Sewcialist Weekend OVERLOAD

Dudes!! So many bloggers! So much fabric! So Much FUN!!! After the week I had (two sick kiddies, four missed days of school, vomit cleanup, so little sleep) I really, really needed the boost that this weekend gave me.

Let’s tell the tale in stolen pictures, shall we?

First, there was the brunch/meet-n-greet-Laruen gathering at Puu’s Palace of Awesome (this is how I will continue to think of her apartment) that included drinks, swapping, story-telling and SO much laughter. I even gave cat belly rubs and let me tell you friends, I ain’t not cat person. Indiana Jones is the freakin’ cat MAN.

Lauren, Oona and the gorgeous pregnant lady, Christine.

Indiana Jones, offering his unsolicted opinion of the fabric choices.

My swap goodies.


Two-toned double knit, laminated cotton and mint cotton twill.


Super awesome yarn! I’ve really been wanting to try Quince and Co. so I’m glad I have the chance to do so for free ;o)

Then we, sans Peter who cannot abide group fabric shopping, headed over to Mood where this vast crowd was waiting to meet the Lladybird of the hour!


I had only met Janice, Lee and Ms. Nancy Drew before. It was so nice to see them again! I was so overcome with good cheer, I actually…..wait for it…..BOUGHT FABRIC AT MOOD! And what fucking awesome fabric it is!  I’ll show you tomorrow!

Then, on Sunday, when by all common sense I should have slept in late (My entire fam trekked it to a baby shower Sat night, after all of that sewcialist fun, and I was wiped), I was instead up and about headed to meet Peter, Puu and Lauren to Flea shop.


Where we ran into a sewing LEGEND in colorful, handmade AWESOMENESS! Kenneth D. King! Dudes, if you can take a class with him, or even just stand and listen to him chat for a bit, DO IT. You won’t regret it. Get a taste of his gift of gab on episode 10 Daughter Fish’s podcast, Thread Cult.


I was totally overwhelmed with the selection at the Flea, and actually really tired now that I think about it ;o), but I did find these gorgeous doilies.



And, of course, I enjoyed more awesome times with sewing peeps! In fact, I had so much enjoyment, I overslept this morning! Whoops!

It was TOTALLY worth it!


Knitting Meet-Up and Swap!

540286_3766085547214_1128912044_3417903_1132744248_nThe kids spent the weekend with grandma and I had another fun, grown-up lady type day!! I spent it with my knitting peeps in Hoboken, eating DELICIOUS curry and rice and more snacks than should be allowed. I had such a great time! Rima’s neighborhood is so gorgeous. It really improved my opinion of New Jersey! That’s something I never thought I would say, lol. I left her home with high spirits and great yarn!!


That ice cream is Filipino. It’s made with purple yams and what Pen’s father called Mutant Coconut, lol. I’m not a coconut fan, so I didn’t have any. It’s safe to say it was delicious, there was much bowl scraping when everyone else ate it. That jar there is COOKIE BUTTER. What manner of genius came up with that!?!?!


Shameka brought cupcakes from Crumbs.


The booty.

I brought home this awesomeness.

1. Aran Wool from Kerry Woollen Mills in Ireland

2. Filatura Lanarota Sock Yarn, 3. Moda Dea Washable Wool

4. Jane’s Handspun, 5. Patons Soy Wool Solids, 6. Filatura Di Crosa 501

Glamour Knits

I shouldn’t be this excited about fall knitting when it’s just starting to warm up here! Are there any knitters reading? What would you do with that gorgeous Irish Aran?? I have 730 yards of it.

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The Kindness of Crafty Friends

My annual karaoke knitting party was today. That means another handmade gift for me. This year’s gift was just as beautiful as years past! WILL YOU LOOK AT THIS!!

Knitting Group Gift Exchange Spoils!!!

Can you even stand it!

Knitting Group Gift Exchange Spoils!!!

Knitting Group Gift Exchange Spoils!!!

Knitting Group Gift Exchange Spoils!!!

This beautiful shawl was crocheted for me by Ms. Yarnydays from the Claudia Scarf Pattern.

I have to mention that Rima was my second match. When the choices were made, I was originally assigned to Tomo. You might not have noticed, but she’s gotten me twice already. She made both of the scarves I linked to above. I even joked that she might have me again this year. What are the odds that it came to pass?

I totally forgot to take a picture of my gift for Emily. I made this cowl for her. It was the knitting I was doing way back when. I feel so lucky to be included in the party and gift exchange, I don’t get to make it to the weekly meet-ups very often. Thanks for tolerating me, ladies!

PS- I’m wore one of my Frida tunics today!


I’ve had no real inclination to knit lately. Sewing has officially taken over in 2012. I did commit myself to a yarn related obligation, though. Every year my knitting group, which thanks to the hubby’s schedule I miss most of the time :(, has a gift exchange complete with a Karaoke party. The parties are always awesome! And I have gotten some great gifts that I get a lot of use out of.

