Ambitious Stitching

My ambitious embroidery plans include just one of the MANY amazing works of art by Brianna McCarthy, a metal coin purse frame, a tangle of black floss and likely several months of swearing 🙂

538e13c47d6111e3a32d0e1cd8043a34_8   I love this piece but there are so many to choose from.
After finding my iron-on transfer pencil (!!!) I also settled on a second, more realistic, option.

I've already put my find to use. With my 1st choice all traced off, I'm not sure it will translate in #embroidery. I like the 2nd choice, too. (Same artist, Brianna McCarthy) But it's much less ambitious. #DIY #stitchery #plans

Untangling a MESS of black floss inspired me to gather up all of my various skeins and get them in order.

353b67027d6911e3a34d12a8865684bb_8For someone who has not embroidered anything more involved than a doll face (and even that was a looooong time ago) I have a LOT of thread on hand.

Here it is, all organized in a tin I saved from a previous job. It contained chocolates from Israel.

Organized my #embroidery #floss and stored them in a tin that formerly held Israeli chocolates. I made a little notions box with one from my recent jewelry surprise. It's decorated with #art stickers and #washi tape. #diy #craft

I also made a little notions box. And decorated it with washi tape (brand, spankin’ new) and art stickers (old, bout time I used them).

#treatyoself to pretty tape. #washi #masking #neon #printed goodness. Just becuz.



The pincushion was made with Frida fabric, too.


I chucked my new little box, a hoop and this practice embroidery project into my new project bag (ps- it was made with Frida fabric, too:D).

Excited to get started stitching!!


8 thoughts on “Ambitious Stitching

  1. That pincushion is so rad!

    Translating that beautiful artwork to embroidery is ambitious, but I can just imagine how lovely it will be once it’s done! It does seem as though it would be necessary to do some major fill in work to make that first one work. But I can see some couching on the face and maybe clusters of french knots for the hair? Will be cool to see what you come up with!

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