Feeling All Grateful

Hey, all!!

I experienced a bit of a setback on Wednesday when I woke up feeling ill. I only got worse once I arrived at work. Let’s just say….I’ve totally accomplished puking in front of my coworkers so I can keep one space cleared on the ole goals list. 😩

Anyway, I rallied and stayed the rest of the day and after a long nap and two pain killers for my headache when I got home, I felt good as new and able to get started on my fall feast dishes. We did things small, as I had to work on Friday, too. But, we ate well and all felt happy. That’s the whole point, right?

Annnndddd…to ensure that a good time was had, by me at least, I ordered some patterns!! Never mind that  I am  was on a diet.
Look at what I got!



& Bellatrix  Bellatrix2side_large  From

Robe et Blouse VIVIANE


& Gilbert SONY DSCBut, I’m most excited about this one from

logo-1The Honeycrisp Mittens!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 1.13.29 PM

Dudes, I’m excited about all of my new patterns, but those mittens? I have THEE coldest hands in the world! I have yet to find gloves that keep them warm in winter. I am so stupid excited to make some that will do the job AND have the ability to use my phone without taking them off! Mari is a genius!! I’m just waiting on my conductive fabric. While I fight the urge to order 20% discounted fabric from Mood!

I hope all of you had a great, love filled weekend.

I’ll be spending these last moments of mine with my loves, some yummy Britex fabric and Built By Wendy.


Tough as Silk

Tough as Silk

Tough, because silk is strong. Tough, because I could not have made more silly mistakes while sewing this!! And tough, because I think this delicate, floaty silk/cotton tunic looks kicking styled with dark denim and chunky boots!!

Tough as Silk

I loooooove a good tunic and this one is just about perfect!! There are days where I want to feel loose and breezy and easy and Lisette & Co.’s Late Lunch Tunic is Just. The. Thing.

Tough as Silk

This is my second time sewing with one of Liesl’s patterns and I am struck by how stupid that is! For years and years I’ve read how amazing her instructions are and how smoothly things go together and how many new techniques and tips and tricks you learn as you go. This is all true. The construction is completely different than what I was expecting, but the result is so neat and clean! I am also soooo pleased with the size I choose!! The pattern made this very easy by including a chart with both natural and dropped waist measurements.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 9.29.59 AMBelow that, suggestions on which measurement (high or natural bust) to use based on your bust size and lastly the final garment measurements. That’s the set I used to choose a size 4.

Tough as Silk

The gathering and natural ease of the style cooled my usual will-this-fit-over-my-hips worries and having the measurement of the upper part, where I really like a tunic to fit well, made it possible to confidently cut into this (expensive for me) Mood silk/cotton. I think I did pretty well!!

Tough as Silk

I left off the buttons, though I think I need to sew on a little invisible snap (is this becoming my standard Liesl & Co adaptation?? lol) because I like it plain, but if I lean over it does give a little show. Though I machine stitched the hem, I hand sewed those on the sleeves. I didn’t like the look of the machine stitches, here.

Tough as Silk

The stripes are so teeny, I made no effort whatsoever to match them. And my issues while making it up were totally down to me. I kept catching bits in seams or running out of bobbin thread. Or veering left and right of the seam allowance. I unpicked more carefully that I EVER have I was soooo worried about tearing a hole in the fabric!

But, it was all right in the end!!!

Tough as Silk

I can see more of these in my future! Only with a much less precious fabric! Lol

You can check out the Late Lunch Tunic, with its fellow newly released buddies, over on Oliver & S!!!
And more photos of the collection here.

WINNER: Named Patterns Jamie Jeans

Dudes, I won Rachel’s giveaway!!
My prize: a pattern from new Indie Sewing Pattern company, Named.

namedIt was DAMN HARD to choose just one of these lovelies! In the end, I went with the greatest need: PANTS! Working this year has severally cut down on my walking time. As that is the only exercise I really participate in, I have (apparently, according to the way my pants fit) put on a bit of weight.

Enter the Jamie Jeans011-Jamie-koko_2_large-1I’m officially a skinny pants convert, so I love the fit. BUT (and this is a BIG butt) the instructions are all written! Egads! How can I make pants without pictures!

It will be a challenge, I think I can handle it!

I also got a bonus prize, the Alva Collar.

020-Alva-etu_largeEven though I have absolutely NO NEED for another pattern, I can’t help but fantasize about a wardrobe filled with garments made from this collection.

Some more faves:

012-Charley-koko_large 019-Avery-koko_large 007-Tyler-koko_large 002-Eliot-koko_large 014-Dakota-etu_large

Testing…Testing…Test Sewing, Dandelion!!

I was deeelighted to be asked to test sew Mari of Disparate Disciplines newest pattern, Dandelion!!!

Testing...Testing...Test Sewing, Dandelion!!

The fit on this is seriously fantastic! I sometimes have a bit of room at the upper back and usually need a sway back adjustment, but this one lies flatter than anything I’ve made in both spots with no adjusting. I’m certain this is due to the design features that Mari built in. The back is slightly smaller than the front which results in the back hugging nicely, while the front skims. Perfect! Especially in light of a certain button popping incident with a recent make, lol

Though, I have to admit, that belt came off after lunch 😛

Testing...Testing...Test Sewing, Dandelion!!