I’m always so stumped about what to make. Last year I made this. This ball of yarn has already become something

(in two nights!! WooooHooooo) but I’m plagued with doubt about the recipient loving it. I think I have enough yarn left to make a coordinating project….

Shit! Writing this post has also reminded me (AGAIN) that I have not completed my Pay-it-Forward projects!! DOH! I suck. Must remedy that. And I have just the thing!! My sister went to this awesome place and brought me back TONS of fabric sample scraps. The perfect stuff for quick small projects. And the best thing to keep me awake until bedtime.

Hand Winding Hand Painted Handspun

8.365: Hand Winding Handpainted Handspun

This was gifted to me AGES ago.

210/365: So. Much. AWESOME!

I used the other handspun sent along with this Julia's Handspun Shawl
but have held onto this one for so long. I think it wants to be fingerless mitts of some kind. Or maybe the contrast color in some kind of colorwork project.

I am officially in a knitting frenzy.I finished a shawl I can barely remember starting (you can see it in the background of the first picture) and have finally picked up the collar stitches for one nearly done sweater. My Opus Spicatim came out comically tiny, but it has spawned a love of (simple) colorwork, so I am definitely going to try again.

Sewing Peeps are the BEST!

On Friday I spent the whole day out!!! I felt like a proper grown-up out with ladies and having Sangria before noon ;o) How, you may be wondering, did I accomplish this?? I was hanging out with awesome sewing blogging ladies, including the Sew Weekly’s lovely proprietress Mena, from as far-flung as Montreal and Chicago for a garment district centered meet-up!! I had a really fantastic time. I can’t remember the last time I spent the entire day out like that. I think I’m still recovering, lol. I’m such a light weight ;p

I managed to be a lightweight shopper, too. I only bought one piece of fabric, a remnant of some mystery black stretch fabric, for a $1. I replaced the seam ripper my hubby broke trying to add more holes to his belt and bought a kick ass fabric marking tool that will save me many pin stabs (I hope) and swearing while sewing.

There was also a pattern swap! I managed to unload some patterns that I will never sew and I picked up these vintage gems!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I took them by my grandma’s after the kids and I left art class (it’s that time of year again) where I have two enrolled this time. (Missy is an old pro at this point but my son looked a little nervous. By the time we picked him up he was telling me how “Fantastic!” the class was.) She loved looking at the patterns with me. I keep trying to get her to come sew with me, but she hasn’t sewn in years. Which is a shame. She has so many couture skills that she learned as the ONLY right way to do things in school that she could charge a fortune to share. But she lacks the confidence that her skills have stayed with her. How can I convince her readers??? I should just show up at her house with my serger and machine and supplies and make her sew with me, lol. Once she gets a load of all of my corner cutting she won’t be able to help herself.

I can’t thank Oona enough for including me! I’m so glad I stumbled across the meet-up announcement. I have Meg’s “Oh ma goodness, that’s awesome!” stuck in my head. I keep hearing Debi’s infectious laugh. I see muppet potential everywhere thanks to Mena and Oona. I want to crack open the rest of my Colette patterns after seeing Cindy’s dress. I’m worried for Lisette’s shoulders after witnessing the weight of her fabric bag. I have a reason to keep pushing for a Canada trip now that I’ve meet Another Sewing Scientist. I’m inspired by Christine’s re-purposing of fabric for her awesome cape. Puu is making me rethink red pants for serious. And I want to visit Marina’s pattern stash after seeing what she was willing to give away. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday!

Best Laid Plans

School is over and I had big plans, dudes. They involved the organization of my sewing corner (and thus, my bedroom as they are one in the same), organizing the living room, purging too small (kids’) and worn out (me) clothes, making my Pay-it-forward gifts, making my Kids’ Clothes Week stuff, reading, drawing, painting….you get the idea.
I did the clothes thing, and a TON of laundry. Then I had this clever idea to start with the sewing corner next, and then all else would follow real natural like….except the shelving solution I purchased ended up being a bout 6 inches too short.

So….the bedroom is a mess, my machines are on the floor, my mood is down there with them and I’m on pins and needles waiting for my final grades from school (things are looking REALLY great so far, fingers crossed). There is a solution in sight for the shelves. I’ve been inhaling books in the meantime (I’ve read some really thought provoking stuff, which has not helped the down mood) and I received my wonderful Pay-it-forward gift (a while ago) that I have hanging in plain view so I can admire it and draw some Hawaii sunshine from it ;o) Thanks, Mushy!!

Pay it Forward Gift

I will rally tomorrow and get that damn shelf up if it kills me. Or, I give up and put the damn corner back like it was…stay tuned.