Pants…Trousers…Leg Coverings!

I have made 4 skirts in the last week. And it’s been approximately 30 degrees here for the same amount of time. So, I’ve had pants on my mind. I headed over to Pinterest to see what there was to see and I stumbled across this image that has had me laughing for DAYS! Lol!

You’re welcome!!

Anyway ;o)

Onto my pants trousers leg coverings muslin!
Pants: Part Une

Pants: Part Une

Pants: Part Une

Not too bad! Amirite?!

Check out that plaid matching! WOOT!

A few days ago, I traced a pair of H&M pants that fit me pretty well and the above pics show the result. I probably couldn’t do up that last bit of seam (where I’m holding them together), but this is a pretty close fit for the slapdash method I used.
So, last night, after being completely inspired by (and jealous of) Sunni’s pants, I traced a similar pattern, #108, from Burda Style Mag’s August 2010 issue.


This is an old Burda pattern sheet, not the new ones that give you vertigo.

Leg Coverings

I traced the largest size and initially thought that was going to be big enough. Then I overlapped the Burda pattern with the one I traced from my H&M pants. Not too much difference….


This also highlighted how off (WAY OFF) my grainline was. The back, which I haven’t photographed, is worse and is actually smaller than the slapdash traced pattern in the thigh area.

There is also the potential need for a full seat adjustment along with my sway back correction. I’ve never attempted the former and have only done the latter on straight skirts. Cidell has tackled these issues with pants, shorts and skirts several times, but my fitting book (Fit For Real People) doesn’t go into great detail on the first adjustment.

I also have this book for reference. It has good construction info, but not fit adjustment advice. I’m going to retrace and adjust the pattern pieces after I make dinner. I think I’d like the waistband pieces to be slighter wider as well.

I’ll leave you with a little nugget in the meantime.

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Let me know if you do anything fun! I’ll be back soon with pants trousers my leg covering doodads soon!


Like Mother, Like Daughter

My oldest daughter, Missy, is one of those lucky people who know EXACTLY what they want to do with their lives. She is going to be a fashion designer. A famous one (and live in Paris). I believe that she will do all that she can to meet this goal. She has been asking to sew something for a while but for various reasons we’ve just never gotten around to it.

Until today!

Missy's First Shirt!!

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Missy's First Shirt

She fell in love with this Dolce & Gabbana star dress that Beyonce wore on the cover of InStyle magazine. She loves any and everything sparkle-y and/or pink, so this does not surprise me. She pretty much took that magazine from me, it lives on her dresser where she can gaze at the dress. She has asked me all sorts of questions about the construction, the fabric and if I thought she would ever be good enough to make something so great. So, when I saw that gold star tulle on (aka mecca) I knew I had to have it for her.

I had her try on my lace tee for fit and settled on the Lydia pattern (again). Missy is only 10 but nearly my height. As you can see the shirt is a pretty good fit on her, too. She helped pin, cut and serge(!!!) and she totally rocked at it!!! Stopping to remove pins and all. I’m so impressed.

Sewing is in her blood. Maybe she will be the one to finally make it a career. I bought two yards of tulle, so I hope to help her make an elastic waist skirt/tutu soon. But I’m worried I won’t be able to stop her from wearing them together and looking like a Cyndi Lauper throw back, lol. There are worse things than that, I guess.

Kid’s Clothes Week*: Skirts for sisters

Kid's Clothes Week: Skirts for sisters

These are for my girls.
Obviously one is much older than the other ;o)
For the brown one I used a pattern from the 8/2009 issue of Burda Style (in which practically everything is wearable and classic) and no pattern at all for the red one. It’s essentially two squares serged together with the two ends finished on the serger. Whack on a hem and make a casing for the elastic and you’re done. I used this insanely helpful tutorial to make my first ever slant pockets. *wipes a tear* :o)

They are being helpfully modeled by Mrs. Doonan, my new dress form.
Mrs. Doonan
I got her off of Craig’s list for $30 bucks! My very nice hubby picked it up for and braved the prospect of being emasculated while traveling on the bus with it to bring it home. In Brooklyn. As if that weren’t enough, he googled bookstores near the pick up locale so that he could bring me a copy of Mockingjay. I had just finished Catching Fire and I was absolutely dying to get the next one but stuck home with the kiddies. Nice hubbies rock.

Named for Simon Doonan, he of the Barney’s window dressing fame and author of my current read, Mrs. Doonan and I are not exactly the same size. It’s really a shame that I didn’t contact the seller in time to get the larger one that she had. She’s about right in the bust region but my waist, though small for someone with 4 children, is not nearly this tiny. And the hips/ass area?

Mrs. Doonan's diminutive rear

Forget about it!

*Kid’s Clothes week as organized by Elsie Marley.

Damn Shorts!!

Damn shorts!!!

These are the first shorts I’ve ever made and I am having one hell of a time following Burda Mag’s lame ass instructions.

This fabric has a TON of stretch, otherwise I would have never been able to get into these. As it is, the back waistband needs about three inches taken in and I have decided to eliminate the front zip closure in favor of a back zip.

I have this same fit issue when I make skirts but I’m not sure what to do with these shorts. I would normally make darts on either side of the ones already included in the pattern, but it makes it sit weird on my (rather prominent) backside when I pin it in that way.

And the front is hitting high on my belly and the back is just barely covering my ass. This also happens when I make skirts.

First shorts

They look OK from the front…and with the waist covered. But I would like to wear them with something other than this baggy ass tank top.

What to do??

The Party Starter

This dress effectively started the sewing party.

It caused the MC (that’s me :D) to change the playlist from projects made with yarn to projects made with fabric.

25/365: Sucess!!

Pattern: Burda 06/2009, Dress 107

Fabric: Sueded Twill in Navy
$1.95 a yard!!

This dress cost about $6, including the cost of thread. That is madness.

My seam ripper was totally my BFF on this project, mostly for avoidable mistakes made when I was zipping along too quickly.
I am happy with everything, except the finishing on the inside collar. I still need to tuck the raw edge under, but I called it done then.

This was my very first Burda pattern. This issue is PACKED with sewing gems. I found it daunting to trace the pattern, transfer the marking, cut it out blah blah blahhhhh.


I love this dress!

I ordered so much of this fabric (7yds and like 60 inches wide) that I still have more left. It was made into the bottom part of a dress that I haven’t even photographed, a failed top from Stylish Dress Book 1, and this bag which is currently cut out and ready to go on my sewing table. I think I have enough for a skirt, or dress…or shorts. Oooh. Sailor style shorts like these! Full disclosure: I would have to wear mine with stockings so as not to be scandalous. Lol!