Game Day Wears

What I Wore :: 1.12.13

What I Wore :: 1.12.13

What I Wore :: 1.12.13

What I Wore :: 1.12.13

What I Wore :: 1.12.13

Mossimo Coat :: Thrifted from Domsey’s ($12)
Crocheted Scarf :: Handmade Gift
Jones of NY Cardigan :: Domsey’s ($6.39)
Michael Kors Tunic :: Domsey’s ($6.39)
H&M Pants :: Circa 2010
De Blossom Boots :: Amazon (DEAD comfy!!)

These boots might make me waver on my cheap shoe assertions from a couple days ago. These were only $40, are not real leather and the COMFIEST heels I’ve ever worn. In my life. I’m so glad I didn’t stick to my “no brown shoes” rule!! I have Pinterest to thank for swaying me from that opinion. I’ll be really sad when they reach the end of their cheap shoe shelf life. Hell, I’m tempted to get a couple pairs and store them for when that time arrives. I’m being completely serious.

I had a pretty great day. I got to see the inside of the new Barclays Center. For free. I took the kiddies and my teenage cousin to a college basketball game, there. It wasn’t the greatest. But, the weather was nice, we were out doing something and (luckily for me) I was with the five easiest to please young people in Brooklyn.

Bonus: I squeezed in a visit to my grandmother AND I found the perfect storm of location, lighting (nearly the best, this sweater is much brighter) and camera settings for indoor photos. Not a match for outdoor ones, but certainly better than some previous attempts!

I hope you all enjoyed your Saturday


Playing with Color



Ombre Oxford

The results of my dip dying experiment!!

Ombre Oxford

I kind of love it!! I thrifted this pink oxford from Domsey’s for $4.59. It’s a boy’s size 16 (which makes it a bit snug around the hips) by Sean John. I dyed it in a basin in my kitchen sink, using Dylon dye in a deep, navy blue. I could have/should have left it in longer, but I was impatient, lol

Ombre Oxford

Ombre Oxford

I pinned the front, back and sleeves together in that hope that it would result in an even line across the shirt. I think it worked really well! This layered technique did result in the back of the shirt being slightly lighter. I like the effect, but it’s something to consider if/when you decide to dip dye something.

 Instead of hanging the shirt, I laid it across the side of the sink and lowered it a little in 10 min-ish intervals. One packet makes enough dye to cover a much larger item than this shirt. I went a little dye happy and threw in a rayon scarf and a thrifted cotton skirt. Just to see what would happen. I love the result of the scarf! It was peach colored and belonged to my grandma. I’m much more likely to wear it, now that it’s darker. The skirt was more subtle, but still quite pretty. It was a size 1X, gathered skirt, so once I cut off the waistband I had a huge piece of fabric to use in the future.

I don’t know that dyeing is something I’ll do very often. But it was fun to give it a try!





Upcycling with David & Goodwill

On Saturday, I spent some sisterly time with this beauty crafting up a storm at the Goodwill Boutique store in the West Village. It was such a nice time! David, who I met through BurdaStyle, hosted the upcycling event. Using fabric paint and pencils I enhanced not one, but two projects! The tees were provided for us and I brought the pants along with me. I finally got around taking some pictures of them both, today.

Goodwill Boutique :: Hanes Ucycled Tee

Goodwill Boutique :: H&M Upcycled Pants

Goodwill Boutique :: Hanes Ucycled Tee

Goodwill Boutique :: H&M Upcycled Pants

Goodwill Boutique :: Hanes Ucycled Tee

Goodwill Boutique :: H&M Upcycled Pants

I LOVE how they came out!! I see so many dot print refashions in the future. Look at what David did with his project. I’ve already thrifted the perfect  pink oxford to try this with, next! It’s the perfect project for pants like these, that are a little boring and a little too big. This bit of paint gives them new life!

Be Amazed

Through the eyes of my children the mundane, the overlooked and under appreciated becomes amazing. The five of us took a walk to the promenade in Brooklyn Heights on Thursday and my oldest son was totally and completely amazed by everything he saw. Over and over he exclaimed “There’s so many AMAZING things to see!!” His excitement was infectious.

Take time to be amazed.

Tank :: Old Navy
Pants: Target
Shoes :: Payless

New Detectives: Dating Vintage

I went out on a thread run (more on this place later) for my Promaballoona dress on Saturday and came home with some thrifted goodies, too!

I found a blue version of this lovely Mexican wedding dress (for only $10!!) on the first rack I stopped at. That one was too big, so I was ever so lucky to stumble across this one at the same price, but in a smaller size. It’s 100% cotton and embroidered to death. There’s a small brown discoloration on the shoulder, but it in no way diminishes the beauty of the dress. I also snagged another plus sized skirt to refashion. Stay tuned for that.

My other finds from that day put my detective skills to use.

1970s Dress: unpinned and button detail

This one was easy enough, as the tags are still fully attached and legible. There’s a ILGWU label under a tag that names the maker as Yves Jennet. It’s from the 1970s and is a 50/50 polyester/rayon blend. It’s quite breathable, but too long for my taste. Here it is pinned up a bit.

1970s Dress: Pinned up

1970s Dress: Pinned up

I thrifted the belt I’m wearing from Domsey’s on a previous trip. It’s Banana Republic, I paid $3.39 for it.

Vintage Dress: Pinned up

Vintage Dress: Pinned up

Vintage Dress: unpinned

I found this one on that same rack, right after I walked into the store, too. It feels like it’s made of rayon. There are no tags inside. According to the information in this book and at Sammy Davis Vintage, I would guess that it’s from the 30s or 40s. It has a metal side zip and the shape and style seem, to my amateur eye, to be from that era. I paid only $10 bucks for it!! It needs some TLC and shortening (it’s unpinned in the last photo), but I love the shape and the history of it so much!

I’ve shopped at The Urban Jungle once before. They have fitting rooms, but it was so muggy and hot I gambled on these fitting. And won! Since my first trip there they’ve rearranged the store, opened a new location and jammed in about 10 more circular racks. This place is JAM packed with stuff. My arms were too tired to sift through everything that day. That evening turned into a long one as I stayed up sewing until the sun came up! I’ll post the graffiti pics I snapped on the rainy walk home, tomorrow!

Saturday in the Subway

What a great day!! My clan and I went to the Transit Museum today. We had a blast looking at old trains, old ads and being filmed for a new one. There was a crew filming material for the Barclay’s Stadium opening soon in Brooklyn. They asked if we would mind being filmed a bit and (after asking what it would be used for) we agreed. That’s when the man noticed what hubby was wearing.

Brooklyn tee shirt AND Brooklyn Nets hat!

We LOVE our city!
Brooklyn Nets!!

I loved looking at the ads in the train. An astonishing number of them were for booze.
BOOZE :: Chateau Martin Wines

Smoking was apparently not frowned upon.

Lord & Taylor

And neither was gun use.

EDIT: Check out this comment from Lady Katzagiving us the scoop on the NRA sign-

Thanks for sharing!!

I particularly loved this one featuring WyNona Blackman.
Miss Subways

Isn’t she gorgeous?!? We even attended the same college!

This blue featured prominently on many of the older trains. This was my favorite of the day.

And this is the best picture of me taken today.

Hubby snap of me

I’m blurry, but happy! Click for more pics.

After we saw all that there was to see, we went to grub on some food. Three out of four kids fell asleep on the bus ride home, that’s always a sign of a good day. I made it even better later when we whipped up some double chocolate goodness while watching a movie.

A cake party is always the perfect way to end any day!

How was your Saturday?