Netties: en noir, blanc et ivoire

Heather’s latest, super informative post, jarred my memory. I have been so busy working and having fun, I nearly forgot to tell you about the remaining Netties!
Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!

And you need to know about them because making them taught me something pretty crucial about the pattern that Heather touches on in that post.

When you make this marvelous, high back version, you might want to go up a size. OR, alternatively, use a fabric with even more stretch. These are both made form Girl Charlee fabric: Ivory and Black and White. When I finished the B&W version, I was flummoxed by the fit. It was tight, tighter than I was anticipating based on the fit of the first two.

After puzzling it out in my head a bit. I jumped on the CG site to check the percentage of stretch on all of my fabrics. I thought that might explain it and contacted Heather Lou. After we chatted a bit, I had a sudden realization: that high back made a difference.

Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!

The mid back fit, in addition to added sexiness, allows for a ton of ease at the front. When you fill in that space, your fabric has to stretch in a different way. I cut my last three Netties out at the same time, so the ivory version was already cut the same size and style as the B&W one.
Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!

BUT, here’s where the stretch factor shows itself. The ivory version is not as tight as the b&w one.

Look at the stats of both.
Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!
Black & White:
Content: 98% Modal Cotton/2% Spandex
Weight: 9 oz Medium Weight
Stretch: 55%, 20%
Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!
Content:  90% Cotton/10% Spandex
Weight:  12 oz Medium Weight
Stretch:  60%, 40%

Tons of differing variables, there. I think that the difference is visible, too. There are no wrinkles in the printed one, while in the solid you can see a little scrunching at the sides of the bodice.

It’s important to note that the fit lengthwise was not affected, at all. I was as comfy in one as the other. And the tighter one started to loosen up after taking it off and one while sewing and photographing each one. So, ultimately, your different fabrics might all feel the same after wear.

That, my friends, concludes the tour of my first four Netties!!

Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!

They’re starting to crop up around the web. LOOK at this super sexiness that Ebony, made! Oh, to look so good in a hat! And, Lindsay in a Nettie dress! Wowza!


9 thoughts on “Netties: en noir, blanc et ivoire

  1. look at you, all badass and hot! i love the photo montage to show everything off. and i have a feeling i will be checking those stretch stats if i attempt my own…

  2. I immediately bought the pattern after your very fist post. . . you are a perfect spokeswoman! All the Nettie’s are gorgeous on you. I hope you will make a sleeveless one like the pic on the giveaway post (gray with gray skirt (BHL)) and blog some tips on how you do it.
    Thank you so much for the inspiration. Waiting for my GC fabric and hittin’ the stretch knits!
    PS did you use a zigzag or ‘lightning’ stitch on any of them?

    • Thank you so much!!

      I used a small zig zag stitch for most of the seams. I’m pretty sure I used a straight stitch when attaching the bindings and hemming the sleeves, though.

  3. Knits are crazy that way…I made a bunch of Plantain tees, all the same size, but they all fit different depending on the fabric. I have a crap load of cotton/Lycra knits coming from Girl Charlee to make some Netties, yay! I’ll wear them to ballet class too, so excited!

  4. Thanks for the mention! LOVE all your Netties. I’m about to start on a high back version, so thanks for the heads up about the fit difference!

  5. Love, love, love the bodysuits on you! I have made 2 so far. You are right on about the higher back and the fit. These bodysuits are great wardrobe staples.

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