Colcha Folklorico

My garment sewing mojo has taken a little hiatus. Instead, I’ve been reading and day dreaming about a host of other creative endeavors to get stuck into.

Like quilting.

I am not a quilter, but I will be making my own version of this art quilt.

It’s Frida. So, obviously, I love it.

I stumbled across it at the perfect time: while focused on projects/additions to bring color to my bland home.

I’ve ordered the fabrics.

I can’t wait to see them in person!

Image from @alexanderhenryfabrics on Instagram

11 thoughts on “Colcha Folklorico

  1. Have you ever checked out Faith Ringgold’s artwork? She makes story quilts and this Frida quilt reminds me of her work. I’ve always been interested in Ringgold’s work and even made my own ‘story quilt’ waaaaay back in the day in high school.

  2. Hi there! I realize this is an old thread, however I’m hoping you’re still around! Can you please give me the names of each fabric you ordered for this quilt?! I would be forever grateful. Thank you!

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