A Scoop & Artful Grooming

I looooooove sewing with knits!!!
After working on my Coppelia muslin (it was PERFECT….until I pressed the neckline and now it’s all crumpled at the back neck 😦 ) I wanted something super quick to work on.
Enter, Skirt as a Top’s, Scoop Tee.

Skirt as a Top, Top!

It’s, essentially, the most awesome little white tee in my wardrobe! I took in the side seams just a bit (right where my body naturally curves in between my boob area and belly) an excess of fabric there really bugs me. I followed the directions exactly with the exception of the hem, which I just serged and left un-hemmed. That collar is one of my best efforts. A great staple. So super simple. And QUICK!

Skirt as a Top, Top!

I could use half a dozen. They’re the perfect thing to cover the waist/hips on those slightly low rise pants days and clingy in the right spots, while skimming in others. Which is partially down to this mystery fabric, which I dug out of a bin in the Garment District. I have it in two more colors. The edges DO NOT CURL. Amazing!

Skirt as a Top, Top!

This burst of sewing came from a fit of creative inspiration courtesy of one Jean-Michel. I was inspired to add a little Basquiat flair to my life and did so in the form of a King Pleasure mani!

Skirt as a Top, Top!

The red polish, with the perfect name (I Red a Good Book!!!) and that little white crown brought a smile to my face, all day.

And last night, I added even more red to my life when I finally swapped out the buttons on this thrifted cashmere cardi.

I put my little handmade pin on it to complete the art theme!


A Hand Me UP!

Hand Me UP

This started life as size s/xs American Apparel tunic (or dress) that I bought my daughter for school, last year. I thrifted it for less than $10, but it’s not really her style, so it sat, unworn. To make it more Me-Styled, I chopped out the pockets, removed two little belt loops and the sleeves, then used them to make those sweet ruffled cap sleeves!!

Hand Me UP

I was motivated to, finally, refashion this top when I spotted this contest over on Kollabora.

Kollabora & Fashion ManifestoWhat can I say, I’m very easily swayed by the use of the word manifesto. I was also interested in getting back to refashioning. I still have quite the stash of thrifted this-could-be-turned-into-something-great articles of clothing. This was a nice, easy, reintroduction.

Hand Me UP

And it is DEAD comfy to wear on those no tight clothes PLEASE days we sometimes have.

Hand Me UP

It also looks cracking with leggings, little booties and my kick ass cape (told you I can’t stop wearing it! THANKS for all the cape LOVE, btw!!) that even my husband keeps telling me I look chic in.

Hand Me UP

That super neat bun ain’t bad, either!

If you’re on Kollabora, give me some love!

MMM.D2 :: More BW&D + Knitting

OK. Day two found me in a much better mood, though not much more rested, than day one. I go through rough sleeping periods and apparently I’m in one. I can’t complain. So many other areas are super awesome right now. I’ll sleep in late Saturday. If I don’t get up to sew, instead.

Today, I ended up in another black, white and denim combo.
MMM.D2 :: Different Black, White & Denim

Maybe I need to make some more colorful tops and skirts.
The two blue skirt I’m getting ready to cut out won’t help, lol.
MMM.D2 :: Different Black, White & Denim

MMM.D2 :: Different Black, White & Denim

MMM.D2 :: Different Black, White & Denim

The amount of black, white and navy blue in my stash isn’t too promising, either.
I did get this awesome penguin fabric in a recent order.

With more white, black and blue fabric. Ahem….I did have on a yellow cardigan for part of the day. That should count!

Speaking of knits, even though I made a promise (to myself) to forgo buying knitting patterns (I have tons of books and mags and not much knitting time), I just bought one.


This is Dimbala. I love the look of vintage sweaters of this style, but I am not in the mood to decipher and reconfigure a vintage knitting pattern. I don’t have the time, either. I just want to knit. I have a couple of yarn choices, but the perfect one is wool. Not happening in May, so a cotton blend will have to do.

I’m hope joining this knit along will have the same magic affect as the one for Archer.

Till next time, peeps.

Top :: Black & White at The Night Circus Refashioned Lydia
Skirt :: Mini By Hand London Charlotte
Tights :: F21
Shoes :: H&M

Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Sewing Dares

I was issued a dare, to make an outfit inspired by a drawing done by one of my children. I accepted the dare. And upped the ante, I would make a Super Heroine outfit!


And now it is DONE!

Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Banana Republic Belt :: Thrifted $3.59
Banana Republic Boots :: Freecycled

Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Engaging in dare based sewing taught me something, I like my creativity stipulation free, lol. I enjoyed making this (out of a mostly cotton/bit of poly bed sheet from Materials for the Arts) and decided to make it two pieces, rather than a dress. I opted out of a straight up split as I’d like to get some more wear out of the skirt portion of this look.

Stay tuned for its everyday styling!

Overall, it was a great experience. My daughter got a kick out of me wearing something so closely related to a drawing of hers. I’ve wanted a skirt like this for a while and now I have one. And, most importantly, though I do not like to have my creatively limited or my projects dictated, I DO LOVE to engage with the #Sewcialist community and will take as many chances to do so as I can!!

