Shero of the Week: Carmen de Lavallade


Ms. Carmen is 82 years young in the above photo.

And 83 in the video below.

No other explanation of her shero status is necessary.

If you must know how I feel about her, see this post.


5 thoughts on “Shero of the Week: Carmen de Lavallade

  1. She is so incredible! I remember reading this article last year that was published right after her husband’s death, which happened just weeks before she was scheduled to perform her one-woman show at the Kennedy Center. I thought it was really touching, and gave me a sense of her incredible strength. (Plus there are videos of her dancing – both as a youngin’ and now!)

  2. Had the honor of curating an exhibition on Carmen de Lavallade and Geoffrey Holder last year and I can assure you they were both amazing….and she still is…grace, class, poise, literate, well spoken, conscious of others, an actress and dancer still extraordinaire. She is my “shero” too!.

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