More Indie Love :: Pauline Alice

                This is my FAVORITE Pauline Alice pattern!!

Pauline Alice

This is the dress that started my drop waist obsession! And this one and this one!

Mine (the first of many, likely) will be made with the sweeeetest blue linen from Britex.

Much like the 80s/90s bodysuit craze passed me by (I talked about this via twitter, not my blog) the cute Blossom style (I always associate drop waists with Blossom and Lisa Turtle) dress was a no-go in my home, too. I was not a trend follower. Despite how badly I wanted to be.

SO, like making and wearing Heather Lou’s Nettie, I will wear all the Blossom dresses I want, now!

Lots of cool inspo, below!!

They all make me WISH for the days ahead where bare legs, strappy sandals and quick, easy dresses rule!Dior

Victoria Beckham


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Also, a note:

I updated my original Sewing Indie Month post to include the InLinkz for entries!!

I’ve already got word from folks working on their projects! So cool!


9 thoughts on “More Indie Love :: Pauline Alice

  1. Oh man, I’m excited to see your take on this trend! I look like total garbage in dropped-waist styles, so I’m gonna sit this one out, but I’m guessing you will look awesome!

  2. Thanks for the links :-))) Your pics got me inspired all over again, but I think my wardrobe is already overloaded with the old drop waist. I can’t wait to see your version! And looking forward to getting involved in sewing indie month too.

  3. THANK YOU!! You just totally gave me an idea for what to do with some fabric that I bought without any clue what to make with it! I’ve never been totally confident that this style would work on me, but I think I’ll give it a shot, because, well – life’s too short to NOT try out new styles!

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