Yarn It Up

I am REALLY looking forward to fall this year. I was totally a summer person until…I’m not sure. But, this year, I’m jonesin’ for fall. Maybe it’s a combination of back to school shopping, plans for fall cleaning (the kids’ room’s are disaster areas) and the purging of outgrown and worn through clothing. All of that brings on a can’t-wait-for-fall feeling.

So much so, I was digging around in yarn and pursuing my Ravelry queue. The desire to sew always starts to wane at this time of year. I hope to fight it in 2013. Maybe this is a good time to teach myself to work slowly through more complex projects. Things like perfecting fit and making pants(!!!).

But, for now, I’m dreaming of working with yarn. I wanted to start by getting back to Dimbala, which needs a new yarn choice.


These two are calling out to me. The colors scream warmth and coziness and fall.   IMG_6016_medium2 IMG_6014_medium2 As pretty as the yarn I started with is, the texture and drape are all wrong for that pullover. Which sucks because I knit all of that twisted rib only to find that I hated the way the guage looked in stockinette stitch.

And then, this trifecta of Andi Satterland patterns are DEMANDING my attention.







I’ve loved this pattern when I saw the sample on Andi’s blog. I have never crocheted anything larger than a hat, but I pulled the trigger on this purchase immediately. I mean, lookatit! Awesome!

I can’t sew away from home, and even though my commute to work is fairly short (at least my time on the train is) I might be able to squeeze something in during work breaks. And while reading the massive 819TzSEbmkL._SL1500_


Grandma & Grannies

Today was easier than I expected.
I am so grateful.
I was inspired to pull these out as I sat thinking of her.
She taught me to crochet a zillion years ago.

I haven’t added to these in a while. I’m still feeling the crochet call.
So, soon, there will be more.
Will I ever make a grand blanket like my grandma?
I don’t know, but I will enjoy thinking of her with each square that I add.

Crochet Collar

Lulu Loves Crochet Collar

Lulu Loves Crochet Collar

I finished this little cutie a couple of weeks ago, just before my birthday. It was the start of my yearly fall/winter yarn frenzy. This is perhaps not the best accessory for me as I don’t really own (or enjoy wearing) many crew neck tops. This one was actually free. It was a part of a huge freecycle haul from a couple weeks ago.

Lulu Loves Crochet Collar

Yarn: Shelridge Farm Soft Touch DKW
Pattern: Lulu* Loves Crochet Collar
Shirt: Mossimo from Target via Freecycle
Jeans: F21
Lippy: Makeup Forever in Moulin Rouge
(and assorted drug store eye makeup, lol)
Braids: Failed, brushed out pin curls :p
and Pink toenails just for kicks!

Lulu Loves Crochet Collar

Lulu Loves Crochet Collar

More pics here

Lulu Loves Crochet Collar

*Lulu was one of my grandma’s nicknames. That’s where I got part of my original flickr username.

Isn’t it funny how things happen sometimes??

The Kindness of Crafty Friends

My annual karaoke knitting party was today. That means another handmade gift for me. This year’s gift was just as beautiful as years past! WILL YOU LOOK AT THIS!!

Knitting Group Gift Exchange Spoils!!!

Can you even stand it!

Knitting Group Gift Exchange Spoils!!!

Knitting Group Gift Exchange Spoils!!!

Knitting Group Gift Exchange Spoils!!!

This beautiful shawl was crocheted for me by Ms. Yarnydays from the Claudia Scarf Pattern.

I have to mention that Rima was my second match. When the choices were made, I was originally assigned to Tomo. You might not have noticed, but she’s gotten me twice already. She made both of the scarves I linked to above. I even joked that she might have me again this year. What are the odds that it came to pass?

I totally forgot to take a picture of my gift for Emily. I made this cowl for her. It was the knitting I was doing way back when. I feel so lucky to be included in the party and gift exchange, I don’t get to make it to the weekly meet-ups very often. Thanks for tolerating me, ladies!

PS- I’m wore one of my Frida tunics today!

Super Sized Doily

Super Sized Doily Begins
The beginning.

Super Sized Doily Floating

Super Sized Doily Blocking

Super Sized Doily In Use
In use.
With (totally by accident) matching toenails.

Pattern: Large Hipster Doily
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, held double
Hook: Size K

For my next trick
Up Next: Tiny Patchwork Purses
Tiny Patchwork Purses.
Because I am experiencing garment sewing FAIL!

Though, I did trek to the library (sewing machine is now working, so of course the printer broke) to print out patterns for Sorbetto, the Bombshell Dress, sailor shorts and a scallop detail skirt. All of that taping together sounds like fun….