L’éléphant Nettie

This is the first Nettie.
Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!
Or L’éléphant Nettie!

The fabric is from Girl Charlee. I had just stumbled across Hey Fran Hey and was deep in her bohemian vibe when I chose it. This one is Heather’s fave. I agree that the elephants are both cool and a bit sexy!

This one is a blend of sizes 6 and 8. Six at the top, 8 at the hip and bottom. As you can see, the fabric went a little sheer across the the bust. Cutting a straight size 8 would have been a better choice.

This version includes: scoop front, mid back and short sleeves.

Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!

I usually deviate from pattern instructions, but when testing you have to do what it says. Therefore, this is the first time I have actually stabilized my shoulder seams. I will be doing it from now on! It made such a difference, especially with the front and back scooping low.

I also put this together completely on my sewing machine. I love the look of nice, clean serged seams. But, sometimes, that adds bulk and makes the seams wavy. I went against instinct and it totally paid off.

Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!

I love it with jeans (they’re from Old Navy, in case you’re wondering)!! And my favorite, handmade skirt!!

Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!

A total aside: I’ve been taking adult ballet classes. I’ve never felt so graceful in my life (even if I probably look like Lois when she took dance classes in that episode of Malcolm in the Middle). Highly recommend crossing that off your list if it has been a goal of yours!

Closet Case Patterns: The Nettie Bodysuit!!

I’m so anxious to see more Netties around the sewing blogisphere! Just look at Carolyn’s versions! Modeled in her totally babetastic Aussie way!

Start browsing for your perfect fabric!

I’m posting a Nettie giveaway on, Friday!


25 thoughts on “L’éléphant Nettie

  1. i’m still jealous of your adult ballet classes. must find something i can fit into my schedule in manhattan – oona has suggested alvin ailey. what if we all tried it together sometime?

  2. So glad each one is getting their own post! This is awesome on you! A bodysuit use to be indispensable in my wardrobe – okay yes I’m going to say it – when I was younger! Hahahaha! So will I see you Saturday evening?

  3. i love the back neckline on your version! such a great pattern, though i confess to never having considered the body suit… well not since the 80s anyways 😉 can’t wait to see more of these pop up in my reader!

    • Thanks, Lisa!

      I had never worn a bodysuit until I made this pattern. I became curious after seeing some of the Ohh Lulu patterns because I was sick of wearing tanks and camis under things and having them ride up or bunch.

  4. You look so great! I *just* returned home from Mood when I saw Nettie was released. I almost turned around and went right back to find myself some spandex. And hooray for ballet class! I used to teach ballet to 3 year olds, which means I am pro at the Hokey Pokey. 😉

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