Black : White : Houndstooth & Sexy

Dudes and Dudettes, this sew along has been a bit of a struggle. My sewing mojo wanted to go in a different non-slip direction, a burst of fitness caused some body changes which poked at my confidence (who knew I was so attached to my larger hips??) and the incredibly crappy camera I was attempting to use certainly wasn’t helping matters.


I got a kick ass camera for my anniversary (which was March 25th, in case you’re wondering) which takes nice clear pics with ease! He even got me collapsible tripod!
Then, in an email exchange with my sewing posse, Ms. Oona gave me permission to move on (rather, she TOLD me to “ditch that slip and sew the thing that  makes you feel sexy right now.”). Sometimes, you just need someone to TELL YOU that what you want to do is OK. Right after reading that, RIGHT AFTER, I grabbed this super awesome, crazy houndstooth knit from Mood (purchased while my girls Lisette, Lauren, Clare, Latrice, Lucinda, Aleksandra, et all were in NYC) and (inspired by another gem of a babe, Ginger)

Black : White : Houndstooth & Sexy

Self Drafted Skirt
(I use the term so super loosely)

Black : White : Houndstooth & SexyHummingbird-ish Top
(cut out using the top of this dress)


Double Houndstooth Knit, Strip of Black Ponte, Wide Elastic

Black : White : Houndstooth & Sexy


Black : White : Houndstooth & Sexy

Link Up Your Sexy Makes!!



30 thoughts on “Black : White : Houndstooth & Sexy

  1. wanett, i literally gasped out loud at how much i love your houndstooth ensemble. so glad you went with your gut and did something that made you feel awesome!

  2. Boom indeed!

    This looks so ‘you’, and you look great!

    I hear you on the fitness thing. I’ve always worked out to try to gain weight/size (that is, if considering only shape goals), and it’s always weird when changes don’t match up to expectations or reveal expectations I didn’t know that I had. I’m glad you/we’re doing it for the health, though!

  3. I love this! I would also say that your natural hair is an inspiration to me as well 🙂 I’ve been natural for over 2 years now, but I I’ve struggled to enjoy my new length (shoulder length 4c, finally!). Your style is so fresh and fun!

  4. Boom indeed!! So hot right now. You look awesome and I’m glad you sewed what you wanted to sew! I may have a sexy make coming up but not in time for your sew along. It has taken me a while to remember what sexy is, with little people pawing at me all the time and whatnot, haha.

  5. Woot woo!! I’m trying to get my sewjo back and I think you’ve inspired me! LOVE this outfit and you so rock it!! I don’t see a seam or zipper on the skirt?? How did you do that?
    Thank you!!

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