 I have to say, I’m totally proud of this top!! I usually shy away from anything that looks difficult to fit or to choose a size for. I’m easily scared, lol. BUT, agreeing to test sew meant that I had to plow ahead and hope for the best. I decided to go all-in and use the good fabric, right out of the gate. Life’s too short! I nearly cut a size 6, but lessons learned from past makes helped me decide to go with size 4, instead.

Great choice!

Testing...Testing...Test Sewing, Dandelion!!

Size four, with the length of the largest size, is perfect!! If you’ve visited here before, I’m sure you recall that I cut things long all the time. Other than that, there was no fudging the side seams afterward, or anything. I used the specified seam allowance, but I installed my zipper differently than the pattern stated. My only regret is that you can’t see the great design lines in this fabric!!

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 2.52.50 PMSchematics from the pattern!
 Though, the choice was wise as I serged a hole in the left side piece when I was almost done!! I’ve never done that before!! I only had to finish the inside seams! The busy fabric hides the repair, so I got over it pretty quickly. I’m already dreaming of a color blocked version! And a raglan sleeved dress….and a tank dress. This pattern gives you LOTS of options!
Testing...Testing...Test Sewing, Dandelion!!
It’s such a great addition to my wardrobe. Mari made sewing it up so easy with her clever printing guide, too. The ability to get just the pages you need relieves some of that pdf taping together anxiety. And the boost of confidence I felt when I zipped this baby up and it fit like a dream pushed me to move onto other projects in my stash.
But its biggest accomplishment? It just might be the pattern that makes me switch from knit to woven tank-style tops!! And I looooooove a tank top!

Mari, you’ve got a winner!

Testing...Testing...Test Sewing, Dandelion!!

Check out more Dandelion’s in the wild!

Yarn It Up

I am REALLY looking forward to fall this year. I was totally a summer person until…I’m not sure. But, this year, I’m jonesin’ for fall. Maybe it’s a combination of back to school shopping, plans for fall cleaning (the kids’ room’s are disaster areas) and the purging of outgrown and worn through clothing. All of that brings on a can’t-wait-for-fall feeling.

So much so, I was digging around in yarn and pursuing my Ravelry queue. The desire to sew always starts to wane at this time of year. I hope to fight it in 2013. Maybe this is a good time to teach myself to work slowly through more complex projects. Things like perfecting fit and making pants(!!!).

But, for now, I’m dreaming of working with yarn. I wanted to start by getting back to Dimbala, which needs a new yarn choice.


These two are calling out to me. The colors scream warmth and coziness and fall.   IMG_6016_medium2 IMG_6014_medium2 As pretty as the yarn I started with is, the texture and drape are all wrong for that pullover. Which sucks because I knit all of that twisted rib only to find that I hated the way the guage looked in stockinette stitch.

And then, this trifecta of Andi Satterland patterns are DEMANDING my attention.







I’ve loved this pattern when I saw the sample on Andi’s blog. I have never crocheted anything larger than a hat, but I pulled the trigger on this purchase immediately. I mean, lookatit! Awesome!

I can’t sew away from home, and even though my commute to work is fairly short (at least my time on the train is) I might be able to squeeze something in during work breaks. And while reading the massive 819TzSEbmkL._SL1500_

More Making with Black & White

This is not even remotely on time for the sew-along BUT I’m posting it anyway.
More Making with Black & White

More Making with Black & White

Top :: Cake Patterns Hummingbird (Green)
Jeans :: F21
Shoes :: Old Navy

It’s possible that this fabric was completely the wrong choice for this top. I say possible, because it may have worked out differently if I cut it smaller. I like my knit tops pretty fitted, but I was being conservative because I was terrified of wasting any fabric from my small Mood stash.

More Making with Black & White

Despite that, I’m pretty pleased with it! I was super comfy today and, of course, I love stripes and I love, love black and white!

More Making with Black & White

Now, I just need the matching skirt!!

More Making with Black & White

I already have a few plain denim skirts so I was planning on the fancier of the two Hummingbird offerings…in denim. 😀

MMMay Rewind & Some Guest-ing

We’re going to rewind on MMMay a bit.
This is MMM.D11

MMM.D11 :: Feeling Frida

I wore my one of my Frida tunics, accessorized with humidity frizzed hair, to a friend’s graduation celebration on Saturday.

MMM.D11 :: Feeling Frida

I was quite breezy and comfortable ;o)

MMM.D11 :: Feeling Frida

I also wanted to direct you to my Me Made May guest post over on Kollabora.
I had so much fun writing about my April 30th/May 1st mixup, lol

Dudes, I have SO much sewing planned! Well, at least sewing related packages arriving! HA. By Hand London’s Victoria, Megan Nielsen’s Cascade and Tania, Mission Maxi (the last three were my Mother’s Day gifts ;D) and there are a handful (or two) of pdf patterns calling my name!

My fellow #sewcialist and I have decided that this is supporting women entrepreneurs and therefore totally acceptable!