Lupita Blue

Lupita Blue

Cation Design’s Dolman Sleeve shirt turned dress

+ Cake Patterns Hummingbird Neckline=

Lupita Dress!!

Lupita Blue

Lupita Blue

My slapdash frakenpatterning resulted in some post construction fit fudging that made this very easy make a little fiddly. I’m pretty pleased with the lower back, now as it pooled like crazy when I first tried it on.

Lupita Blue

This printed cotton knit loveliness is from Spandex House. I’m wearing my new slip underneath. I’m happy to report that it works!! Absolutely NO riding up!
Lupita Blue

I had a pretty awesome day that I topped off with a bit of Garment District shopping (more black ponte, some very cool double-faced, polka dot cotton and scads and scads of lingerie elastic) but, due to overbooking (or rather, underestimating how long things I agreed to do would take) I missed a scheduled conference call.

It’s so easy to derail a good day, isn’t? Too, easy.Lupita BlueI’m too happy with this dress to beat myself up for long. And, anyway, I’ve got kids to get to bed in a bit and some fiddly underthing sewing to keep me busy until bedtime.

In the meantime, I’ll put on the best can’t-stay-down song in the world and dance like no one is watching!


20 thoughts on “Lupita Blue

  1. This is fabulous! The scoop neckline is super cute and the fit is great (hullo post construction tweaking). And heck yeah for rocking your slip!

  2. this looks great on you, i love the color! i’m curious how you eliminated the back pooling you mentioned, that seems to be the plague of no back seam tee shirt dresses.

    • Thanks!!

      I had to make the waist very defined to pull in the back. The curve right at that part of the dress tapers in maybe 2 inches more than the rest of it. Which follows the shape of my body. The smarter choice would have been to cut the back smaller right at the waist. Which I have done with success before, but I was already winging mashing up parts of two patterns and my guess was off.

  3. Great tee dress, and the kind of thing I need to make like, 400 of. And a great colour on you. SO sick of pattern business right now and I just want to sew fun things again.

    Happy that slip worked out – wasn’t it just a knit slip? I always thought that would ride up just like all knit things…..

    • Thanks, Heather!

      ITY knits are super, super slinky! I made one out of another, stickier knit and everything stuck to each other like crazy! This one feels and works much like a store bought stretch slip.

  4. HOT! Gorgeous color! You look incredible in that sort of body hugging silhouette – plus, it looks comfy. Also, love your frame of mind – gotta shake off those bad moments.

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