2015: Don’t Give Up

Welcome 2015!

As per usual, I won’t be making any resolutions. Though I will try to live with intent and continue to work on my main goals for life:
confidence, family, saving, goal setting, friend time, creative time, giving back and embracing my inner weird girl.

My children are awesome. I’m determined to give them all the room and support they need to keep being the amazing people they are. It’s easy, too easy, to clip brown and black children’s wings in the name of keeping them safe or in an unintentional attempt to control how they are (sometimes) seen by other people. I hope to show them, through more fully accepting myself and less policing of my own behavior, that they should feel free to be weird, nerdy, loud, quiet, shy, brash, opinionated, colorful, interested, interesting, expressive…


Whatever they need, I’m there.

And so is my hubby. Who is right here, supporting me in the same way.

Unlike previous years, I DO have some concrete things on my list. I have been so inspired by my entrepreneurial and career minded friends. They set their goals and they achieved them. For an unambitious person like me, that is super heroine stuff.

I’d like to take machine knitting, weaving and textile design classes.
I have the interest and the tools. The time and the space.
Must work on focus and action.

For dreams don’t work unless you do.

My motto for 2015 “Don’t Give Up.”

Illustration Friday: Surrender
Ink drawing by me :: Inspiration Don’t Give Up, What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?, Noisettes



12 thoughts on “2015: Don’t Give Up

  1. This was a really inspiring post for me. I share your views on parenting & mixed race children. Your comments about embracing who we really are spoke volumes to me, especially at this time of year when we are all ‘supposed’ to be living the festive dream!

  2. With a mum like you, your children will have every chance of being awesome like you hope.

    I too dont do resolutions; this year just hopes and challenges. Here’s hoping we do good.

  3. Oof. This is inspiring to me as a fellow “unambitious” woman. I have so many ideas and things I’d like to accomplish, but I’m just not good at taking the leap and trying if I’m not sure I’ll succeed. I suppose maybe that’s not so much “unambitious” then…maybe I’m more “scaredy-cat”. Thank you for this post!

  4. I love your goals, especially for your children! I’m not making resolutions either – recover from childbirth and learn to be a parent are about as much as I can handle.

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