Art Biz

Today was the last day of art class for my oldest two. The presentations this term were really good. We have a few new, cool things to display in our home, now!

Missy’s superhero, Scorpia, was a BIG hit! Another parent there really, really liked the work she was featured in. She took the time to find out who created her and came over to tell my daughter that she really enjoyed it and what a great job she’d done. You cannot beat that kind of unsolicited praise! I’m sooooo glad we didn’t miss it. We went to her brother’s class, in another building, first. The woman actually rode up on the elevator with us when we went to view Missy’s things. I seriously got a little teary, lol. She really needs positive reinforcement from people she’s not related to. You know?



This bird display was so cool! I love how my son’s teachers hung clouds between them. Their displays were particularly creative. Here are a few snaps of his bird.IMG_2515


I took some time out to snap a few photos of the refashion I did last night. It was a perfect way to exercise my sewing muscles. Which, apparently, needed a stretch. I have never had so many problems with such a simple project before!



I like how it, eventually, turned out. But, I think I might have to give this to Missy. The sleeves are too tight for comfort. She is the perfect size for it. In fact, I popped into Domsey’s yesterday and found a leather jacket from Express in great condition for only $7.39. It was a touch too small for me, so I got it for her instead. Pre-teen’s first leather!

Anyway, I sewed down that floppy collar, hacked it to waist length, cut a strip for a peplum sort of deal and added an extra bit of width to it for the pleat detail. Not too shabby for a sweater I rescued from the trash on dorm move out day!

Future Refashions

My success with last week’s Sew Weekly refashioning challenge has made me take a closer look at some things in my “to refashion” pile and led me to grab a few new pieces when I hit the thrift store with Missy after our photo shoot (and again a couple days later. Thrifting with an impatient tween doesn’t allow for combing the racks thoroughly). Feel free to chime in with opinions on what works, what doesn’t and what is asking for trouble ;p

I have this mid calf length sweater that I got in the great-dorm-move-out-day-dash with my sister. It’s 100% wool and too tight to be worn as is. I’m thinking it might be a good jumping off point to transform into something like this, sans pockets:

I could also go for cutting it into a totally new look (which would address the tight sleeve issue) and aim for something with this shape (using this pattern, maybe) and kicky beaded embellishment, if the mood strikes me:

vintage blue cardigan yellow skirt d

I also have two sweatshirts to makeover. I’m thinking along these lines:

I picked up a gray one with this project specifically in mind:

Look who happened to be on the tag of one of the sweatshirts we bought.

It's Claire Huxtable on my tag!!

Claire Huxtable!!

This pale colored merino pullover is a bit more hole-y than I thought.  I could re-work it into something like this:

Or give it a completely new life as (un-felted, I hate felted knits) warm winter accessories:

I also have a black wool coat I got from a Freecycler. Nothing special, single breasted, long, wool and boring.

Some ideas to funk it up:

Chop it and add zips? I have a ton of long, heavy, metal zippers that would look awesome used this way.

Cut a new hem? It’s a longish coat, so I might have enough fabric to make a faced hem like this.

Or the stud the fuck out of it!?! That’s sure to make a statement!

That’s quite the full refashioning plate! This doesn’t even include the two pair of men’s pants I have on hand and the tux jacket I never got around to on my last refashioning binge.

I like to thrift for refashionables but these last two trips yielded some wear as is items, too. Like this cashmere (for $5.79!!!!) sweater from Lord & Taylor and this cashmere (also $5.79!!!!) cardigan by Grace. My daughter and I will be cable knit sweater twins in our, identical but differently priced, pullovers and she’s already worn two of her finds to school. All of our purchases can be seen here.

Playing with Color



Ombre Oxford

The results of my dip dying experiment!!

Ombre Oxford

I kind of love it!! I thrifted this pink oxford from Domsey’s for $4.59. It’s a boy’s size 16 (which makes it a bit snug around the hips) by Sean John. I dyed it in a basin in my kitchen sink, using Dylon dye in a deep, navy blue. I could have/should have left it in longer, but I was impatient, lol

Ombre Oxford

Ombre Oxford

I pinned the front, back and sleeves together in that hope that it would result in an even line across the shirt. I think it worked really well! This layered technique did result in the back of the shirt being slightly lighter. I like the effect, but it’s something to consider if/when you decide to dip dye something.

 Instead of hanging the shirt, I laid it across the side of the sink and lowered it a little in 10 min-ish intervals. One packet makes enough dye to cover a much larger item than this shirt. I went a little dye happy and threw in a rayon scarf and a thrifted cotton skirt. Just to see what would happen. I love the result of the scarf! It was peach colored and belonged to my grandma. I’m much more likely to wear it, now that it’s darker. The skirt was more subtle, but still quite pretty. It was a size 1X, gathered skirt, so once I cut off the waistband I had a huge piece of fabric to use in the future.

I don’t know that dyeing is something I’ll do very often. But it was fun to give it a try!