Lupita. Miss Nyong’o, If You’re Nasty

Ready to Wear Sexy style cannot possibly be investigated without a big, fat dollop of Lupita.

Miss Nyong’o, if you’re nasty!!


Here are (some of) my favorite wearable (for me and my life) RTW Sexy, dressed-up casual looks.



enhanced-14035-1393607160-10    enhanced-13703-1393609321-2  enhanced-27606-1393607954-34 enhanced-13850-1393782124-11      cc6d6b635782806ad462b30cd4cc20f7 f78fde5fe4806f2523a4a04c826d0e34  547a88ed5857298537cb2d5c655bdacf  692b517262d6f49657e9e552a615785d


9 thoughts on “Lupita. Miss Nyong’o, If You’re Nasty

  1. She is life giving and I’ve never seen her poorly dressed. Whenever you see her, she looks amazing. She’s radiant and articulate. She’s my new girl crush lol

  2. Just wow – Lupita looks sexy, stylish, classy, elegant, graceful, and just a bit edgy all at the same time! Gorgeous clothes – gorgeous woman!

  3. She has never NOT looked amazing! And I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone wear color so well. Also, the idea of you in leather bustier-topped dress is giving me heart palpitations!!

  4. I’ve started pinning her outfits for inspiration too…..does she ever not look the personification of elegance?!

  5. I’m IN LOVE with her. That nude sheath – jaw dropping. She basically stole the Oscars from everyone. Also, even though she’s quite thin, she still has a kind of athletic grace and doesn’t read like the typical Hollywood starlet walking candy apple. And poise. POISE!

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