Maravilloso Malvarosa

This one was a nail biter….
Would I like that chic drop waist look on me?

The smile says


Sewing Indie Month: Maravilloso MalvarosaI really, really love this dress!!!! It’s so comfy I’m still wearing it while writing this. And I hate wearing outside clothes, inside my home! I’m so pleased with the fit. I tried sewing this shape before, using a vintage pattern in my stash. It was a disaster! I forced myself to size up from what I would have normally gravitated to, with the thought (from the last experience) that loose would definitely be better than tight. I traced size 36 and made it up exactly as is.

Sewing Indie Month: Maravilloso Malvarosa

I did struggle with the facings, which I ALWAYS DO. SIGH. I was hesitant to switch to bias bindings, which I have more success with, as I was unsure of how it would work with the unique (and SOOOOO cool) sleeve shaping. Plus, I think the slight bulk of the facings gives the sleeves structure that binding wouldn’t. I did leave off the pockets. I never put things in dress pockets and I hate when they sit open.

Sewing Indie Month: Maravilloso Malvarosa

Full disclosure: I also worried about things lining up properly with all that gathering. I really suck at even gathers. But I rocked it this time!! This is the perfect amount of fullness. I don’t feel swamped, just flow-y!

Sewing Indie Month: Maravilloso Malvarosa

I serged all of the seams and the edges of the facings and along the hem which I handstiched. I just couldn’t put any top stitching on this beautiful blank, linen canvas! I think this is the first time I’ve sewn with it and it most definitely won’t be the last.

Sewing Indie Month: Maravilloso Malvarosa

Sewing Indie Month: Maravilloso MalvarosaWorking with it has been a real lesson in fabric selection. This is heavier than what I would have chosen if I saw it in person. It was gifted to me by the folks at Britex, so I only saw it online. It was also very stiff prior to pre washing it. That wrinkly, post wash texture was so pleasant, though. And, as you can see, it sewed up perfectly!

Great pattern. Great color. Great drape. Great dress!!

Sewing Indie Month: Maravilloso Malvarosa

Obligatory swishy shot 😉
Sewing Indie Month: Maravilloso Malvarosa>


29 thoughts on “Maravilloso Malvarosa

    • Don’t let nursing stop you! Drop waists rock and are so comfy and practical for mamas. I wacked a short invisible zip centre front in three of mine last year so that I could keep nursing without a hassle.

  1. Oh my god this colour looks amazing on you! I have this pattern but am yet to sew it up. Gonna make it a priority now that I’ve seen this beauty!

  2. I love this so much! I am screaming in comment form! seriously though. what a perfect dress. easy to wear, comfy, on trend, and super flattering.

  3. Better than the pattern illustration, yes… but I think this style also looks better on you than on the gals in your inspiration photos. It’s marvelous.

  4. Oh my gosh this is heavenly!! Yes, this seals the deal – I’m going to have to try out this drop-waist thing!! I really REALLY love the shape of the sleeves on the Malvarosa – I think that is probably my favorite feature of this dress. And you look so beautiful in this cornflower/periwinkle blue color!

  5. This. Is. Amazing. I’m FREAKING OUT. PLEASE don’t make me try a drop-waist dress… they really look horrible on me. But HOLY COW, this looks GREAT on you!!!!! Isn’t linen the best?!

  6. I adore this. A.DORE. It’s the perfect looseness and looks so fresh and clean and perfect for spring. And the colour, obvs. I made a dropped waist dress a few years ago and I never wear it…. It wasn’t loose enough. Loose is chic! As are you in this linen beauty!

  7. gah! love it so much! i’ve been contemplating the drop waist dress lately but didn’t think i could do it with my pear shape… now you’re enabling me to try anyways!

  8. In my much younger days, I made a lot of drop waist dresses and loved them. Yours turned out great, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you made more. I find them feminine and comfortable, fun to make and to wear. The twirl of the skirt is so much fun!

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