SSSA -Game Plan

So, Lisette pointed out that I never actually declared my official Sew Sexy Sew Along project. And the deadline is FAST approaching (what is it with me and sew alongs??).

I would love to make my very own, proper (as in non ITY stretch) slip!

I have a few options.

The Ruby Slip

ruby composite

Simplicity 2693
Simplicity 2693, 1940s

Simplicity 4218
Simplicity 4218

Or, Simplicity 9115
Simplicity 9115, 1970s

This pile of blue deliciousness will become undergarment awesomeness! (hopefully)

Ruby Slip Supplies


9 thoughts on “SSSA -Game Plan

  1. Is there a certain era of vintage pattern that fits you better? Because you could go off that. They should be generally the same, with only slightly different silhouettes but different based on the proportions of the time. I find the forties fit me best. The 70s and 50s I have to do a lot of adjustments.

  2. Ooooh that Ruby slip pattern is So SEW Sexy!! I love it. That would be my vote, but mainly because I’ve always found vintage slips to be a bit modest for me, and modesty is not something I go for in my sexy lingerie!!

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