Sew Sexy Sew-Along 2014

Guys, I have fancy britches on the brain, again 😉

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 4.53.43 PM

The (hot, screaming, biased, ridiculous) debate about my muse that kick started this collection, Beyonce (and her incredibly sexy videos), also made me take some time to think about sexiness in general and our right as people to express it. I won’t get into the whole BeyDebate, here. BUT I will say that, sometimes, what is good for the  goose is not good for the gander…when the gander is a brown woman.

As I get older, I feel even more comfortable with myself and my looks. As a teen you couldn’t pay me to wear a tank top, lol. So I can relate to her increased comfort level being expressed through her wardrobe. In addition to my plans to sew up some sexy small clothes, I’ve been itching to add some more sexy pieces to my handmade wardrobe to push  my comfort level further, too.

But, as Suzanne says in this post, somehow sexiness and sewing don’t seem to keep the same company. There are some women who can make ANYTHING sexy (see: Mimi G and Nikki making the most basic of patterns POP with fit and fabric), but the sexiness is sort of lacking in my pattern collection. And like Suzanne said, the offerings from many pattern companies are decidedly buttoned up and prim.

So, my friends Clio and Nancy Drew and I are teaming up to hunt up some sexiness!!

Will you get Sew Sexy with us?


Here’s the nitty gritty:

  • Fabric Shopping this Saturday – February 22 – (Not required, but certainly fun! Email Lisette at taponmyback(at)cox(dot)net for deets!)
  • Grab a Button here!
  • And join the Flickr group!

As Lisette said, we’ve agreed to leave “sexy” up to the individual. The three of us vary wildly in what we like to wear and our definitions of sexy will surely be affected by that.

Whatever it means to you, we enthusiastically welcome all!


20 thoughts on “Sew Sexy Sew-Along 2014

  1. Love this! I’ve often thought the same about how the majority of patterns appeal to quite girly or vintage taste, both of which I love, but don’t necessarily want to wear myself. The By Hand London Anna dress and Bombshell swimsuit were definitely stand-outs in sexy sewing patterns last year, and look how popular they both were! I’ve not made either yet though 😦

  2. Hello –
    I love the Sew Sexy Sew-Along! Unfortunately I live in upstate New York and won’t be able to go fabric shopping, But, I do want to participate. So I’ll be reading up on the blogs and looking through my fabric stash and see what I can come up with. This will be lots of fun..
    – Rozz

  3. I’ve commented on the other two blogs so here’s one for you too! 🙂 I’m in and will be making a shiny red dress that I’ve had doubts of making for fear of standing out. It’ll probably be modest in comparison to everyone else’s, but I’m excited about it. Can’t make Saturday, but have fun!

  4. You’re so right about the sewing and sexiness mismatch. So many of the commercial patterns are dowdy with a capital priss. I cannot deal with the matronly necklined, ugh. Can I join in from way over here in damp and currently unsexy London?

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