taken first!

New Detectives: Dating Vintage

I went out on a thread run (more on this place later) for my Promaballoona dress on Saturday and came home with some thrifted goodies, too!

I found a blue version of this lovely Mexican wedding dress (for only $10!!) on the first rack I stopped at. That one was too big, so I was ever so lucky to stumble across this one at the same price, but in a smaller size. It’s 100% cotton and embroidered to death. There’s a small brown discoloration on the shoulder, but it in no way diminishes the beauty of the dress. I also snagged another plus sized skirt to refashion. Stay tuned for that.

My other finds from that day put my detective skills to use.

1970s Dress: unpinned and button detail

This one was easy enough, as the tags are still fully attached and legible. There’s a ILGWU label under a tag that names the maker as Yves Jennet. It’s from the 1970s and is a 50/50 polyester/rayon blend. It’s quite breathable, but too long for my taste. Here it is pinned up a bit.

1970s Dress: Pinned up

1970s Dress: Pinned up

I thrifted the belt I’m wearing from Domsey’s on a previous trip. It’s Banana Republic, I paid $3.39 for it.

Vintage Dress: Pinned up

Vintage Dress: Pinned up

Vintage Dress: unpinned

I found this one on that same rack, right after I walked into the store, too. It feels like it’s made of rayon. There are no tags inside. According to the information in this book and at Sammy Davis Vintage, I would guess that it’s from the 30s or 40s. It has a metal side zip and the shape and style seem, to my amateur eye, to be from that era. I paid only $10 bucks for it!! It needs some TLC and shortening (it’s unpinned in the last photo), but I love the shape and the history of it so much!

I’ve shopped at The Urban Jungle once before. They have fitting rooms, but it was so muggy and hot I gambled on these fitting. And won! Since my first trip there they’ve rearranged the store, opened a new location and jammed in about 10 more circular racks. This place is JAM packed with stuff. My arms were too tired to sift through everything that day. That evening turned into a long one as I stayed up sewing until the sun came up! I’ll post the graffiti pics I snapped on the rainy walk home, tomorrow!

It Pays to be Nice

Hi, all!! No sewing to show you yet. I’ve been super busy with class and actually went out with my hubby last night. I wore a recently thrifted dress. It’s from Banana Republic, I paid $6.39 from Domsey’s. You can see the details a bit better here.

Thrifted Dress :: Banana Republic $6.39

It’ possible that I’m avoiding sewing because I keep expecting something else to go wrong. I have put those bad feelings behind me because my luck has changed! After the event last night, we jumped into a taxi (after several passed us) and there sat someone’s iPhone. The battery was dead so I put it in my purse to message the owner when we got home.

When I charged it a bit, I sent an email to the owner telling him to contact me via email to arrange pickup. Then, I noticed that a text came in pleading to return it for a cash reward. I replied to the text telling him to check his email. This morning I read his, VERY enthusiastic, response. I told him what my nearest train station was and he replied that he could get there in thirty minutes. When I walked in the station he said “You have my phone!” like he was surprised I really came, lol. I gave it to him and he took out his wallet, saying that I “must be the only New Yorker in the world who would do this” and gave me this:

That is SOME reward! I don’t know what he has on that phone that was so important, but I’m glad I was able to give it back. After meeting a Freecycler to give her some of my boys’ old winter coats (it was a very busy morning, good thing the kids are with grandma, again) I promptly went to the thrift store to reward myself with a bit of shopping ;o) I saw this guy on the way.

Whoops! Squished him!

I ended up with only two things for me. A pink boy’s oxford shirt (Sean John, $4.59), size 16’s fits me pretty well  and this for $3.39!!

Wonder Woman!!

The kids were the real winners on this trip. My oldest won’t have to wear a uniform this year, so I’ve been picking things up for her all summer. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to look for kids clothes at the thrift. I guess it’s because I already get a great deal on their things with sales and coupons. I got this stack of eleven items for $43.73.

Thrifted Kid Goodies

With the exception of a replacement tutu skirt (which is from Target) these are all name brand items, most of which I would never pay full price for. Click the pic for the brand and price breakdown, if you’re interested.

I still have the place to myself, so I’m going to tackle my new machine. I thrifted a few items from the Goodwill store downtown Brooklyn on Thursday. The prices and organization don’t hold a candle to Domsey’s, but I was able to find a dress for my big girl (denim with short sleeves from H&M, $8) and some items to refashion.

Off to work!