2014 Hi&Hi: Sewing and Friends

High&High cuz with sewing and family and friends there can be no true lows.


 Gearing up for 2015 {oy!}.
Reading lots of best of posts.
Here are mine.

2015Maravilloso MalvarosaBlack White Houndstooth & Sexy : Double the Kimono : Malvarosa en Denim : Gabby in Ikat

And, an obvious highlight, the Nettie. Which was named for me.  14052346552_dfc61c51cb_hBut, that’s not why it’s a highlight. The deepening of my friendship with Heather, is. She’s just one of the many awesome women who have been instrumental in making one of my dearests wishes come true: having true friends to do shit with.

And to lean on.

They helped me get through some truly stressful parenting and spouse issues. The NYC high school application process has taken years off my life, and an untold number went with worrying for my boys who are hurtling towards teenage-hood. And then there was hubby’s health scare. They’ll never know how much they helped me stay sane. And how much they added to my family life, too. My children adore them and my hubby is happy to know that I have such special friends.

So many of my non-sewing highlights involved them. So many stories shared. So (SO MANY) laughs. No documentation is necessary, but you may have stumbled across an Instagram post or blog hint, or two. I DO wish I had taken a moment to snap a pic of my favorite handmade look of the year which was worn partying with them. But stay tuned! That black wool Nettie dress and my absolute fave Le Animal sweater coat deserve some pics! But until then….



Give a F*CK Quilt

My friend, Chawne, has the kind of talent that makes you want to put down your needles and hook, step away from the sewing machine and sit down and watch her work. She has the ability to express her inner self via craft like the much admired Frida Kahlo. Scrolling through her project photos gives you an intimate sense of who she is while simultaneously informing you that there is much she holds close to her chest.

I admire that, admire her, SO much. Her ability to make beautiful things that are bursting with meaning. But, sometimes, her blog readers want to censor that meaning. They bristle at the use of words like cunt, fuck, mother fucker, shit, tits and piss.

Chawne received one of her divine inspirations in response to those critics: a Fuck You to those who would limit the ways in which we express ourselves. The project, a community quilt, would require assistance from her crafty circle.

The mission: submit a FUCK block with the requested dimensions. Let your creativity FLY otherwise.

Many of us accepted the mission.

Here are the stunning results!

Give a F*ck: all done
Photo is Chawne’s

This helpful chart details all of the people who made this quilt possible.
Give a F*ck: the block donors

That Chawne is soooo thoughtful.