Her win, is my win, is your win, is a brown girl win.

I am totally under her spell.


15 thoughts on “Lupita

  1. i am spellbound by the crispness of that perfect white frothy fashion confection against the perfect smooth darkness of her skin. and those plunging V’s! daring! yet modest and gorgeous! and her hair!

  2. She’s so incredibly stunning – as a woman and as a performer! So happy for her! Well deserved! I hope to see LOTS more of her (and her bewitching red carpet ensembles!!)!!!!!!!

  3. I think some young actresses get overwhelmed when designers start offering them things and end up looking more like the clothes are wearing them- this Lady knows her style and chooses so well!

  4. ……aaaaaaaand my daughter wants me to make her a princess dress just like that. I’ve just gotten my head around the idea of making here a Frozen gown.

    Yup, she’s my new imaginary girlfriend.

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