Nettie en Fleurs

Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!

This Nettie is made with local fabric from that stretch Mecca (well, one of them anyway), Spandex House. I bought it the same time as my Lupita Blue dress fabric and this leopard print and this groovy one here. I’ve got a good track record with that haul!

I used the mid length sleeve option (says Captain Obvious) and the scoop front and mid back. This, my second Nettie, is made up in a straight size 8.
Much better fit. No sheer effect across the bust. Though, this fabric is quite substantial (I’m seriously thinking of making another one with short sleeves and some leggings out of it) while still providing lots of stretch. That Spandex House is an amazing place.

Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!

We’ve already seen Nettie with my favorite skirt and dark denim jeans.

She also friendly with 1960s style shorts.

Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!That low, boy short style bottom is very friendly. It remains so when paired with fitted garments.


Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!

I’m not sure I have the stones to rock two such fitted pieces, together, out in the wide world….Maybe with a chic, drape-y caftan over it? We’ll see.

OOOOH, maybe a sleeveless Victoria like Heather’s!!

I can’t wait until you see all of my mixes and matches using the Sewing Indie designers’ patterns!
I’ll show you some in tomorrow’s post!


6 thoughts on “Nettie en Fleurs

  1. A Nettie plus a sheer caftan? MY BRAIN JUST EXLODED. I have one I never wear because of the sheer facor but there is something intriguing about mixing it with something solid underneath – only the slightest indication of a bum. A bum whisper.

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