Malvarosa en Denim

La presentación, Malvarosa! Numero dos! En denim!
Malvarosa en Denim

This was a real touch and go make (much like the last one, just can’t call it until it’s done!). I’m still not totally sold on it. BUT it’s really comfy to wear and easy to make and I loved styling it with chunky boots and tights.

Malvarosa en Denim

Malvarosa en Denim
I totally intended for this version to have long sleeves, however, the puzzle of getting those two curves to lie together, in holy matrimony forever and forever…the power eluded me. LOL I cut the facings out of the sleeves and I was happy to salvage the bodice after clipping the curves. I also think I could go up to the larger size. But I’m not fussed.Malvarosa en DenimThis denim is quite thin and has zero stretch. I think this was the perfect project for it as it’s a bit stiff and would have made one awkward fitted garment.

Malvarosa en Denim
I hand stitched the hem.

Malvarosa en Denim

And I tacked down those unruly facings, too. Why do I still suck at facings????

Anyway, this shiny, golden bias tape?
Malvarosa en Denim

She is purty but she ain’t comfy. SO ITCHY! That shit has got to GO!
And I was so proud of this top stitching job!

I have another all cut out and ready to go. I have to work while the mojo’s working, or I won’t make another garment for weeks!
My fall wardrobe won’t make itself!

Hello, fall!


28 thoughts on “Malvarosa en Denim

  1. I understand your hesitance on this new shape – I have similar reservations trying it myself for this reason – but I like it on you. It has a relaxed comfortable vibe. Maybe if the skirt was flared rather than gathered? Whatever though, I like it!

  2. I made this dress also. There are some fit issues which I will need to fix up the next time I sew it. However I ended up modifying the sleeve cause I could not work out how to get it around that sharp curve either! I was totally stumped! But I like the shape, it has a sweet casual sort of feel.

  3. You are totally rocking the drop waist dress- it is a style I am far too fearful to try! Curse you itchy bias binding tape – at least it looks smashing!

  4. i think this style looks great on you! i really want to try this for myself, but i’m so unsure if it will work with my pear shape… looks perfect and comfy for fall, i love how you styled it!

  5. its so cute! this is one of those dresses that you can throw on with sandals or heels. you look great in it. let it sit for a bit and once you come back to it i bet you will be in love.

  6. Inspired by how great you looked in your first bright summer Malvarosa, I made one too: I had the same trouble setting in the sleeves with the odd angles. Luckily they kind of disappear into the black fabric, but they’re not so beautiful, those seams. I’ve vowed to change them– and omit the pockets– for the next one. I love your denim version.

  7. Looks great. I love this dress in denim (my favourite type of fabric). I’m tempted to make this dress but I’m just not sure if would a) fit and b) suit me. I guess you never know until you try!

  8. The drop waist gives it a modern Gatsby-vibe. I really dig it. I don’t understand why it’s itchy, though. I think I have the same lightweight denim in my stash and have been wanting to make a dress…you saying I should definitely line it?

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