Brooklyn Des

The Desmond Backpack :: Sown Brooklyn

Pattern :: The Desmond Roll Top Backpack
Fabric :: Heavyweight Denim (long in the stash from
Muslin (Mood Fabrics) and indigo shibori dyed fabric (made with love and friends at the TAC).
Notions :: D-rings, hooks, sliders & webbing from Pacific Trimming, denim zip from SIL Thread (NYC GD)

But does she like it, you ask? Check out that puss! I think she digs it!

The Desmond Backpack :: Sown Brooklyn

This morning, Brooklyn Des carried lunch and snacks and books. I’m really so happy with it! There are some things I will do differently next time, though. My webbing is quite slick. It wants to slide out of one set of d-rings, something with more of a tooth would work better. I’d also like to pad the straps. They’re not uncomfortable at all, but walking to school with 4 book bag carriers highlights how common it is to do so.

The Desmond Backpack :: Sown Brooklyn

I like my plain muslin lining, with those sentimental pop-o-shibori pockets, but I’d add a contrast band to the top so it doesn’t show while carrying. I also think the thicker fabric would help the roll stay in place when the bag is less full. And I would not use a jean zipper! Those teeth really want I stay shut, lol. I added a little leather pull that helps some.

And it’s cute!

The Desmond Backpack :: Sown Brooklyn

I think Desmond is the perfect blend of casual and chic. It totally worked with this outfit and would fit just as well with sneakers and sweats. I took my time working on this, but once the exterior was complete, I raced to the finish line. It was great fun, almost as much as coat or jean making.

The Desmond Backpack :: Sown Brooklyn

This denim is HEAVY. My machine was a rock star, though. I only broke one needle and had only a couple thread jams. But attaching that zip pocket was a real sonofabitch. It was my first time doing something like that. I’m glad I didn’t realize how much harder the thick denim would make it, I’m too happy with how it turned out to wish it any other way.

I’m already planning the next one!

The Desmond Backpack :: Sown Brooklyn//


12 thoughts on “Brooklyn Des

  1. That is just awesome. šŸ™‚ I am in awe of people who can make a professional-looking bag like you can. I can do a somewhat homespun simple tote. šŸ™‚

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